A Reply to -Opposing for the sake of Opposing. A letter being sent round by Peoples Forum Sri Lanka-Politix this week by Kautilya.
Posted on February 13th, 2016

By Charles.S.Perera

It is really not worth replying to People’s Forum and Kautilya, but it hurts when falsehood is propagated to make fools of the intelligent ordinary people of Sri Lanka.

This Government of UNP- Ranil, Maithripala Sirisena and Chandrika exists on falsehood trying to hoodwink the people continuously running down Mahinda Rajapakse, the  greatest Leader Sri Lanka had after 1948, next to SWRD.  But Mahinda Rajapakse achieved more than what SWRD set to achieve.

The letter of the Peoples’Forum  is full of continuous falsehood condemning  Mahinda Rajapakse and his supporters calling them the Junta and other defamatory nicknames and other remarks, which could come only from the UNP supporters and those paid to carry out the USA Western Agenda.

This Government of Ranil- Chandrika and Sirisena was not brought into power by a popular vote of the people but  by the votes of the Tamil-Muslims-Catholics, and self interested  people , who cared less for the country but more for what they can personally gain for themselves from a capitalist UNP.  You have to only see the two maps showing the voting patterns for the January,8th Presidential election and August,2015 General election. Therefore do not give the false information that this government is a popular government of the people.

There were also those who were jealous of Mahinda Rajapakse and his so called regime, jealous because  they could not have a share of the pie –of  billions of Rupees streaming into Sri Lanka after Mahinda Rajapakse  became the President .  President Rajapakse was there NOT to make money, but to  rid Sri Lanka of the cancer of terrorism ,develop the country which he did within a short time after eliminating terrorism. The Bribery and Corruption  of the Rajapakse Regime, is a story concocted by the USA and West to change regime which was used by Ranil and Chandrika bringing in Sirisena, who got  blinded by the unexpected fall of a Presidency into his lap. Even the word Regime” is one invented by the CIA and used ad nauseam by Ranil Wickramasinghe .

This government is far from being a democracy,  it is a dictatorship of  Ranil and Chandrika even Sirisena is controlled by them.  It is utter falsehood again to say that there was a dictatorship under Mahinda Rajapakse. He may have made mistakes but was never a dictator Even though he could have Mahinda  never wanted  to take revenge from past governments.  If Mahinda wanted he could have pursued Batalanda Commission Report, he could have appointed a Commission to investigate crimes committed by JVP, or set up a police investigation force to bring to book Ravi Karunanayake,  Karu Jayasuriya, or Chandrika for their corrupt activities. But he was a patriotic leader who had a mission which was to bring peace to Sri Lanka and modernize it.

Mahinda Rajapakse’s Government was not a Junta Regime”.  The people will curse those who call it such.  Because with all the defamations continue to be made by Ranil-Sirisena-Chandrika  and their  supporters like the People’s Forum, ordinary people of Sri Lanka love Mahinda Rajapakse, his family  and all supporting him and connected to him.  No body need to work behind scene to make Yahapalanaya government unpopular it is already unpopular among the mass of people and already fallen and of no use to the country or the people.  What remains is a skeleton powered by USA and Western Robots.

Despite your pack of lies people’s Forum” , what you call  the past disgraceful anarchy had given the people a better  standard of living, freedom , peace and security, than the present government which is far from being a yahapalanay in its real sense.  The mass of people of Sri Lanka wants Mahinda Rajapakse back, but it is an unpopular unwanted Yahapalanaya which is blocking peoples aspiration.

The Theravada Kathikawatha is the downfall of the government of Christian Ranil, Chandrika and half Buddhist Sirisena.  The Kathikawatha should have been prepared by the Monks and presented to Parliament  if it was at all a necessary peace of legislature.  It should not conflict with the Vinayapitaka and the 217 disciplinary precepts of the Buddhist Monks.  It should perhaps apply to fallen monks who behave like lay men  without  living a monastic life, meditating and looking after the Buddhist followers,  living unwholesome lives feeding their Panca Upadhanakkhanda.

The Mahanayaka Theros and those who support the Sirisena- Ranil -Chandrika UNP Yahapalanaya are rich Monks who live in luxury .  They are neck deep in Sakkhaya Dhitti, none of them may  know any thing about meditation.  Even Dalai Lama Meditates four hours every day.  Do these UNP Monks who support the UNP sponsored Kathikawatha meditate at least five minutes a day  or do they know how to practice  Bhavana ?  Do not be silly Lanka Forum projecting Kathikawatha as a wonderful piece of Legislation proposed by the stupid Yahapalanaya. Kathikawatha Bill  is nothing but another UNP gimmick to sacrifice Buddhism and the peoples respect to Buddhism to please USA and the West hoping to get assistance to rebuild a dwindled economy. USA and the West are not that rich to dispense money  to developing countries, nor do they want to help small countries of the third world, they only want to be the leading nations of the world. They want to stop the influence of  China and Russia in the Indian Ocean.

It is false to say that there is democracy in Sri Lanka today. FCID is under a committee  headed by  Ranil, Sirisena and Minister of Justice. In Balaya a Hiru TV debate the Deputy Minister of Tourism Arundika Fernando said,  how when  Sirisena and Minster of Justice had left the Committee,  some others joined  and said that there should be an arrest before the Independence day and asked the FCID to arrest Yoshitha.  He said even the police officers in the FCID are not quite happy with the situation.  Please  see Balaya Hiru TV Debate  of 11 February, 2016 for proof of what is said.  This is not democracy but a dictatorship, Yahapalanay is a real Junta Government.

Dinesh , Vasu, Bandula, Wimal and Gamanpila are not ugly five” as you say, but  they are the most wonderful patriots speaking for people of Sri Lanka- whose voice has been lost-stolen and made unheard by UNP and JVP  who have usurped the rights of the real people of Sri Lanka.  The Peoples’ Forum and Kautilya are speaking for  the Yahapalanay Junta.  There is more to say but why throw pearls before swine.

Since its beginning UNP, when ever it came to power Sri Lanka regressed from progress. It was only when SWRD left UNP to form SLFP that Sri Lanka stepped into real Independent development, rallying around him the leftist political forces.  But there after,  each time UNP came to power Sri Lanka faced multiple disasters: with JR Jayawardhana the inclusion of 13A in to the Sri Lanka Constitution, R Premadasa with massacres of youth and burning them on heaps of tyres, Ranil Wickramasinghe as Prim Minister to Chandrika,  with his Batalanda Torture camp,  Raid of the Millennium City house, and the signing of CFA , and now selling Sri Lanka to the west and making  Sri Lanka a police state following meticulously the Agenda of USA, West and India. The UNP is now paving way to division of Sri Lanka, and make it a part of India with a bridge to connect north of Sri Lanka to Tamiul Nadu and siging an agreement ECTA to employ Indians in  Sri Lanka.  Ranil of CFA fame has accepted there is no valid law in Sri Lanka and promises to accept International participation in accountability mechanism.

Now the SLFP of SWRD Bandaranayake is no more it has been assimilated into Ranil’s UNP along with Sirisena and Chandrika.  The people now want a another political party led by Mahinda Rajapakse  his family and supporters. It would be the second revival of Sri Lankan politics after SWRD left UNP to form SLFP, which is now rolled into one  with UNP.

So who wants this Yahapalanaya ?  Certainly not the ordinary people of Sri Lanka, but only the TNA, SLMC, JVP, Catholics and self seeking lot of unpatriotic Sinhala paid by  Yahapalanaya or by unknown foreign powers the USA and the rest, UN,  and the Tamil diaspora.

There were two Independent Anniversaries   after 8the January,2015.  But  they were no celebrations, they were mournings in the second of which Sri Lanka even lost its Nationhood by singing  two National anthems in two languages.  And what is an Independent Celebrations in Sri Lanka in  the absence of President Mahinda Rajapakse- the greatest political leader of Sri Lanka who brought peace and security to Sri Lanka and developed Sri Lanka to be a middle income country. An  Independence Day Celebration in Sri Lanka without that leader Mahinda Rajapakse because of whom we live free and peaceful today, is no Independence Day Celebration at all.

15 Responses to “A Reply to -Opposing for the sake of Opposing. A letter being sent round by Peoples Forum Sri Lanka-Politix this week by Kautilya.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    What on earth is the PEOPLE’S FORUM? And who the hell is Kautilya?

    Sounds like some ENDIAN OUTFIT trying to push the Endian agenda in SL.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! Kautilya, also known as Chanakaya circa 350-275 BCE was an Indian Statesman and Philosopher, Chief Advisor and Prime Minister Of the Indian Emperor Chandragupta, the first ruler of the Mauryan Empire.

    I think in Sri Lanka Kautilya sounds like S-kiliya, a Kotahena Raa Kade leader. After about Two Bottles of Tod, they are very abusive. That’s what we are looking here.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    It appears that Media is getting a good bashing by the Prime Minister. Words like, OKA… GEMBA are used. Now the Media will be reluctant to give BREAKING NEWS.

    Where is the media freedom ??????


    Sorry Charles, I have to disagree with you. Dalai-Lama meditate 4 hours a day?? This disgraceful Clown does not know what meditation is? it is a religion that was created by his ancestors and nothing to do with what Gotham Buddha preached. He is a “AMANUSSAYA” He was kicked out of India because he interfered with the last general election. He has fathered three children form European women, Three, American, one Swedish, two German. He lives in luxury in Ohio. He not a millionaire, but a Billionaire.

  5. Charles Says:

    Here is e_mail in question: this comes as Politix this week by Kautilyaand sent by Peoples Forum Sri Lanka

    Opposing for the sake of opposing

    This government was brought into power by the people of this country only in August 2015 and had completed only six months in office. The UNP counts for 106 members of a total of 225 in parliament, and needs only a few more to assure a working majority. The above 106 was joined by the fractions of the SLFP supporting the President and enjoys a comfortable majority in parliament In such circumstances if one we to imagine that the government will collapse any moment is a day dreamer Further more if by any chance the government is facing difficulties in parliament there is still a constitutional barrier for going for an election as the constitution stipulates that a parliament once elected will continue to function for four and half years. So to any sensible human being it is clear as crystal that the Yahapalana government will survive for a considerable length of time at least for the next four and half years.
    For the Mahinda Junta or the breakaway fraction of the UPFA alliance sitting in the opposition after having enjoyed unlimited dictatorial powers for 20- long year they cannot even imagine how they are going to languish in the opposition for five years. To them something must be done or happen to bring down the yahapalana government to fall and for them to be enthroned to bring back their disgraceful anarchy back again. They cannot sleep even a day without something being dome to make that dream a reality.
    Before the general elections when the government in power was a minority government even most important amendments like the one to deprive the seat of an MP who crosses over was removed from the draft. That was not what the people really wanted.
    So when ever even a slight opportunity is offered by the government the Mahinda Junta goes to town. Enactments or bills which they had formulated and in the files when presented to parliament in the name of the current government they make a hue and cry The Theravadi Buddhist act presented was one very clear example Minister Wijedasa Rajapaksa informed parliament that as Minister for Buddha sasana he was presenting a bill that was there. Gamanpila went to town by stating that the bill is the end of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Today democracy prevails and a citizen is free to go before courts and challenge the contents of any proposed legislation as ultra virus the constitution. And that is what exactly happened the Supreme court ruled that the proposed bill in its present state is not in line with The constitution and has to go before the people if certain clauses are not amended. The irony of the whole jiggermast is that all the leading maha sanhga welcomed the bill as a needy piece of legislation in the light of what is happening today Like the behavior of Galaboda Attho. Monks climb ober the walls raising their robes . Burt the bill is just another pidurugaha for the Mahinda Jumta to hang on for survival.
    The visit of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of India and the Representative of the UN was an opportunity not to be missed by the Junta. An excellent opportunity to create another Goni Billa Signatures were being collected for some event that will never happen . The Government of Sri Lanka has Made its stand very clear that it will not permit any official to be taken before any International Coutts for any committed war crimes. The President was very clear even on the eve of the visit of the UN representative to state that Sri Lanka can handle its affairs and do not want any outside interference. We will determine our own affairs in our own way the President declared Loud and very clear. The Minister Mahinda Samarasingha who represented Mr Rajapakjsa at difficult encounters with the UN expressly stated that it was no other person but Mr Rajapaksa himself who signed a document with the General Secretary of the UN agreeing for an international inquiry. Now this sdame Rajapajsa who was the first to protest to the UN about Human Rights Violations in Srik Lanka preaches from the temple pulpits that the government is surrendering to the UN and Western forces.
    The Un Representative at the press conference made it very clear that what ever the contents of the UN resolution it is the Sri Lankan Government that has to decide what should happen and what should be done. G L Perris hangs on to some parts of the interview and tries to paint a gloomy picture like the devil quoting the scriptures. Wioth improved Human Relations in the Country the Un is likely to tone down some trheir dictates Once again That malicious effort to rouse communal feelings also failed And the junta was smarting and scratching their backsides.
    Then came their attempts to disrupt and sabotage parliamentary proceedings The ugly five of the Junta in parliament Dinesh Vasu Bandula Wimal and Gamanpila wanted an immediate response from the Speaker to their demands for recognition of the 52 members of the Junta as a separate unit in parliament. The speaker was not moved by the eloquence waxed by these ugly five. He maintained that he does not want to be accused as the person who paved the way for the destruction of the SLFP. He insisted that it was an internal matter for the Junta. They cannot play jackal and Hide They must decide whether they are constituent partners of the UPLF or not. They cannot maintain one stand in parliament and take another limping stand when they appear before the President This is the dilemma this Junta is in If they remain in the UPFA they have to agree with the Chairman of the UPFA If they decide to depart they must be prepared to face the music of being sacked from the UPLF So they taking Dutch Courage got in to the well of Parliament and wanted to prevent parliament carrying out its legitimate business. Amidst the destructive attitude of the Junta parliament passed the amendments to the Local Government Bill. The Junta was furious. They maintained that they will behave in the same manner every day the Parliament ,meets
    But the next day the Junta got the winds of what the Government was planning to do. Under the standing orders of of Parliament a motion if carried against any Member for intentionally disrupting the activities of parliament such a member could be named and debarred from attending parliament for a certain period of time. The Junta abandoned their struggle and attended Parliament the very next day So nothing of their treacherous and scheming attempts were successful They want stop at that But the People are not to be fooled all the time The Junta will have to eat the humble pie and languish in the opposition for the next four and half years The worse was to happen yester when the Central Committee of the SLFP where 12 of the Mahinda Junta were present decided that those who sit in opposition should not be considered as a separate group of the UPFA and also decided to proceed to take disciplinary action against 13 heads of local government bodies for making statements that were injurious to the party

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    That the Elections were flawed is not mentioned by Kautilya ….

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    Brings back memories of my grand aunt who lived in “Kotahena” (correct spelling). She used to tell stories of the OWNER of the TAVERN in Kotahena used to be a THUG from KERALA. Even police was scared of him. He used to kill people. He was very friendly with the KILLER of SWORD-B and Gamini Fonseka according to her. According to her a SL leader who came from a very poor background had a “PILGRIMAGE” to this tavern owner’s house. Apparently he used to have a BENTLEY. His tavern had at least 1 person killed every year.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    To me COW-STOOL-YA is just that – COW STOOL or BS.

  9. Dham Says:

    We are currently being ruled by thugs from Kerala.

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    We are currently being ruled by thugs from Kerala.- got it , At last We all are kalla thonis include Lord Bhudda !

    a Kotahena Raa Kade leader. After about Two Bottles of Tod, they are very abusive. That’s what we are looking here.- like it .

    Now you know why We-Sakkilia Mother Lankan Demila kicked out IPFK even they have offered NEP in gold plate.
    Whos land who offer ???

  11. Raj Says:

    Apparently Sira is badly suffering from colon cancer. Vijithamuni’s prediction is going to be true. Also Waskavi seem to be having an effect on these traitors.

  12. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    COW-STOOL-YA is fine. You have these at your finger tips eh ?

    Raj !! That may be the reason he is visiting Germany. He is now putting FEAR to SLFP MPs, and is determined to see the end of MR.

  13. Sooriarachi Says:

    In my view, since Independence, after a 200 to 400 year period of destruction of the Sinhala civilisation by the British, Dutch and Portuguese Colonial powers, Sri Lanka was fortunate to have had two great statesmen in Mahinda Rajapakse and D.S Senanayake, both of whom contributed immensely to major development of the nation by initiating and completing projects that would benefit the nation for many generations to come. Those like SWRD, Sir John, Premadasa though were patriots who loved the country and did not kneel before India, they could not remain in power long enough to gauge the value of their services to the nation. Of all the Prime Ministers and Presidents we had since independence, only Chandrika and Ranil could be identified as bad luck leaders for the country and unfortunately the two of them are now gathering power to rule the nation, either directly or indirectly through selfish and foolish leaders. However, they need to realise, Sri Lanka with its Sinhala heritage is probably protected by divine powers to have survived for well over 2500 years as an independent nation, except under the 200 year British rule, and any malicious designs they may have for the nation conniving with the enemies of the nation, could only backfire on them.
    As for current President Sirisena, though he committed an unforgivable blunder by joining hands with Sri Lanka’s enemies to topple the Mahinda Rajapakse Government, who were half way through their project to make Sri Lanka the “Wonder of Asia”, Sirisena could still prove to the nation in the coming months and years, whether he has realised his blunder and are now with the people of the country or still with the enemy forces. His recent decisions to not meet George Soros and as well as not attend the Taipongal ceremony in the North under that freak Wigneswaran, with the British Foreign Minister Swire as a guest, could be an indication that President Sirisena is beginning to realise his folly. Lets hope so.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    As I said before, the IPKF came into Sri Lanka because of the LTTE.


    I agree with Sooriarachi.


    The IPKF atrocities against the Tamils of the North have not been taken into account by the UNHRC. The UNHRC has not taken into account many other events of the past when summing up solutions for Lanka and knowledge of why the Lankan situation is difficult and sensitive to resolve. Internal peace must come first naturally through careful and wise handling of the situation by a joint effort of TRUSTED leaders in Lanka. The People of Lanka must first feel SECURE, and then RECONCILIATION will happen, followed by a genuine PEACE.

  15. ranjit Says:

    Charles all these foreign funded Sira/Ran’nil backed forums or what ever it is called has no public support or any power base at all.They just simply call press conferences and bash MR and the previous Govt all day long to the satisfaction of their obedient masters, that’s all. We need to understand the real truth. What people needs at this hour is a strong leader not a puppet on a string who is an obedient servant of the west and the Indian parasites. The current Govt came to power with foreign funded assistance and cheating and deceiving the people with tons of lies and bogus promises.This is the truth. If we want to live in peace and with pride we need a decent Govt who works for the people and take our country forward with real development to all alike same as we saw during MR period.
    Time has come for a change because of the dangerous situation we are in today with Dollar going skyrocketed high and dirty politics and tactics by this Gestapo Govt. Sinhalese cannot wait any longer while these foreign backed Govt treats Buddhist monks like drug addicts and opponents like criminals. Let’s get united to save our homeland and the Sinhala race from all evil forces before it’s too late.

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