The Imminent fall of Sri Lanka and Sinhalese Buddhists 2015
Posted on January 27th, 2016

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  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese have no chance when pol pot ponil’s Buddhist killing UNPatriotic party in power.
    During thambi mudiyanse, lk premadasa, pol pot ponil era there was a BHEESHANA SAMAYA TO KILL over
    60,000 Buddhists. Universities were closed for years and all the student leaders were brutally killed,
    Buddhist youth burnt in tyres, headless bodies floated in rivers. That was how Sri Lanka was ruled by
    this murderous catholic-run UNPatriotics gangsters.

    Within a few short years a lot of Sinhala modayas forgot all that and voted them into power again. Can you believe those
    traitor Sinhalese? Now traitor catholic chief pol pot ponil
    wants to destroy Buddhism for good. He is throwing out the place in the constitution for Buddhism. And he wants
    to rein in Buddhist monk who always come forward to protect Buddhism and Sri Lanka, not like most Sinhalese
    DESHAPALUWAN who just keep quiet.

    All the plans are in place to kill off Buddhism by the Buddhist killing catholic-run
    UNPatriotic party. It is only a matter of time. There are a lot of support for them from pathetic token Buddhist deshapaluwan like pon mongol, arjuna durjana renathunga, karu me j, somersaulting banda, parajithaya, malwatte
    kapuwa, asgiriye kapuwa etc. etc. List is too long to mention. Any chance for Buddhism under Buddhist killers?
    No chance!!

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