Is there a threat to the life of former President Mahinda Rajapakse?
Posted on April 6th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

If there is any person whose life is under threat it is that of the former President, not Chandrika Bandaranaike but Mahinda Rajapakse. If there is another person under similar threat it is Gotabaya Rajapakse. The public have every right to be concerned. LTTE ruled throughout presidencies of 4 Presidents and it was only the 5th who went against the odds and international threats to militarily defeat the world’s most notorious terrorist organization taking a decision as President of the Nation and as Senadhinayaka, commanding the armed forces. When caches of arms, ammunition, suicide kits together with the release of un-rehabilitated LTTE cadres and the recent announcement of the former

threatPresident’s security being suddenly trimmed down and removed all these added, the citizens smell serious trouble looming. The citizens of the country are grateful to the former President who together with the Armed Forces, Police and Civil Defense Force and the Defense Secretary ended 30 years of brutal terrorist rule. No one can deny that we today enjoy peace because of them. We can empathize with other nations now suffering from that same terror we once went through though they chose not to help us defeat terror. All those that played a pivotal role must be protected by the State.  Most are now worried and concerned about the former President’s and the former defense secretary’s safety. The world must take note of these concerns.  For ending terrorism neither of the Rajapakse’s need to have scores settled by the enemy and no one should facilitate this either for personal or political gain.


Let’s review the situation.

Calls for demilitarization have resulted in the closure of key military installations, confining of soldiers to barracks, allocating lands in high security zones to supposed IDPs who never owned a plot of land or ever had title deeds to lands, the increase in illegal fishing by Tamil Nadu comes with the realization that these same fishermen were part of LTTE’s fleet to smuggle arms, ammunition, narcotics and other logistics requirements. India’s involvement in creating LTTE and 35 other militant groups in the 1970s needs to also be mentioned. That LTTE was also under Indian intelligence tutelage combined with India’s aggressive inroads into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs leave little to the imagination. Add all this up and even a kindergarten goer can make sense of the situation.

It is remarkable how organizations that were listed using UNSC Resolution 1373 as LTTE fronts are now determining policy in Sri Lanka and have even been listed without no one so much as asking on what grounds they have been deproscribed without even investigating them. It is also unbelievable that the ministry that handles foreign affairs is virtually being run by the enemy neighbour!


It is in this context that we find ourselves being choked into signing another by-force agreement named ETCA no different to what took place exactly 30years ago when India forced Sri Lanka to sign the Indo-Lanka Agreement in 1987 and even change our constitution. Are we not seeing an encore!

In terms of life threats, Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga lost an eye from an LTTE attack but she did not mind calling her assailant ‘Mr. Prabarakan’, the present President was also injured by LTTE, Gotabaya Rajapakse as defense secretary escaped an assassination bid. Scores of UNP prospective leaders were conveniently bumped off by the LTTE. Ranil Wickremasinghe our Prime Minister surprisingly has never had a LTTE threat to his life or an attempt on his life.


CBK and Ranil have made numerous offerings to the LTTE. CBK offered Prabakaran to govern the North for 10 years as well as PTOMs while Ranil offered the Cease Fire Agreement ceding territory to terrorists. Together both offered an ISGA mechanism which is being repackaged under numerous other names and is being now pushed by those linked to drafting a new constitution.

We fought terrorists not Tamils.

We suffered terrorism not an ethnic conflict.

Unless this is cleared we are bringing solutions to the wrong problems and are likely to create further problems or new problems.

That LTTE lasted despite a global war on terror since 2001 showcases that LTTE has been used as a political toy for geopolitics and it had nothing to do with any concern for Tamils or their grievances. If post-LTTE defeat the same players are now out to remove those that eliminated their ‘toy’ it is good that we identify clearly who those global players are in order to take counter measures.

The joint opposition should be mindful that as citizens themselves their concern should be to highlight the dangers instead of feeling jubilant at the faux pas being made by the present government for it affords them a better opportunity to return to power. Will they have a nation to ever govern is what they should seriously now wondering.

Be that as it may there is no reason to prune President Rajapakse’s security suddenly and replace trained military security with that of ordinary policemen who would be clueless to act in the event of a terror attack thus compromising the life of the former President.

It only resonates what the public is now beginning to feel that the present government has been only taking political vengeance and revenge since coming to power in January 2015. This is not a healthy way to govern a country by those that came into power promising better uncorrupt transparent good governance. This is certainly what we the public were looking forward to and were expecting. At every turn people are now beginning to question the u-turns being made into the promises pledged.

The most recent assassination was that of Muammar Gaddafi of Libya in 2011 eliminated in the most brutal and heinous way with full consent of the West who were responsible for training and arming the men that were sent to dislodge Gaddafi as leader of Libya. Libyans today find themselves not liberated but dying because of the liberators!

Sri Lanka’s regime change was to oust Rajapakse as leader. With that objective achieved we can but wonder what the next objective is given that his popularity keeps climbing even without any effort on his part. The gun has become the easiest and the most cowardly way to eliminate opposition. Sense must prevail and the law of karma is such that what goes round always returns.

Shenali D Waduge

13 Responses to “Is there a threat to the life of former President Mahinda Rajapakse?”

  1. Dham Says:

    Our ex-president is no Muammar Gaddafi. Ours is not yet a Muslim barbaric nation. Please don’t bring unnecessary comparisons which will devalue of your writing.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    MR deserves both Army & Police protection !
    He has served the Nation so well. Show gratitude.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    The only way to stop manipulating security provision to opposition politicians and others is to abolish executive presidency. General Janaka Perera was not given the security he thought sufficient and former navy officer and MP Sripathi Sooriyarachchi was also denied security. Rauf Hakeem was given a strong security detail but it was withdrawn in late 2014 when he extended support to the opposition candidate. He petitioned the supreme court and got it back.

    President Sirisena’s security must be strengthened too as his ambitious prime minister and his CFA friends have plans for him!

    Tamil terrorists paved the way for Ranil to become the UNP leader by eliminating Lalith, Premadasa and Gamini in the correct sequence. Had they killed Premadasa before Lalith, the latter would be taken into UNP leadership once again. That would leave Ranil in the ditch. Tamil terrorists were very careful who died when to promote their man (and woman). They also tried to elevate Ranil to presidency by bombing Chandrika in 1999 at the most opportune time but failed. Given what succeeded in the past for both Tamil terrorists and Ranil, it is very easy to see who their main target is.

  4. mario_perera Says:

    Shenali: Sri Lanka’s regime change was to oust Rajapakse as leader. With that objective achieved we can but wonder what the next objective is given that his popularity keeps climbing even without any effort on his part.

    The expression ‘regime change’ is widely associated with the use of violence…such as the ousting of Gadafi. So Shenali’s use of words – regime change…oust) is highly objectionable. the role of journalism is to be objective. Shenali has long since fallen from this pedestal.

    It would be more correct to say that MaRa ousted himself by following an astrologers predictions and holding elections two years before due date. Then he and his horses and he and he and his men did everything undemocratic conceivable (including violence, illegal expenditure, bribery and graft) to impose himself on the voters’ imagination. With all this he lost the elections that were totally democratic and non-violent.

    As for Shenali’s statement that MaRa’s popularity keeps rising… if crowd pulling is the criterion then MaRa should have romped home with absolute ease at the presidential elections.

    As for the clause: without any effort on his part, well well Shenali once again you are shooting wide off the mark.

    Just see all that MaRa has done after being dethroned from the presidential seat. All the effort to win the parliamentary elections. His efforts to win at Kurunegala were so strong it has even caused splits in the Ethu-gala !

    And now all this eye-wash that is temple visiting and show of Buddhist piety only to keep himself in the limelight.and what about the participation at all these meetings organized by Thun-mulle Wimaley and others. Terming all this as being “without any effort on his part” is sheer derision.

    Shenali, you are a young and talented journalist. You do not have to go to ‘kadey’ for ay politician or any political party. If you do so it is to your great detriment.

    Mario Perera

  5. aloy Says:

    When MR met PM, Panama must have upper most in his mind. Jail should be the most secure place for the trio whose names have been featured in those papers.

  6. Nimal Says:

    Only comment I could make here is MR will reap what he sown. I saw to myself and I experienced myself. All the regimes have been bringing the country down since the independence. We need the colonial types to get rid of the ambude types that are mismanaging the country to their selfish benefits. This is the call of the third world and I have the privilege to meet so many from the third world. First they come here do Soddy work for their regimes and after several visits, opening their minds, brains and exercising their few brain cells find life styles of their people decimal created by their uncaring crooked leaders. They themselves find that their travels to the first world is restrictive due to strict visa regimes because their countries so badly down and out, nobody in the first world respect them. They blame it on their leaders and they all want good governance and the best infrastructures for their countries. These are business other leaders from Africa who are now getting together on their own to find ways to improve the infrastructures in their own countries where emphasis will be given a good English education, emphasis will be given to do away with generations of myths and backward cultural constrains. They now realize that to ignore their plight is to allow their no good leaders to the biddings for outside wealth making scoundrels who will strip their natural resources. Their first task is to bring law and order in the country which is now begin to happen in countries in Africa and South America. We wish them all the luck.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Panama list given below :

    We do not see any of the aforesaid Trio named in the list !! What utter bs going on in Lanka for the UNP (by stealth with CBK) led Yahap to stay in power !

    What odds are the Sinhala people up against in their own so called Motherland, Lanka ?

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  9. douglas Says:

    In declaring the Presidential election two years ahead of the due period, MR had his own convictions of dreams coming true to continue for at least eight years to come. Perhaps the “Astrologers” too would have played a role in making that decision. In making that decision, he “missed” a grand opportunity of clearing all the mess he himself had created had he remained for the balance period of two years. Anyway, he and his “goons” did not pay heed or respect for the public opinion that was slowly but steadily getting created. Anyway the momentum was building to “Get Rid of MR” and that succeeded. The moment the defeat came, the “pandits” in his camp started the analyses of voting patterns and coupled with the “Bring Back Mahinda” campaign spearheaded by Wimal, Dinesh, Vasu, Gammanpila, from Nugegoda.

    Now the situation in which MR is placed not much of politics, but a Himalayan Task of “Saving” his wife, sons, brothers and other associates from being made “Responsible” , “Accountable” and Escape the arms of the Law of the country. In that pursuit , he has taken very calculated steps as a Politician. He waited till the “Nugegoda Man” gathered momentum and at the correct time appeared in a grand show at Hyde Park. Till such time, he was frequenting the Buddhist temples in the country starting from Abeyaramaya at Narahenpita. that which is the “Massive Peoples’ Backing” that this writer is describing and very correctly titled by Maria_Perera is …”shooting wide off the mark”. He MUST muster the support of the crowd to “side track” the corruption, bribery, mismanagement etc. charges that are leveled against him, the family and the”goons”. The second step is to bring all the newly instituted Law Enforcement Agencies to “ridicule” and give a picture to the people as those are the “Witch Hunting” techniques set up by the present Government to incarcerate his family. On the other hand he has also got some of his associates, including his brothers to challenge the legality of such institutions in Courts. The next move is to “Participate” in the subjects that are debated in Parliament through the media and AVOID any appearance or confrontations in the Legislature. We have yet to see his participation in any of the important matters of National Interest that are very heatedly debated in the Parliament. He has very cunningly avoided being selected to that Steering Committee headed by the Prime Minister on Constitution making.

    All of the above steps are very well planned and calculated MOVES to keep the Government GUESSING and I would say that has succeeded to a very great extent. In that context, I would not “under-rate” him and his “capabilities” in carving out a STRATEGY to escape that onslaught awaiting him, his family and other associates., because he is a “POLITICIAN”. Any “Politician” would do that, especially in Sri Lanka. So I don’t blame him and THIS IS HIM.

  10. Dham Says:

    A good summary, but not good to meditate on get angry.
    He destroyed whatever little law and order Sri Lanka had.
    In short he destroyed all advantages gained in 2009 and pushed back Sri Lanka to 1990.

  11. douglas Says:

    Dham: Thank you. I never intended to “mediate”; but not “angry”; yet much DISTURBED and DISGUSTED the “Damage” done to this country from 2009 onwards. That certainly I agree with you. Having said that, I am much “Disturbed” as to what is being done to “Regain” what we lost since 2009. This is like “HORA POLICE” game we played during our young days. The way that we are working, it is definite to end up in a worst DISASTER than we experienced earlier.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Just how many able and loyal leaders from the UNP and Other sections did the LTTE kill ?
    Even as things are at present now, with the LTTE supposedly removed, can we blame any leaders for protecting themselves first ? Can all those in power now be trusted ?

    Also, Sri Lanka appears to be INDIA’s ‘sacrificial goat’ to be served to their so called Masters of the Universe ? At the same time, the Constant in the Equation is that INDIA does not want to be re-Colonised via Lanka take over !

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    That said, if Lanka masses need modernisation, it ought to be done without humiliating those who protected the land and the people after some 30 yrs of extreme terrorism. It ought to be done without humiliating cultures and belief systems too. It ought to be done through dialogue and understanding. That would be the only way for a lasting solution. Such matters take time and ought not to be done overnight as apparently done with UNP led Yahap.

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