Posted on May 7th, 2016

The Bank of Ceylon (BOC), State-owned commercial bank has introduced (Sharia’a) compliant banking under the brand of ‘BOC An-noor’. The essence of Sharia’a compliance has been ensured with a Sharia’a Supervisory Board (SSB) comprising of eminent Sharia’a scholars in the country, separate firewall to protect the serenity of the unit and by applying the deposits to generate only Sharia’a permitted earnings. Well-experienced, dedicated and professional staff have been assigned to serve you.

BOC An-noor – products are common for any Sri Lankan, irrespective of their faith.

You can access your BOC An-noor  Accounts to deposit or withdraw funds through:

  • More than 300 branches island-wide
  • More than 150 extension officer
  • More than 130 BOC ATM points

At present BOC An-noor  offer only Current Accounts. These are Sharia’a compliant Current Accounts where you deposit your money in your account under the concept of Qard(loan) and the bank to own these deposits while enabling the depositor to withdraw on demand.

For BOC An-noor Currents Accounts, Overdraft facility will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Further information could be obtained from following contact numbers

3 Responses to “The Bank of Ceylon AN-NOOR – BANKING SERVICES”

  1. Dham Says:

    It will be useful for the reader to find out which Sri Lankan president allowed this and when.

    Just cut and paste “BOC AN-NOOR” to Google search and you will see the date as 2009 October, not more than 5 months after 20000 Sinhala Buddhist lives were sacrificed to rescue Sri Lanka.

    LOVE IS BLIND (not Buddha) but did Shakespeare said that ? Even this statement may be dragged by non-Buddhist blind lovers to Buddha one day.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Dham is correct. All existing Sharia compliant banks, finance companies and even share brokers started their Sharia activities during 2006-2013.

    Here is the full list.


    BOC went into this on October 1, 2009. By 2013 it was fully functional to the needy. If this is wrong, Mahinda, not Sirisena must take the blame. The BOC Chairman was also a Muslim at this time. However, this is a very good initiative in 2009. We must understand our near total dependence on Islamic nations in managing our loans, balance of payment, employment and foreign reserves. It is an undeniable fact. Islamic countries never even hinted of reducing concessions let alone sanctions. They don’t care about our human rights record either. A very useful initiative.

    You cannot oppose widespread Sharia banking in Sri Lanka and support the Joint Opposition at the same time. The Joint Opposition is not opposed to Sharia banking. Their people put it in place when in power. A good initiative in my view.

    Same with Wilpattu colonisation with foreign sponsorship. It was happening since 2010. The Joint Opposition has not opposed it either. Another is the Indian construction of 80,000 houses mainly for Tamils in the north and upcountry. That too started in 2010. The Joint Opposition does not oppose it to say the least.

    To relate to an article Shenali recently wrote, we need a whole new political movement not led by any existing parliamentarian.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Of course Sri Lankan Multiplying Community keep increasing numbers by multiplying all the time.
    The breeding machines taking us down the road they took old iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh,
    maldives, malaysia and indonesia by multiplying like xxxx and outnumbering the native Sinhalese. Nobody
    says a word about the multiplying. Our deshapaluwo is keeping quiet. Even the other foreigners, who think
    they are more native than the Sinhalese keeping quiet. Both foreigners won’t hesitate for a second to make
    noise about the Sinhalese knowing the Sinhalese are abandoned and helplessby their jaathi dhrohee

    Look at some of the Sinhala deshapaluwo.
    vairapala sorrysena
    pol pot ponil – traitor in chief, enemy of the Sinhalese and Buddhism can’t wait to break up Sri Lanka
    arjunaya durjanaya
    sakkixx xxlla aka sb
    karume j
    lakshman kirixxlla
    etc. etc. list is too long. Sinhalese going to be wiped out in 100 years. Too many jaathi dhroheen.
    They are like cancers! So no chance Sinhalese surviving for too long.

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