Posted on February 7th, 2016

By Dr. Tilak S. Fernando

 Dr. Mass R. Usuf is the President of the National Association of Homoeopaths & Affiliates, Vice President of the Ceylon Homoeopathic Medical Association and holds a PhD in Palm Diagnosis,  & Acupuncture; He is qualified in Acupressure, Naturopathy, Colour, Cupping and Magneto therapy; A member of the Foundation for Homeopathy, International Association of Colour (UK) and Cupping Society (UK) and practices Palm Diagnosis. His treatment embraces therapeutic techniques with a restorative approach to any ailment.

Q:       How does homoeopathy work?

 A:        The founder of homoeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German orthodox physician, discovered the medicinal power innate in earthly matter be it from the animal, vegetable or mineral kingdoms. Through a method of potentisation he enabled this innate medicinal power to blossom into a form of dynamic energy that made healing possible.

Q:       What is potentisation?

A:        A crude substance imbibed or exposed to in quantities in its gross state may induce toxic or physiologically unfriendly effects within the human economy. The process of potentisation negates such effects and alleviates such substances to a dynamic level that inherently possesses healing properties.

Q:       How is potentisation done to enable a crude substance to be alleviated to a dynamic level?

A:        Take some red onions. Chop these into pieces and put it into a jar of alcohol. Let it remain for about two weeks. After two weeks strain the mixture and you end up with a mother tincture.

Then you put one drop of this mother tincture into a small glass bottle and add 99 drops of alcohol or water. You end up with 100 drops of liquid. You shake this (succuss) ten times vigorously which results in a uniform mixture. This is called the first centesimal (1C).  You repeat it again where you take one drop from the 1C bottle and place it in a second bottle. Then you add 99 drops of alcohol or water to the second bottle and succuss it ten times to bring about uniformity. This is 2C. If this is done 30 times it becomes a 30C potency, which is the standard potency, administered to patients. It is called Allium Cepa as it is made from red onion.

So, let us say you develop a ‘type’ of cold where you suffer from a runny nose and lachrymation (tearing). You develop the same symptom when you cut red onions. A few doses of Allium Cepa and you get over your secretions in no time! That is how homoeopathy works. It alleviated the gross red onion to a dynamic ‘energetic’ state.

Q:       Why is the scientific world labelling homoeopathy as unscientific?

A:        Simply because the scientific world is yet to develop instruments that would explain what happened to that single drop of red onion mother tincture! Homoeopathy has developed drugs that work at a dynamic ‘energetic’ level. If modern science is so impotent that it cannot explain what happened to that single drop of red onion mother tincture, is it scientific to label homoeopathy as unscientific?  

            It is akin to an ancient veddah seeing a ship made of steel floating on water and proclaiming it is unscientific as he has no means to explain how it can happen, as for him steel should sink in water!

Q:       What are the major distinctions between mainstream medicine and homoeopathy?

A:        There are very many distinctions but there three major distinctions. Firstly, most cases, which cannot be cured by mainstream medicine, can be cured by homoeopathy. When I say ‘most cases’ I mean an extremely high percentage of cases can be cured/palliated by homoeopathy.

Secondly, in most instances homoeopathic treatment vitiates the necessity for surgery if treated timely.

Thirdly, there are seemingly funny cases which mainstream medicine cannot handle. For example, if a patient complains that he can urinate only on all fours with his forehead touching the ground or he can pass stools only when standing or faints when he has a bout of coughing what can mainstream medicine do? A homoeopath would easily resolve such cases!

Q:       Any side effects from intake of homoeopathic drugs?

A:        Homoeopathic drugs are free of deleterious side effects as they are potentised. How can one drop of red onion mother tincture potentised (diluted) 30 times with 2970 drops of alcohol/water produce side effects? On the other hand, gross drugs ingested in material doses, as in mainstream medicine, often produce horrific side effects.  

Q:       Cardio-vascular disease, hypertension and diabetes are a worldwide phenomenon and is very prevalent in Sri Lanka too. How can homoeopathy help?

A:        When you talk of cardio-vascular disease you are talking about a multiety of heart disorders. All of these can be treated homoeopathically over time. By-pass surgery/angioplasty can be avoided with timely treatment.

Moreover, hypertension, which is a mere symptom of cardio-vascular disease, can also be easily treated without having to be a patient popping chemical pills life long!

Early onset diabetes can be successfully cured without resorting to lifelong intake of pills. Second stage chronic states can be controlled very well with some even attaining a state of cure! However, the third stage where insulin has to be injected can only be managed as the pancreas has lost virtually total physiological integrity.

Q:        Cancer has become an epidemic worldwide. What has homoeopathy to offer?

A:        It offers much tremendously! Homoeopathy can definitely address any form of cancer sans surgery/chemotherapy/radiation with much success if detected early. Even cases that are far-gone can be treated with success though it might take some time, and provided the immune system has not collapsed by extreme metastasis and chemotherapy. Homoeopathic history has recorded dramatic cures of cancer of all types for the last nigh on 250 years!

Q:       How helpful can homoeopathy be at times of epidemics?

A:        Annually over 10,000 die of dengue fever and thousands suffer for days in pain. With ‘timely’ homoeopathic treatment the death rate can be reduced to virtually nil. The affected will get relief within 36 hours and can go about life within 48 hours of administration of a single homoeopathic drug called Eupatorium Perfolatum. Imagine the savings in costs to the Government vis-à-vis treating thousands of patients in overloaded hospitals?

It is really sad and unbelievable how the Health Authorities have been turning a blind eye to this drug despite many articles appearing in Sri Lankan newspapers in the past, so many suffer and others die in vain. Dr Usuf can be contacted at: [email protected].

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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    Very useful article here. Thank you, Dr Fernando.

    Yes, Homeopathy works. It is best to teach oneself some H’pathy first. – can be done via the internet – and then go for the treatment to a H’pathy Dr. It works on infants and animals, so it is a genuine medicine and not a placebo. If the H’pathy medicine is incorrect, then there is no reaction of healing, and people think it is just a placebo.
    Also, can Google the word ‘homeopathy’ and add one’s symptoms briefly, and the net will provide some answers.

    We suggested some years ago that H’pathy medicines be provided in the Osu Salas. Keep to below 30 C in self treatments. Many books are available in the English language on the subject. India has taken to H’pathy in a big way – one good plus for India there – and both books (in English) and medicines are available there.

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