Posted on February 26th, 2016

By S. Abewicrama

Right to reply ………….

In the opinion column I wrote about possible trap we my fall in to if we allow Indians to build  refineries and bunkering facilities in Hambantota ,after learning bitter lessons in Trincomaleee

Indians do not build refineries , and they use American Companies such as Bechtel ,Halliburton to design and build for them with their money .

One of the biggest refineries in Gujarat in India was  built by  Ambani Family of Reliance and used Indian labour and some equipment  with American technology .,I know about  as I worked for Bechtel of America

If Indians come to Sri Lanka to build a  refinery they will have to use an American Company to design it .

Only danger is they may sign the agreement with us and ties us up and take a long time to implement it .

PM plans allow Indians to invest in Sri Lanka  may be due to following reasons

Sri Lanka has an easy access to world market and our power and water supply etc is much more reliable than in India

Living standard in Sri Lanka is much better and the climate is much better

If government allow Indian companies to invest, they have to bring finances which we do not have .

Blue chip companies in Sri Lanka go for easy money like hotels, real estate development and do not promote any manufacturing

Sri Lanka need manufacturing to provide employment.

We have to allow Indians to come and start up manufacturing, starting with Bicycles local and western market ,consumer electricals for middles class, motor car spare parts ,tools etc

They will have to bring the planners and managers and we have to ensure that we allow only skilled managers, but not the semi skilled  workers

I am sure PM,s vision about generating 1 million jobs will be a reality if we allow Indians to Invest

We need to be more open minded about Indian investment, and create an awareness among the rulers that they should not allow to import Indian labour for jobs such as hair dressers ,Store keepers and butchers

As a response to GMOA regarding the fear that Indian Doctors will take our Jobs ,I am sure that there is a way out

In UK doctors have to PLAB and foreign doctors have to do Act 16 in Sri Lanka to qualify to work

What GMOA can do is to advise government to impose such rules  and force all Indian doctors to pass the qualifying exams rather than making baseless allegations

Most of the doctors who have time to study complete Post Graduate studies and become consultants and go abroad for training

Some of them return and some stay for the sake of the education of their children

Why should our doctors fear of Indians getting their Jobs

Study more and become specialists and teach Indians !!

There is no meaning in creating fear psychosis among Sri Lankans that Indiana are going to invade us .We have to live in harmony with Indians as we Sinhala and Tamil people are supposed to be decedents of Indians !

Finally what is the harm in building a bridge to cross Palk Strait ,fearing Indians will flock to Sri Lanka and take over our lands ?

I am sure the people who protest can blow the bridge up if they invade us !!!!!!


3 Responses to “‘Traitors’”

  1. Dham Says:

    Strangely no one has commented, so it is good to initiate.

    “Indians do not build refineries , and they use American Companies such as Bechtel ,Halliburton to design and build for them with their money .”

    “One of the biggest refineries in Gujarat in India was built by Ambani Family of Reliance and used Indian labour and some equipment with American technology .,I know about as I worked for Bechtel of America”

    – Abeywickrema

    If you worked for Bechtel you should know that they only do project management in most countries. why cant Sri Lankans do management ? Why need Indians to manage Becttel and Bechtel to manage sub consultants/contractors ?

    Abeywickrema thinks Sri Lanka is a migrant country. Hell No.
    We have labour and professionals although they lack training is certain fields.
    Even in migrant contries, there is a system to give them work permits or passes and chase them out whenever the country wants.
    We need to develop these systems before allowing migrants workers.

    We are lucky we still have 70% Sinhalese. However, due to mass production by some minorities that is going to drop.
    Indians have already invaded us. Our presidents are scare of Indian Government. Even some “very patriotic ex-citizens ” have got the decease called inferiority complex that we should not antagonise Indians.
    We have to get rid of this fear. MR defeated Indian trained terrorists. JR almost defeated but was scared of invasion , so agreed to diplomatic invasion. Premadasa+LTTE defeated Indians.

    However, is it wise to allow more Indians to come and settle in Sir Lanka ?
    No. We should chase away the already illegally settled ones.

  2. NAK Says:

    Why do we need a bridge when even a regular boat service is not economically viable.

    Now that we Sri Lankans are not welcome in Tamilnadu anyway, it will only be for benefit of the Indians.

    Mr. Amarawickrema seem to take lightly the threat from Tamilnadu but look how they act and behave in the poaching problem in our nothern waters. They don’t give a damn about international or our laws within our own teritory and what will happen if they are allowed in with open doors with Indian made agreements.

  3. aloy Says:

    What was the mandate given to MS and RW?. There was no mention of bringing Indians or Indian businesses here in their manifesto. But they promised a lot on yahapalanaya and catching thieves. Instead of doing that RW is now playing a different tune. Perhaps there will be another situation like the signing of accord in 87 and a big loss of life.

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