Bigger containers, lesser contents.
Posted on April 24th, 2016

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,Dehiwela

Have you noticed  how we consumers are all duped into believing that we are getting our money’s worth?

The other day I bought a baby cream of a famous repetitive name, and when I opened the sealed tube and squeezed …. and squeezed and squeezed ….. well it took half the tube to be squeezed to get the cream to come out. Yes it is filled with  half the capacity but the price is even more than what it was for a full tube. Same with some anti septic creams too.

The boxes of the milk packets look large. So do the packs of nuts, chips and other bites. When you shake them half of the packet is empty. See the yoghurt cups? The top looks same as those old days but the bottom part  which actually consist of the yoghurt is so small!

My favorite mosquito coil said to last 12 hours – which it did sometime back – hardly lasts 8 hours. Calling them and complaining fell on deaf ears. I remember those days when I called about the coil being  stuck together the marketing manager promptly sent an officer who  apologized for the defunct pack and replaced too. Nowadays they have no explanation for the short changing so they pretend deaf.

Some products have stayed the same and the prices have gone up. That is understandable. But when the company  tries to hood wink people to make them think they are getting more for the price they are paying,   it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

I avoid such cheats.

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