T20 World Cup: Batting Order Should Follow Strike Rate Highest to Lowest
Posted on March 10th, 2016

Dilrook Kannangara

Current Sri Lankan T20 team lacks players who are both fast and furious (high strike rate and high average). In this case, it makes sense to send big hitters early despite their lower average. Let them face as many balls.

As things are Team Sri Lanka has little chance of winning the T20 World Cup. Although it held the top rank in T20 cricket longer than any other team, Lankans have fallen by the wayside in innovation. Only a few batsmen are capable of hitting more than two sixers in a game and most batsmen, especially experienced batsmen, want to avoid batting under pressure towards the latter overs. This is a sure recipe for failure. Experienced batsmen play at the top order at a strike rate below the required rate which puts pressure lower down the order. A big hitting bowler cannot score winning runs in today’s game as all good teams know this tactic and save their best bowling to the end. The surest way to win is to bring the required run rate to six (6) or below for the last few overs. This can be done by sending in the big guns first.

As batting was revolutionized in 1994-95 with Sanath and Kaluwitharana coming on top ahead of seasoned openers, this change can propel Sri Lankan batsmen get the most runs they possibly can. Proposed batting order is (with their rough strike rate in brackets) Milinda (135) and Matthews (120) to open batting followed by Dilshan (120) and Thisara (145). They will be followed by Kapugedara (120) and Kulasekara (120, if playing). Thirimanne (115, if playing), Dinesh (100) and Dasun after them.

This plan will also give good exposure to fast scoring batsmen to improve their average and force slow scorers to up their game or get out of the team. Slow scorers mustn’t be allowed to play at a comfortable pace without pressure at the top. It is good for their career but bad for the team. There are only 120 balls to face and the most must be made from them.

When fielding, it pays to place a fielder or two (deep fine leg, third man or long stop) to stop boundaries beating the keeper as this is a popular region to score runs under pressure. Bowling must be regimented to bowl only to each opposing batsman’s weak spots. Bowlers must be advised not to experiment without regard to the field in place. In 1996 Sri Lanka beat many teams that were far better on paper by maximizing limited capabilities.

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  1. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you Dilrook,

    The topic is interesting for the simple fact that cricket is probably the only activity that excites the mind and buoys up our enthusiasm. In other words cricket is the only genuine entertainment and relaxation offered to a nation that has nothing else to feel happy about and everything else to feel despondent and depressed.

    As you correctly mention: “As things are Team Sri Lanka has little chance of winning the T20 World Cup”.

    This means we have to play out of our heads to make any headway in the competition.

    We do not have the talent and the ability to do as the leading teams do. So there is no point in taking them as models.

    We have to be innovative and not feel daunted by the specter of defeat staring us in the face.

    As you correctly say, we have to throw our best to the forefront, which meas, as you state, the best must plunge headlong first. We cannot leave anything to the end.

    T20 for us must mean, just as the school boy slogan puts it: hit out or get out. So the hitters must lead the way and pile up as many runs possible in the first 6 overs. If we wait until the field spreads out we are sunk As you say, the big guns must fire first even though they are of modest caliber.

    As for the bowlers .they must be trained to restrict the scoring especially by bowling as wide as possible outside the off stump or to aim atthe the block hole or bowl very low full tosses. that was how Thissara Perera, a most hittable bowler got his hat-trick.

    Mario Perera

  2. Dham Says:

    Main culprit pushing us to a horrible defeat is Dilshan.
    If he hits 10 scoring shots he will connect 1. This is like betting or lottery.
    Dilshan shall be chased out of the team if we are to win a single match.

    Dasun is of no use. He has failed in many matches but selectors keep selecting him. Sangakkara’s pet Thirimanne has crept in and has had a good knock. hope he will be of some use.

    For some reason they have tested known to fail bowlers in the practice match and all failed. This means Kulasekara has cemented his place and further enhances our loosing capability.
    Kulasekara should open batting ( if he cannot be dropped due to Panadam culture) and given only the first one or two overs.

    Suranga Lakmal has shown beyond reasonable doubt that he is not suitable for T20, yet our idiotic selectors including Sangakkara are spoiling our chances. I don’t know the use of Rajapakse who is getting hammered and unable to hold the bat too. All rounders business not going to work.

    If we have to have some chance, new bowlers ( may be Rajitha , Isuru Udana, and Dhanuska Gunathilaka, Kithruwan Vithanage or any new hard hitter need to be urgently sent.

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