Posted on January 26th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

We all read the news about a powerful minister in the government taking legal action and securing a court injunction against  Megapolis Minister ,for trying to acquire his land for development purposes

On 29th January Megapolis Minister is planning to make the Grand Megapolis Development plan public ,with grandiose program to develop the western province and other towns

I predict that there will be more and more discontent against acquisition of  land for public purposes and there will be more and more legal action against the minister

This is not a good sign before even launching the plan to public

Any Megapolis development  need public consultation with  tangible benefits to be presented which should over weigh losses to public in losing valuable land during acquisition   of  land

I suggest that Megpaolis should first concentrate solving traffic problem  and public transport issues  and show the public that Megpolis plan is a workable program and beneficial to public and then move to acquire private lands for town development

Let us wait until, and after 29th February and see how Harward Educated managers plan to implement the program  !



2 Responses to “DEVIL HAS CONSUMED EVEN BEFORE THE OFFERING ( Pudana kotama Kapi Yaka)”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DR. !!! Every minister wants to have a PROJECT. You know what for Eh ? Megapolis Development. Oh ! NO Its Mage (Polis) Development. Another one wants to have a Bridge Building Project over the Kandy Lake. If you go to the hinterland, and travel the Villages, one will see, people, School Children crossing Rivers, Canals, Waterways, PRECARIOUSLY. No politician has eyes to see where actually bridges have to be built.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    Nobody needs to get worried over this Big Lie – the Megapolis Project. It is just another Jada Palana promise and a “dead rope” given to keep the over ambitious Pa Cha Ranawaka under control. He will get mired in this quagmire of a project and this will be the end of his selfish egoist political adventure. He used Sinhala Nationalism and Buddhism to come to where he is today. However we do not hear any thing about the rights of the Sinhalese nor of the Buddhists from him.

    UNP has given him a strong rope – called Megapolis to hang himself before he becomes a threat to the Catholic UNP.

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