Former Indian High Commissioner‘s tongue in cheek comment
Posted on January 15th, 2016


As reported in Sunday Island of 10th instant former High Commissioner for India. Gopalkrishna Gandhi has subscribed to the view that a large scale killings (by the defence forces) have taken place during the last period of the war including the killing of Prabahkaran’s son. He has also advised Sri Lanka that war would not have been necessary if the Tamil grievances were assuaged and not to repeat same mistakes by not accommodating Tamils at different levels of the Government.

With regard to the large scale killings by the defence forces the statistics paint a different picture apart from Darusman report and the UNHCR report which was based mainly on ‘unlawful and questionable ‘ Darusman report itself. Mr Gandhi should have examined all the data pertaining to this vexed issue and should have been more cautious before jumping the gun as an experienced diplomat. When he says large scale killings the reader is interested to know whose figures he is trying to market in support of his opinion. Is it the figure of 140,000 of Jaffna’s catholic priest, or 100,000 of FNGOs’ or 40,000 of Darusman report etc? The official government census figures of course were around 7000 killed including members of all ethnic groups.

It is not strange at all that he conveniently forget to mention the fact that nearly 300.000 Tamils who were kept as a human shield by the LTTE ran towards Sri Lankan defence forces to deliver them from the tyranny and the violations they experienced. He also did not mention about the thousands of child soldiers who were used by the LTTE who were liberated. He did not care at all to touch on the speed and efficiency displayed by the defence forces in tackling IDPs, rehabilitation, reconstruction and redevelopment programs carried out in the war zones in the North and the East by the dedicated personnel of the SL defence forces!

While on the subject of  killings, one should also not forget the hundreds of Sri Lankan civilians killed by the Indian Peace Keeping Forces in the 80s and the tens of thousands of civilians killed in Kashmir,  the Golden temple massacre and the killings in the  NE frontier states by the Indian forces without any post investigation at all! Mr Gandhi’s exhortations to Sri Lanka and lamentations on Sri Lanka only adds insult to injury. He has completely ignored the rights of the Sinhalese who nurtured this nation in which many ethnic groups live in comparative harmony when compared to many countries in the world including India.

On the subject of Tamil grievances one should study the communal politics followed by the Tamil leaders from the time of Donoughmore commission in 1933, 50 – 50 demand, the proposals forwarded to the Soulbury Commission in 1947 ,, the formation of Illankai Arsu Kachch in 1949 i, the setting up of the Federal Party, Vaddukodai Resolutions to the armed struggle of the LTTE. One single theme going right through these events is not about grievances but about the aspirations towards a separate country based on the mythical demand that the North and the East of Sri Lanka is the traditional home- land of Tamils. Another interesting facet regarding the so called Tamil grievances is that none has been able to identify a single grievance specific to Tamil race because of their ethnicity. Some members of all groups in a developing country have grievances while others have nothing to complain as they are privileged irrespective of ethnicity and are well looked after. The issue is that grievances are not ethnic specific.

Gopalakrisha Gandhi should examine the recent history of India how the Indian Government tackled the issue of the demand for a separate country by the Muslims, the Tamils, the Sheiks, the people in the NE border states of India before opting to give a lecture on the treatment of the minorities in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan racist Tamil leaders will continue to agitate to wrest the control of 1/3 of the land and 2/3 of the coastal area in Sri Lanka even though less than 25%of the Tamils live in the Northern and the Eastern provinces. If the former High Commissioner was suggesting to Sri Lanka to give in to a federal state by subscribing to the little now more  later policy adopted by the communal minded Tamil leaders, it will only lead to the political instability.

An unstable Sri Lanka is the ideal expectation of the Indian establishment for various purposes including the geo-political objectives of India. Mr Gopalkrishna G is obviously steering Sri Lanka towards this Indian goal!





8 Responses to “Former Indian High Commissioner‘s tongue in cheek comment”

  1. Christie Says:

    Hi Ranjit, Darusman Report is in fact a Report compiled and written by an Indian Colonial Parasite from South Africa Ms Yasmin Sooka.

    Indian imperialists Gopal Krishnan Gandhi is hurt by the fact the the Sinhala Army wiped out the Indian terrorist outfit of the island nation.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Gopalkrishna Gandhi is a HIRED MOUTH by CBK to set the scene for the war crimes investigation.

    Cry for Endia’s 650 million daughters Gopalkrishna Gandhi before crying for a terrorist’s son.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    INDIA has conveniently forgotten that it was they who trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu ?

  4. mario_perera Says:

    Cry for Endia’s 650 million daughters Gopalkrishna Gandhi before crying for a terrorist’s son. – Lorenzo

    INDIA has conveniently forgotten that it was they who trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu ? – Fran

    These two phrases say all that has to be said on the subject. Nothing more to add.

    Mario Perera

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Actually LTTE SAVED SL from Endia, 13 amendment, Vigneswaran type of separatists and Endian illegal fishermen.

    Since 2009 SL rulers (self proclaimed to be Endian relatives) turned SL into a part of Endia.

    GOSL has to RESURRECT the LTTE under tight control and disrupt evil Endian plans. Attack the CHUNNEL and DISRUPT it. Start a campaign to broadcast VOICE OF TIGERS to Tamil Nadu calling for separation from Endia.

    President Premathasan did some of this by giving weapons to LTTE. It killed him eventually but still managed to get rid of the Endian invaders. That was a rare situation when SL and LTTE teamed up to get rid of the common enemy.

    HINDUSTAN, not LTTE is SL’s enemy #1.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Maru Sira won the election thanks to Jaffna and Vanni votes. IF a group like LTTE was around they will not be voting so much. That will handover the victory to the PATRIOT. That is another advantage of the LTTE.

    LTTE killed Tamil racist leaders (and others too unfortunately) BEFORE it killed ANY Singhala politician. Who knows LTTE might find Maru Sira trying to betray Tamil Elam to HINDUSTAN and decide to remove him (saving SL)!! We will be dancing in the streets!!

    We have to think outside the box to save SL from HINDUSTAN. Set a thief to catch a thief.

  7. Sooriarachi Says:

    I was wondering why this shameless man Gopalakrishna was repeating unsubstantiated allegations created by the LTTE and other enemies of Sri Lanka.
    Maybe Lorenzo is right when he says: “Gopalkrishna Gandhi is a HIRED MOUTH by CBK to set the scene for the war crimes investigation”.
    Anyway, if there is an investigation on war crimes, then it cannot be an impartial fair investigation unless they investigate the despicable role played by the LTTE diaspora, Indian leadership, Tamilnadu politicians, Norwegian Foreign Ministry and IPKF.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    Anyway, if there is an investigation on war crimes, then it cannot be an impartial fair investigation- yes it will be
    to whom to complaint ? VP , Velu where are you ?

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