President-Prime Minister the People of Sri Lanka want answers…..
Posted on January 13th, 2016



1. If the President says there is no foreign influence to draft the constitution why is it that every hour some foreign secretary or foreign envoy is landing in Sri Lanka and telling you, the Government what to do?


2. If this is a government voted by the People of Sri Lanka, why is it that UN envoys are allowed to inspect the national security establishments and restructure the armed forces according to their wishes? Would the US /UK or Indians allow you and your officials anywhere near their armed forces leave alone allow you to restructure their military?


3. If the President says he will protect Buddhism (we find this hard to believe because he held the sacred karanduwa and lied) why is the place of Buddhism being slowly removed from all State and even School curriculums and the failed notion of multifaith and multiculturalism is being introduced to remove the special place Buddhism holds as a religion accepted by royal invitation and followed by 180 Sinhale kings and the people before colonial invaders Christianized by force the Sinhala Buddhists and Tamils and Islamic traders were allowed to make Sri Lanka a home. Why should Sri Lanka’s historical past be removed by a bunch of Western worshipping local politicians simply because they are in power because of the help extended by these Western forces and unreliable India whose orders the majority of the minorities in Sri Lanka happily follow without any fuss or concern for the nation?


Buddhism finds itself in this pitiful place because of ALL the politicians and leaders who have given only ceremonial status to Buddhism because they have been bought over by the nations that represent these minorities.

Buddhism is a challenge to all other religions because it is the only religion/philosophy that can be scientifically proven. That is why since 1500s there are efforts to annihilate or dilute the place of Buddhism in Buddhist majority nations. Buddhism does not need Santa Claus, third party messengers or fairy tales to proof its power. The people have not understood the real power of Buddhism still.


4. What is the good governance that your government has promised? Every day there is a murder taking place, every day there is a rape or crime being committed of unthinkable nature, every day your Ministers are upto mischief but only Opposition Leaders and their followers are arrested and for all this the UN Secretary General sends a congratulatory message. It is now very clear to us when UN Head is to arrive next month who were the players involved in the regime change and it is now beginning to get clearer what their real intentions are in placing puppets like YOU in governance.


5. What are you doing to protect the people of this country when you can’t even buy a jet for the armed forces without getting scared of India’s nagging diplomattas. Does this government have no pluck to stand up after signing a bilateral agreement and has to cave in and cancel the agreement signed with a true friend of Lanka, Pakistan? Even a song turning you into a King gets removed after social media protests. Seriously, can we have confidence in such a government?


6. Boasting of all the wrongs of the past throughout the one year, what exactly has your government done to raise the economy? The rupee is struggling to survive, we have no foreign reserves and we have a pretty looking budget but nothing to show as income generators…even the money from housemaids has stopped and thanks to your government our teas are getting diluted with low-quality Indian tea and being sold as Ceylon Tea. Our people are struggling to survive and all the promises made are shattering with each day. Yet, we can live and survive but when your government is out to sell the country and our people, we cannot remain silent.


7. Who is this secret investor? The Soros guy in town of late along with war criminal Blair? How can a country be sold to a creepy individual who has a knack for ruining nations? Is this the good governance that your government has promised the people


8. What is this new constitution, when a country is unstable is it wise to tamper with the constitution when your government is too scared to say NO to foreign interference? The people did not ask for a constitution. What is the big rush in hurrying a new constitution. By the way we do not trust your government nor do we trust most of the members in the Opposition. Why? Because we have seen how easily they all buckle to money.


9. Why is your government using the Prevention of Terrorism Act to arrest State intelligence officers who were serving the nation. PTA arrests are for those who are going against the state and involved in acts of terror. While LTTE cadres are being released your government is holding state intelligence officers in prison and there are some sucking lawyers who have no morals but to defend the stand you are taking.


10. A weekend newspaper horoscope column predicted that your Prime Ministers wife is set to buy a house abroad and your Prime Minister will leave overseas from 2019…..are we being told that your government having done the dirty task of changing the constitution, devolving powers to the provinces, giving the leaders of the minorities who gave fullest support to the West and India their own independent state (with the assurance that the West/India can use it as a base against China and Russia), allow Indians to flood Sri Lanka and slowly uproot the Sinhalese leaving them the next boat people…after doing all this and more You, the Prime Minister, CBK and all the other rogues and traitors will flee the country that you all joined to ruin to live abroad and die without any conscience??? This prediction must be true by the way things are taking shape because after dividing the country, creating a constitution that the West, the Missionary NGOs, India, the UN and all other wicked people want what is left for you and yahapalana leaders to do other than escape and laugh at how successfully you and your government ruined a nation with a 2500 history.


For the damage yahapalana are presently doing, the ancestors and the patriots of this country and abroad will curse every minute of your lives.

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  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    At the end Patriot, you should ask this question.

    Dear President and the Prime Minister, are you trying to emulate what Mikhail Gorbachev has done to USSR during the infamous perestroika. Being the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union he ruined his country and destroyed the economy in return for a handful of dollar income to settle down in the West.

  2. Lorenzo Says:


    You hit the nail on the head!!

    “Dear President and the Prime Minister, are you trying to emulate what Mikhail Gorbachev has done to USSR during the infamous perestroika.”

    But wait a second. On 7 NOVEMBER 1990 something almost happened. Unfortunately for the SU………

    IF successful, SU would be around today AND MILLIONS of people would get to live. After its collapse, USA went on a GLOBAL KILLING SPREE.

    He was awarded the NOBEL “PEACE” PRIZE on 15 OCTOBER 1990 for arselicking USA. You can see the connection.

    I’m not suggesting anything but it is the LUCK of the people and the country.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Secret investor?

    Karunkaya is a LIAR.

    Belgium has only 3 BILLIONAIRES.

    Albert Frere – 4.9 billion
    Patokh Chodiev – 2.0 billion
    Marc Coucke – 1.47 billion

    Marc has only $1.47 billion and he should be foolish to invest ALL that in SL!! So he is not the man.

    Patokh’s investments are in company shares. He CANNOT move $1 billion to SL.

    So the ONLY possibility is Albert. I called his company and warned against the risks of investing in SL. In SL politicians, central bankers and even clerks ROB money. You invest you lose. They gave me a hearing. I didn’t ask if it was him but I DOUBT he would be as foolish to waste his hard earned money in SL.

    NO Belgian company invests in SL because they have better investment options in SINGAPORE, etc.

    There are 2 Tamil billionaires – Ananda Krishnan and Raj Rajaratnam. NO CHANCE Ananda Krishnan will get into shady deals. NEVER.

    So it must be Rajaratnam!

    Remember Rajaratnam helped KARUNKAYA in 2008? So there is all the possibility of the criminal doing it again.

    US govt. is after his wealth. The BEST WAY to save it is to send it abroad. BELGIUM is a TAX HAVEN. So the money was in Belgium. Now Belgium tightens screws and now he goes BACK to SL.

    And guess who was the INVESTMENT BANKER to Rajaratnam for a short period of time!! The answer will surprise everybody!!! He is now living in SL!!

    (Investigative journalism by yours truely humble Lorenzo. Malayalee Karunkaya is no match for Tamil Lorenzo.)

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    UNP had a SHORT LIVED govt. lasting 2001 to 2004. During this time too Rajaratnam was invited to SL with a red carpet VVIP welcome by the UNP govt.

    So and so’s son is DAVID whose good friend is someone by the name ALOYSEUS (a Tamilian) according to Facebook friends network.

    The jigsaw puzzle fits perfectly well.

    A Tamil did a billion dollar GOLD fraud in SL in 2014.
    A Tamil did a billion dollar fraud in SL in 2015.
    A Tamill will do a billion dollar fraud in SL in 2016.

    What a country!

  5. lokubanda Says:

    Do we have answers to the following as well?
    1) You insisted that the former president conspired by stopping the release of presidential election results and enlisting the support of armed forces to remain in power. You initiated investigations. What is the outcome? If he’s being found guilty, why is he not being appropriately punished under applicable laws? Or did you lie to us?
    2) You and your foreign minister insisted that the Rajapakse’s have robbed our country of Rs. 18 billion. You sent your officials to foreign countries to learn how to investigate these robberies and find the loot. You then investigated the charge. What is the outcome? Or did you lie here as well?

  6. Christie Says:

    “Would the US /UK or Indian”

    In the US more than 80% of Indian vermin voted for Barak and in The UK they changed from Labour and are backing conservatives.

    For a fool like me it is the Indian Empire, Indian vermin and colonial parasites who are screwing the Sinhalese and particularly the Sinhala Buddhists.

    Gnasaraya who attacked Sinhala Muslims and Christians is gone. Ho got his money and gone.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Look at this ! Shocking !

    From the Daily Mirror :

    Giritale Army Int. Camp sealed by Army Chief

    After the Homagama Magistrate observed, on Monday, that the Army Commander could be arrested and charged if he did not cooperate with probe into the disappearance of journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda, the Military Intelligence Corps camp at Giritale (3 MIC) was sealed by Army Commander Crishantha de Silva last morning to provide conditions conducive the investigation, informed sources said.

    They said that, on the instruction of the Army Commander, the Military Police had taken over the camp to help carry out the probe.

    According to the sources, a special team from the legal branch of Army Headquarters had been sent to the camp to help in the investigations.

    Sources also said that statements would be recorded from the officers of the Military Intelligence Corps based in the camp.

    Meanwhile, army spokesman Brigadier Jayanath Jayaweera told Daily Mirror last evening that, in view of the ongoing investigations into the disappearance, some of the offices in the camp had been sealed.

    “Investigations are currently underway,” he said.

    Homagama Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake had ordered the lawyers of the Army to cooperate with the probe and to provide the information required by the CID. The magistrate had also warned that the Army Commander would be liable to face legal action under the Penel Code if he failed to cooperate with the CID in their investigations. (Sunil Jayasiri)

    – See more at:

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