Tuesday’s Parliament Brawl, denial of justice and distortion of facts
Posted on May 5th, 2016

By : A.A.M.Nizam – MATARA

The former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is the most loved and respected political leader of Sri Lanka other than by the Tamil separatist elements for vanquishing the terrorists who devastated this country for over 30 years and created a peaceful atmosphere in the country eliminating fear and suspicion from the minds of the people of this country.  It is the duty and responsibility of the people and the government of this country to protect this great leader who has threat to his life not only from the Tamil separatists in this country but also from Tamil chauvinist politicians in Tamil Nadu such as Jayalalitha, Karunaniddhi, Vaiko and Ramadas and that is why they continue to burn his effigy at gatherings in Tamil Nadu.

Extremely shocked by the historical and massive crowd that thronged into Kirillopane to attend the huge Joint opposition May Day rally which many political analysts have described as the biggest ever May Day rally or any other political rally held in Sri Lanka, bigger than the combined May Day rallies of the UNP, the tamed lap dog SLFP of Eunuch Sirisena and the JVP. With full of vengeance the government took the immediate action of removing Mr. Rajapaksa’s military protection and deploy a few Police personnel as his security detail exposing Mr. Mahinda’s life for security threats and this has been done at a time there is a revival of LTTE in the country and in several European countries.  The government has taken this measure totally ignoring the protest against this move by the majority people of this country and the Maha Sangha.

Undoubtedly, the shameful brawl that took place in the Parliament on Tuesday erupted due to a deliberate pre-planned attempt staged by the government unable to stomach the growing popularity of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.  When the leader of the joint opposition Mr. Dinesh Gunawardene MP protested against the removal of security to the former President, the joker of the Parliament westernophile puppet  Ranil Wickremasinghe justifying the government move said that even George Bush, his God Father, Tony Blair and Obama do not have special security protection and what the security being provided for Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa is sufficient for protection of an individual.

In this instance we must recall some of the promises made by Eunuch Sirisena when he contested last year’s Presidential election that misled the people of this country.  He said that his Prime Minister will not be a joker, he will only do good deeds for the country, he will not take revenge on people, and the word injustice will never be heard in his rule. He also promised that he will not take revenge on former rulers and their families and he will ban the firms under various names that would hunt the opponents and prevent opportunity to revenge. These hollow promises have now being implemented only in the breach.

The puppet Ranil has become the real joker in the history of our Parliament, a joker greater than the reputed Charlie Chaplin, threatening the Media institutions, the journalists, the professionals and a host of others.  Cracking stupid jokes against Mr. Gunawardene’s demand this joker requested Sarath Fonseka, who got the fortune of becoming an MP illegally through the UNP National List despite obtaining little more than two thousand votes by contesting the general election from a different political party, and then becoming a Minister becoming greatly obliged to carry out even a scavenger’s job on the behest of the government, especially under the command of the joker Ranil, to justify the move taken by the government.  The Speaker too unlawfully allowed Fonseka to speak on the subject although he was not listed to speak at that time.

Reading from a script prepared for the occasion, Fonseka justified that Mahinda Rajapaksa is an ordinary parliamentarian and the security being provided for him is more than sufficient.  He also revealed that the so-called suicide attack carried out against the former Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse was a self-styled attack carried out by the former Defense Secretary for publicity purposes. What a stupid statement made by a former Army Commander and it was very clear at that time if it was not for the sacrifices made by the gallant Commando personnel Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse would not have survived at that time to win the terrorist war.

Fonseka should be questioned by the CID with a Court Order without providing him impunity from parliamentary privileges to make such a serious statement in the parliament and the truth or fallacy of the statement should be divulged.

It was when this stupid statement was being made that members of the joint opposition in fulfilling their national responsibility stormed the well of the House and staged their protest against the malicious speech (reading of the prepared script).  When this happened the government members have started to display their high handedness and assault the joint opposition members in the well of the House spilling the blood of Parliamentarian Mr. Prasanna Ranaweera.  This shameful incident is reported to be the worst incident that has taken place in the Sri Lankan parliament, the first such incident being assault of Sir John Kotelawala by Mr. Philip Gunawardene, and the worst hitherto being seriously squeezing the private parts of and assault of Ven.Sumangasla Thero of Jathika HrelaUrumaya by Mr. Mervyn Silva who has now become a lap dog of Eunuch Sirisena. Eunuch Sirisena to justify the brawl in Parliament and assault of Joint Opposition members has said yesterday that once he was also an assault victim in 1992 but there is no record of such an assault in the Parliament.

It has been clearly established that the UNP Deputy Minister started this brawl by assaulting and causing bodily harms to Mr. Prasanna Ranaweera. However, under the Yamapaalana justice, justice always denied, the Speaker this morning has suspended the offender Thewarapperuma and the innocent victim Prasanna Ranaweera from attending Parliament for one week while other UNP MPs who assaulted several other Joint Opposition members have been set scot free.  This is an incident which clearly displays this oppressive government’s denial of justice and distortion of facts.

2 Responses to “Tuesday’s Parliament Brawl, denial of justice and distortion of facts”

  1. anura seneviratna Says:

    Salutations to Nizam’s for clarification of this cowardly, unrefined and blatant plot by the traitorous puppet PM to make ex-president MR’s life vulnerable to his killer gangs. Worthy parties in the country should take up this matter at the highest legal authority in the country or outside.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you, Mr Nizam, for your constant efforts in bringing out the truth of events involving MR and his groups.

    #1 : Re the brawl in the Parliament, we have to question why MR’s Army security was removed.

    Was it because that Yahap was afraid that too much of the truth had come out at the Kirallapone meeting, mainly the fact that the world market prices for some essential goods had fallen dramatically, but none of the benefits from that had been passed on to the consumers in Sri Lanka ?
    MR did read out some facts and figures on the matter, but the rain spoilt smooth delivery of the message.
    However, the Yahap has chosen to ‘punish’ MR for divulging the truth.
    “Don’t tell the truth to the masses who trust you”, is the message from Yahap to MR ? Or else ! – so the Army security was removed !

    #2 : As for Tamil Nadu folk going against MR – this is just plain distraction from their Caste/poverty issues, as well as gain some air miles on the Separatist issue for some real estate in Lanka.
    What would Tamil Nadu leaders do without Sri Lanka ?
    Then they will have no one to hound over their personal woes there – it seems Lanka is the ‘fall guy’ for TN.

    *. No place to off load disenchanted Tamil Dalits and give them false hopes to get Eelam
    *. No place to slander abroad
    *. No place to do illegal sea fishing with bottom trawling thier side of the seas and spoiling the sea bed which is now devoid of fish, instead of developing Inland fisheries in the meantime
    *. No other place to off load sub-standard pharma produced in TN
    * No place other than Lanka with Tamil language in place plus free education & health care, jobs etc., to lay easy claim to
    *. Best of all, the current Yahap govt has thrown out the ideas to :

    – ETCA (guess who will come from India …)
    – sea tunnel to Tamil Nadu (one way trip to Lanka ? – 15 Million Tamil Dalits await the tunnel to leave TN)
    – 5,000 acre 99 yr leases to foreigners (Brit Tamils ?)
    – the New Constitution (with pluses for acquiring N&E of Lanka for TN ?).

    With our Yahap friends in Lanka, who needs enemies ??

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