Posted on January 31st, 2016

By Dr. Tilak S Fernando Courtesy Ceylon Today

 Sixty-eight years ago, on 4th February 1948, a new era dawned on Ceylon when she changed from a Dominion rule to an Independent Nation, without politicians having to shed a single drop of blood. Sri Lankans therefore are duty-bound to cherish those patriotic men responsible for restoring the self-respect of a nation that had been crushed under the foreign boot of Portuguese, Dutch and the British for over four centuries.

Sri Lankans celebrate this day as the dawning of  ‘independence’, yet the for over thirty years this country has undergone a JVP insurrection at first, and followed by an armed conflict with the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) who attempted to create an independent Tamil State until they were crushed in May 2009.

These mishaps were entirely due to the emergence of a different and younger generation born after the historic date in 1948. The politicians in this country of all hues should bear the responsibility for such a state of affairs for not putting their house in order in treating the populace as ONE instead manoeuvring their political agendas to suit their own ends thereby creating various freebooters to brain wash this new generation born to an environment of war blood shed, destruction and anarchic qualities. LTTE managed to condition the young that Sri Lankan State was going to annex their land of North and the East”!

Blessed Country.

Sri Lanka is a blessed country protected by divine forces to save it from complete destruction by evil forces, immoral, debauched or decadent rulers and politicians who come to power temporarily. They are being appointed by celestial forces to ensure they work for the wellbeing of the civic society on this earth. With such consents, retribution or law of cause and effect too for neglecting their responsibilities or turning selfish and self-centred will automatically have a price to pay one day!

The modern world is changing daily and converting the entire humankind towards spirituality. In such a design even religions might be misused and misrepresented by certain elements from its original transcendent qualities and become radical to go hammer and tongs blindly engaging themselves in drastic campaigns with the wrong foot forward!  In such situations people have witnessed today various religious representatives becoming discordant and create havoc, and at extreme levels becoming rebels, protesters and even murderers for the sake of religion. They simply forget the fact that there is only religion – Religion of Love, and one language – Language of the heart, among human beings!

For the past 68 years in this splendid island people have had a fair share of getting rid of bad rubbish. To generate a tranquil atmosphere the country needs spiritually inclined leaders in the future, who are not only intelligent on a higher celestial level but whose brainpower has opened up automatically to fathom the human suffering and to alleviate of all misery.

So far what the Sri Lankan society has observed and endorsed are policies of politicians of all hues who have come up with copious promises for a ‘ better tomorrow’.  Looking into the future Buddhists believe the advent of the Maître Buddha, Christians their Messiah and the appearance of Imam Mahdi, Alai Salam in Sufism (while the Wahhabis continue to kill in the name of Allah – contrary to any Islam philosophy), and Hindus looking forward to a Golden Age of understanding and tranquillity.

Golden Age.

During this period of peace and tranquillity (whatever form it brings up) the men in uniform will have to be duty bound with best behaviour to eradicate barbarity and corruption ( in the absence of any FCID & PRECIFAC units operating). An era of fathers molesting their own innocent daughters, men dragging innocent women and young girls and raping, lacerating, and leaving them to bleed and to put up with fire and anger in them; husbands beheading their wives in front of their own children, political thuggary and stooges playing with fire arms and behaving like incorrigible kids, will be in the past.

With the dawn of the golden age new batch of politicians will emerge with their spiritual        (third eye) opened and focussed only on genuine promises true to their hearts and conscience. The three main races in the country will begin to share brotherhood and human qualities equally.  All religions will merge and no one will harbour any petty and warped ideas or becoming pedantic on any belief. Teachers will turn professional and dedicate and act like true gurus to build up a new and an intelligent society. Clergy will be confined to temples, churches and mosques and be busy in propagating their individual faiths and beliefs.

There will be a new constitution, the Executive Presidency being fully renegaded and replaced by a democratic model Prime Minister born out of a Bodhisava. The days when nepotism ruled, over turned and re-introduced this serpent will be in the past and gone for good.  With the advent of the controversial Theravada Bhikku Code becoming law, the Buddhist clergy will once again begin to dictate terms to the Magistrate Courts including the State on an advisory capacity where the prime minister would be a top ranking Theravada Buddhist monk for name sake.

There will be no more elections, posters, killing each other from rival political parties and spending colossal amount of money to obtain preferential votes. Instead an official akin to the old headman covering each village appointed by the people in the area will be looking after the needs and requirements of his community and report to the Prime Minister, who will in turn will advise the treasury to allocate sufficient funds.

A cabinet of ministers for name sake only will be supervising the weekly/monthly inputs from each Village Head and report to the Prime Minister whose responsibility will be to advice the treasury to deal with the mater, be it road development, supply of power, transport, health care and hospitals etc. All in all, Sri Lanka will sparkle on the international map in 2050!





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