Skills for Survival
Posted on April 2nd, 2016

Ben Silva

Many ethnic groups around the world have been wiped out by technically superior groups as a result of lack of innovation and failure to adapt and progress and failure to recognise external threats. I have given below some food for thought, regarding arresting the decline.

  1. Understand the nature of the world and Understand laws of nature, in particular the  law of nature which states Survival of the fittest and law of natural selection.
  2. Understand laws of economics.
  3. Develop commercial and trading  skills.
  4. Develop skills needed to survive in the world.
  5. Develop critical thinking skills.Develop a mindset to survive and win, as opposed to seeking extinction. , be prepared to face suffering in order to make progress.
  6. Develop problem solving, communication and information seeking skills.
  7. Develop time management skills.
  8. Develop high productivity and high efficiency.
  9. Prepared to work hard and engage in life long learning and engage in up skilling.
  10.  Be innovative and find smart solutions to problems.
  11. Recognise external threats and develop strategies and mechanisms to deal with external threats. An example of an external threat is CEPA  and ECTA. Do the Sinhalese have an organisation or even a web site to look after their interests ?

4 Responses to “Skills for Survival”

  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    We agree Ben. The fact of the existence of the human Heart (or godhead or life force within) must be added on to complete the picture.

    The Sinhala people have been under the spell of the British ‘divide & rule’ for way too long. Time to unite to save ‘Rata & Jathiya’, with kindness extended toward others too. As Ben says, it is certainly ‘survival of the fittest’ where the physical aspects are concerned. This, Balanced with the aspects of the Heart, ensures sure survival, and quality survival for all.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Unfortunately, what we see in Lanka today, is wasted human energy – wasted in blaming the MR govt that did so much more for the country. In fact, someone commented on the internet that even if their cat ran away, that would be blamed on the MR govt. !! During the time the LTTE ran amok, using the MR govt to fight and remove the LTTE united the entire country ! How ironical that today, that very govt is blamed for everything that is wrong with the present Yahap govt.

    Turning the country Westward ho ! has been a costly exercise.

  3. Dham Says:

    Very obvious. Everything starts by being “fit”, especially being mentally fit. Look no further, best skills are given in Buddha Dhamma from which the west is learning and copying now.

    Sri Lankans should start the survival skills development by not listening to those loosers who could not survive in Sri Lanka and chose to live in the land of the main enemy.

  4. aloy Says:

    I think middle path is the best. Nothing is permanent in this world. Those who are advance today will fall tomorrow due to some factor adversely affecting them due to that advancement. Look at Japan; they developed technologically and became workoholics, but they are going down now due to population depletion and fatigue. I attended one of their seminars on development of sewerage systems at Mt. Lavenia hotel couple of years ago where Hon. Dinesh was the chief guest as the minister. This was the time I was planning for three major foreign funded sewerage projects in SL. I found that even the software versions they were making use of were old ones and they were not up to date. They are currently selling their technological assets to other countries as they are unable to keep with the recently developed countries like Thaiwan, S.Korea etc. This has already happened to UK who lost their car manufacturing advantage they had to other countries. As SF recently sang in parliament “duka sepa nithi perale …”. So we should thread the middle path in order to lead contended and happy lives.

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