Lessons to learn from Norway,USA ,China,Russia and Burma …………
Posted on May 2nd, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

All countries listed above much more have except  Burma   a program  of undergoing  compulsory military service under a sustem   where all youngsters reaching 18 years are required to serve in the Army

If you do not attend or try to skip .authorities take you by force .Most of these countries are labeled as democratic, and yet when the system is enforced no one complains

In Burma ,youngsters  who have not become a monk for at least a  year  at the young age they frowned upon and some families do not like their daughters getting married to a person who has not been a monk

Our population with a high percentage of youngsters should be enforced to either of the above .This system will surely improve the mind set of youngsters and the discipline

Youngsters can be given free meal ,and lodging and be deployed in some national development  projects

Even the young monks can do work in farms for a few hours other than the meditation work

We cannot force non Buddhists to become monks ,then Christians and other can join National Forces .If Buddhist youngsters prefer to be monk against joining a National Service they can do so

Can the new government initiate such programs, and I do not think that anybody can protest

This is only way we can take the development of the country forward in implementing construction program by deploying the youths thru Army or use Navy to protect our seas from poaching and Airmen to improve transportation

 With due respect we should admit that last government used military to get involved in development projects after the war and it worked

Monks can surely train and lead the badly behaving politicians in the right track so that they think and act sensibly


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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Are we looking at a subtle move to Christianise the armed forces again, which was the situation at Independence and up to 10 years later. Sinhala Buddhists have no qualms in joining a National Service. It is the largely Sinhala Buddhist armed forces that won the war against the Tamil Tiger Racists.

    By and large the Sinhala Christians continue to betray Sri Lanka on behalf of the machinations of the Christian West. Theirs was one of the block votes against Mahinda Rajapakse along with the Jihadist Muslims, and Racist Tamils.

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