LTTE’s 2 country proposal
Posted on April 24th, 2016

A.A.M.Nizam – Matara

It is a well known fact that the Tamil Diaspora which is very powerful in the western countries due to its voting strength were in the forefront of mustering the United States, Britain, other western countries and India to install the eunuch Sirisena as President and westernophile puppet Ranil Wickremasinghe as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.  Prior to January 2015 since the vanquishing of tiger terrorism from the soil of this country and even before that the Tamil diaspora carried out continuous and vicious anti-Sri Lankan propaganda projecting this noble country as a country of barbarians exterminating the Tamil population and emphasizing the need to save the Tamils from this what they called the continuous genocide.  The so-called massacre of 40,000 Tamils in the final stage of the war being blindly believed in the western world was a calculated invention of this Tamil diaspora propaganda machine.

Unfortunately we did not have a proper mechanism or an outfit to counter these blatant allegations and lies and all our counter action against distorted propaganda about this country died down with the brutal assassination of the great statesman and the patriot Lakshman Kadiragamar who rendered a yeoman service to expose the folly and the cruel nature of the tiger terrorists and get them proscribed in the United States and the European nations..

Once again these diaspora elements have become active to raise the blatant allegations of Tamils being persecuted in this country.  Tamil terrorist websites and organizations have intensified their vicious campaign against this country and the recent demand for President Barak Obama of the United States to take the former Defense Secretary who was responsible for ending tiger terrorism in this country is a part of drawing western attention to this propaganda asserting that he was mainly responsible for the so-called massacre of 40,000 Tamils.

Meanwhile the tiger terrorist websites such as Tamil Guardian published from Britain and the TamilNet website published from Norway have started carrying series of articles and news items with concocted lies alleging that Tamils are facing persecution in this country despite the fact that they have become the king makers under the new government.

The Tamil Guardian reported on April 21st that human rights violations and militarization across all eight districts of the North-East are being carried out and harassment and violence by security forces, ongoing occupation of Tamil land and the extensive militarization are fostering a sense of disillusionment amongst the Tamil population in the North-East.

It said that the “massive operational presence” of the military and its involvement in civilian activities not only contributes to a sense of being under occupation but also harms the economic development of the North-East. It added that the government has continued with the policies of the previous government and is providing state-impunity for crimes against the Tamils.

The other terrorist organ TamilNet reported on 20th April that Colombo’s military Establishment has stepped up white-van abductions and hostage-taking of family members of former LTTE members in the North and East recently and least 13 Tamils, including a woman, are being detained in the notorious torture chamber known as 4th Floor in Colombo, and Ex-LTTE members returning from employment abroad in the Middle East have been subjected to arrests at Katunayake airport. It also stated that the Sinhala government” has reinforced Sinhala military rule in the Tamil populated areas.

The report added that the extra-judicial abductions and the interference by the Sri Lanka military in the civil affairs in the North are being justified citing the recent seizure of explosives from a former LTTE member at Chavakachcheri in Jaffna.
It is quite clear that these anti Sri Lankan propaganda has been unleashed to justify the proposal unanimously approved by the Northern Provincial Council yesterday(22nd April) on Constitutional Reforms which highlights the need of a federal solution.

The Resolution presented to the Council by NPC Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran on 7th April proposes a federal solution that exceeds the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. It was debated for two days on April 12 and yesterday (April 22nd), and was passed without any amendments. Nineteen members of the Council, including two Opposition members belonging to two United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), who abstained from voting had been present at the time of the adoption of the Resolution.

The heinous Resolution is to be handed over to Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan on April 30th at the Public Library premises in Jaffna. It is also to be handed over to President Eunuch Sirisena, Prime Minister westernophile puppet Ranil Wickremesinghe and backboneless Speaker Karu Jayasuriya.

Wigneswaran speaking on the resolution has said that this could be the last opportunity before the country to work out an agreeable solution and if a solution on the federal lines were not agreed upon, the situation in the country could further deteriorate.

He has further stated that over the past five years they have worked towards a harmonious country. However, the problems of the Tamil people in the North are still lingering and there are Tamil prisoners still languishing in prisons, and there is yet no information on missing persons. He has added that about 150,000 military personnel are still present in the North hindering the normal life of the people.

The Resolution proposes to set up two states in the country, one by merging the Northern and Eastern Provinces and the other by merging the seven other provinces..

The Resolution also proposes to declare Muslim majority districts within the Eastern Province as an autonomous region, and a similar autonomous region for the estate community in the upcountry.

Although the proposal was formally submitted on 7th April, other than the members of the joint opposition, the UNP members and SLFP lapdogs in the government have remained completely silent on the proposal despite its adverse consequences to the country. Time has come now for the government to come out with its real stance over this issue without remaining silent and launch a massive counter propaganda mechanism against the terrorist diaspora’s attempt to project this country as a State of Barbarians and help the neo-colonialist western nations and India to use international high handedness to divide this country as it is being proposed in the heinous resolution.

Will the eunuch Sirisena and the puppet Ranil will have the guts to stand against Sambanthan and Wigneswaran and uphold the integrity of this country safeguarded for several centuries.  Otherwise the joint opposition and the media should take up this matter seriously as their national responsibility and should make all efforts to defeat this divisive move once and for all at any cost.


7 Responses to “LTTE’s 2 country proposal”

  1. stanley perera Says:

    Vigneswaran is not going to get what he wants. Sampan than and vigneswaran must go bak to where they came from and set up their own seperate state in Tamil Nadoo. Once it is de merged it is never going to be re merged. Racist Tamils are not supported by the 76% of the population. The whole of Sri Lanka belongs to all Sri Lankans. There will be no seperate state for racists only. Vigneswaran is a dreamer. A fool and an idiot. 76% of the Sri Lankans are against any form of federalism. Sirisena or Ranil have no power to seperate the country in to two states. Sri Lanka is not big enough to two governments. It is a fool’s thinking of two governments. Vigneswaran can stand on his head. 76% of the population are not to be fooled by the racist Tamils.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    If Sri Lanka advocated an INDEPENDENT State for the Muslimsof Kashmir, India would react EXPLOSIVELY?

    Likewise, why should Sri Lanka TOLERATE Indian INTEFERENCE in Sri Lankan affiars, when Tamil Nadu Chief Minister OPENLY ADVOCATES an INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGN STATE of EELAM to be carved out of Sri Lanka?


    CLOSE DOWN all Indian Embassies in SL except that in Colombo!
    ABROGATE & DISSOLVE all Economic Agreements, such as the ETCA, with India!

    TERMINATE ALL Involvement by Indian Businesses within Sri Lanka, including the SO CALLED spy network of FREE AMBULANCE services!!

    Take back all Indian Administered Facilities, such as the Trincomaless Oil Tank Farm, within Sri Lanka.

    Introduce RIGOROUS CONTROLS & LIMITS on repatriation of Sri Lankan Refugees and dependents of their Indian Spouses and Children to Sri Lanka!

    Terminate all Negotiations on a LAND BRIDGE between INdia and Sri Lanka!

    Enforce Sri Lanka’s rights to Marine Resources in Sri Lanka’s Offsahore Territorial and Economic Zones!

    TERMINATE all involvement by India in REHABILATION of the Northern and Eastern Provinces!

    In SHORT, HALT the CREEPING ANNEXATION of Sri Lanka by India NOW!

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to take ‘continuous steps’ to attain a separate state for Tamils in Sri Lanka
    Sun, Apr 24, 2016, 09:31 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Apr 24, Tiruchirappalli: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK party leader has asserted that her party would take “continuous steps” to attain a separate Eelam for Tamils in Sri Lanka so that they can live with full freedom and self-respect.

    Addressing election rally in Tiruchi, the Chief Minister demanded that the central Indian government grant dual citizenship for Sri Lankan Tamil refugees living in her state, PTI reported.

    “We will urge the central government to confer dual citizenship on Sri Lankan Tamils living here so that they can easily get job opportunities,” she said.

    Jayalalithaa said she has been continuously demanding an independent, international probe over war crimes and alleged genocide against Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    Attacking her arch rival DMK party, led by Karunanidhi, over the Sri Lankan Tamils issue, she alleged that DMK and Congress were together responsible for the destruction of Sri Lankan Tamils.

    Noting that Sri Lankan Tamils have for long been living in and outside camps in Tamil Nadu, she said her regime was giving them all facilities. She added that her government opposed the central government when they tried to repatriate people who were born to refugees and raised in the state.

    She stressed that her party’s policy was that any repatriation should be voluntary and based on the choice of refugees “after the situation in Sri Lanka, including security aspects changes fully, (for the better)”.

    Jayalalithaa accused rival DMK of staging “dramas” over the Tamil issue against their interests and said the DMK chief Karunanidhi, betrayed Tamils not only in Tamil Nadu but also in Sri Lanka.

    She recalled that the Tamil Nadu Assembly had passed several resolutions on the Sri Lankan issue moved by her. Some of these included her demand for economic sanctions against Sri Lanka, an international probe against ‘war crimes’ and another related to a referendum (that she wanted to be sponsored by India in the UN forum) among Tamils on the question of a separate Eelam (Tamil homeland).

  3. sena Says:

    through out history more industrious communities have replaced those with less integrity and work ethic. In sri Lanka the privileged act like nothing happened after mainly the poor sacrificed their youth to rescue us from terrorism. Worse they continue to depend on the productivity of poor blue collar workers. Instead of a economic bonanza from the savings due to the end of terrorism we are facing a huge hole (due to luxury consumption by the privileged who does not contribute any thing to the economy) and going after everyone begging which invariably lead to surrendering to various demands that lead to less authority.

  4. Charles Says:

    Stanley, I am thinking of the trouble you took to file an FR case against TNA at your own expense, and how difficult it was for you to get even a Lawyer to advice you. I rememeber you went to Gomin Dayasiri, S.L. Goonesekara, Udaya Gamanpila, you met Basil Rajapakse, Wimal Weerawansa and many others and I remember how dissappointed you were when you left. If we could have filed action against them and got the TNA goons to keep their mouth s shut, then we would not have them talking about a different State in the North today.

  5. Dham Says:

    We should not forget that. You wrote letters since 1998 as I remember. I read those. Jayantha Liyange set up a political movement to sure TNA and Shenali was also there. I remember you were there as well, a lot of people including Lorenzo gave moral support.
    What for ? A powerful government which defeated LTTE were in deep sleep. I remember Stanley’s report on Weerewansa’s pen. Simple issue but it prove there were not interested a particle of dirt to sue TNA. Even if they did not sue TNA they could have passed plenty of laws to prevent separatism. They could have killed 13A dead. It was JVP who de-merged the provinces. Not JO or MR or JHU. Don’t forget that too.
    But instead, greedy to be head of QUEEN’s servants they created Elam Council and crown the clown Wiggie. Actually North should have been ruled by Army for 20 years until separatism died.

  6. stanley perera Says:

    My mentor late S.L.Gunasekera advised me that the politicos are a useless bunch of freeloaders not interested in the national issues or the demands of racist Tamils. MR was building up his bullshit Medamulana walaw pedigree. Weerawansa fellow even did not look at my face too busy signing bullshit papers. Gammanpilaya who is a con artist said it is conflict of interest for him to get involved. None of those Battaramullos are prepared to spend their time basing and stealing sinhalayas. If not for the Buddhist priests the church and the Racists have gobbled our land ages ago. I am sick and tired of all Battaramullos. Those prominent Sinhala black coats advised me to do impossible tasks. To hell with the unpatriotic bums. I will demise with a clear consions for which I am getting ready now.

  7. plumblossom Says:

    Many Sri Lankans are gravely concerned about the TNA proposal to partition Sri Lanka into four pieces with a huge chunk (28% of the land area, 66% of the coastline and 66% of the ocean comprising the North and the East of Sri Lanka) going to the TNA racists and separatists as a merged North East federal state (but craftily disguised as ‘unitary’) with full powers.

    We are wondering why did over 43,000 both Sri Lankan Forces and civilians die at the hands of the LTTE and that megalomaniac Prabhakaran, if now, the TNA is being handed over an ‘Eelam’ so easily constitutionally?

    When looking at a GIS Map of Sri Lanka, it is amply clear that most of the forested areas of Sri Lanka are situated in the North and the East. Do not these forests belong to all the citizens of Sri Lanka? Do not the same principle apply to the ocean too or even the whole island, that the oceans and the whole island belong to all the people of Sri Lanka? Mr. Vigneshwaran has ‘created’ a fake history (stating that Tamils lived in Sri Lanka for 2000 years). Yet, there are no ancient ruins in Jaffna, in the North nor any ancient Dravidian writing to prove these fake claims. History of the Tamils commence mainly with the Dutch and the British bringing in large numbers of people from Tamil Nadu to work in tobacco plantations commenced by the Dutch and the British. There was the so called Jaffna Kingdom set up by an invader just prior to that but then Jaffna was only very sparsely populated. Our question is, can people such as Mr. Vigneshwaran ‘create’ his own fake history like this? He is ignoring the many Buddhist ruins, the many ancient Buddha statues, ancient Sinhala prakrit writing, the many ancient irrigation reservoirs built by Sinhala kings in the North and the East which proves an earlier indigenous Sinhala habitation in the North and all over the island. We would like to tell Mr. Vigneshwaran to be objective when it comes to history and archaeology and accept once and for all the fact that the Sinhala people lived all over the island for thousands of years and continue to do so. I would like Mr. Vigneshwaran to note that the provincial boundaries were drawn up by British colonialists for their administrative purposes with no input whatsoever from the Sinhala people and does not tally at all with the earlier history of the island which was unitary in nature.

    The Kandyan Kingdom (1400AD-1815) comprised almost all of the island inclusive of the East and almost all of the North. The earlier Kingdom of Rajarata (600BC-1400 AD) comprised the North Central, North Western, Northern and Eastern Provinces or the dry zone of Sri Lanka.

    We are gravely concerned regarding the drawing up of a new constitution where due to the pressure of the TNA, the US, EU, UK, Canada, Norway, Sri Lanka is in grave danger of being divided up on ethnic lines into four, five or even six different pieces. Is this not crazy?

    The TNA proposals were drawn up by experts which the TNA hired from the UK, Canada, Belgium, Canada, US and the like. Is this not an interference in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs by foreign powers, even to the extent of trying to draw up Sri Lanka’s constitution?

    Can any organization in Sri Lanka go to the supreme court and stop, once and for all, the merger of the North and the East since it is critical to stop this once and for all? Can any organization in Sri Lanka also go to the supreme court and stop, once and for all the, dividing up of this small island on ethnic or any other lines?

    The only way to stop this madness is to go to the supreme court and get a verdict which would prohibit the merger of any provinces and to stop once and for all the dismemberment of this small island on ethnic or any other lines.

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