Amazing Healing Process “UROPATHY AND GAU MUTRA” Posted on April 5th, 2016
Posted on April 8th, 2016

Dr. Tilak. S. Fernando

 With reference to my article captioned Uropathy and Gau Mutra”, which was posted on Lankaweb site, on 5th April 2016, I am attaching herewith two pictures of the ‘ Kalutara South’ man’s infected leg’, before and after of one month’s treatment with urine. This is specifically done to accede a request by a reader in the ‘ feed back’ section of the Lankaweb, who has shown willingness to read about the progress of the ‘Kalutara patient’ mentioned in the article.

Readers will observe the gravity of the infested wound of this diabetic patient, which had been a miniature laceration at first, but has developed into a massive spiral graze over a period of 30 years, while the patient has been spending a lot of money on various kinds of treatment.

I met up with this ‘ Kalutara Mudalali,’ through my driver, during a visit to Kalutara.  Having seen with my own eyes the infested wound, I advised him to contact my friend Dr. Mass R. Usuf in Pita Kotte as I have helped another friend (also diabetic) from London (who is settled down in Sri Lanka now) with a similar wound of verse condition with secreting puss.  He too was spending money weekly to get the wound dressed at a cost, while and taking 12 pain strong pain killers (Ibuprofen) a day, due to severe pain. Finally doctors advised him to amputate the leg stating there was no hope of a cure as but circulation to the area had been blocked due to blockages of capillaries in the leg; antibiotics could only to stop any germs getting into the wound!

At that stage I approached my friend and persuaded him to go to Dr. Usuf, as there was no other choice left for him. Although he did not believe in the therapy he had no option. Within two months of treatment the wound healed and the man whose leg was due to be amputated is now enjoying life by driving and leading a normal life after a complete healing process.
After Urine treatment for one monthAfter Urine treatment for one month1With that  previous  experience I immediately recommended Kalutara Mudalali to contact Dr. Usuf.  Today he is over the moon about the progress and says he has no words to thank  for helping him.

I shall end this short note with Dr. Uusuf’s  quote:

Every new fangled therapy or old fangled therapy has been cut and chopped and its innate essence questioned – NOT urine therapy with ‘cogent’ facts!!

Dr. Tilak. S. Fernando



7 Responses to “Amazing Healing Process “UROPATHY AND GAU MUTRA” Posted on April 5th, 2016”

  1. Senevirath Says:

    thank u so much thilak . hope this will help dhanapala

  2. Nimal Says:

    Haven’t got the time now to read but I must add that my life was saved from a poisoners snake bite in Hunas mountain forest by drinking my own urine, there after cycled 15 miles to Kandy. My late burgher friend sucked my blood, whatever poisoned remained made me very hyperactive. British actor who took part in the film laughed and said, most probably the snake died instead of be.
    We also used mud and even tree moss to heal our injuries where we got injured playing cowboys and Indians for real with bows, arrows and even pellet guns.
    We were scared to tell our parents of our injuries as we will get a good beating for being unruly. Boys were boys those days.
    We were once tolerated in the courts, even with our bows, catapults until we were chased out for bad behaviour buy the judge, though he missed our antics.
    I would urge readers not to follow what I did when bitten by a poisonous snake but to get medical treatment. But one could drink one’s urine as first aid until one reach medical help.

  3. Senevirath Says:

    තිලක් වහාම මේ විස්තර පින්තුරද සහිතව සිංහල පත්තර වලට යවන්න ඔබේ වුර්තීය සුදුසුකම් ද සහිතව සමරු පිළිගන්නේ එවිටය් ලෝවැඩ සද හා ලියන්න

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    I know a lady who had chronic constipation and now enjoying a normal life with the help of Uropathy.

  5. Dham Says:

    There is no doubt many medicines , treatment’s , therapies alternative to western medicine exist. Tilak has given one example. All these cannot be cured by coincidence.
    I am sure most of us know a small plant called කැපුම් කීරිය. When we get cuts in our skin we used to apply the liquid coming out of this plan for definite heal in one day. No testing on mice is required.

  6. Dham Says:

    I don’t know whether you have heard of experienced this practice.

    We had a king coconut tree in the garden among may coconut trees. I was around 15 years old then, learning science. Strangely this was the only tree not bearing fruit. One day I saw my father hammering this tree using ALAWANGUWA. He did not say a word. later I ask him why and he said there is a belief such trees would bear fruit if you do that during a lunar eclipse time. It is a “KEAMAK”. Also people should not talk during the KEMA.
    I remember soon after the hammering, strangely it started bearing fruit.

    When there is no other choice people even in western countries take certain untested medicine to become human guineapigs. After such testing it becomes “a medicine”. What kind of science is that ?

    If there is any science in medicine, it is technology and engineering. Medicine should not be considered as a science subject.
    DARWIN’s evolution theory is a PATTA PAL BORUWA too.

  7. Tilak Says:

    Yes Dham,

    I too have heard about this but in a different version. Some say you have to hang pol leli for the tree to bear fruit, others say you need to speak to the plants ( like what Prince Charles used to do some years ago !); some keep on ( i have heard) giving a good thrashing in anger shouting at the tree. KEMA , fear or whatever, it is true that people have seen results out of such exercises !

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