Complaint To NZ Police Relating To The Implications Of  Personalised Car Number Plate Bearing “LTTE”
Posted on May 8th, 2016

Dr. Chula NA Rajapakse MNZM Lower Hutt NZ

Police Deposition  Lower Hutt Police  Monday 9/5/16

  1. LTTE, Liberation Tamils of Tamil Elam, is a Sri Lankan Tamil  terrorist organization, once labeled as the ‘most brutal’ by the FBI USA, that waged a 3 decade civil  war in Sri Lanka, that caused over 100,000 casualties and many times more maimed and injured  in addition to extensive damage to Private & Public property,  and so proscribed in many countries.
  1. They were the designers of the suicide bombers vest that most terrorist  groups like  ISIS  & Al Qaida use world wide now..
  1. LTTE though laid to rest in Sri Lanka in May 2009,the international groups that sustained them through support  with funds and propaganda, located particularly in the UK, Rest of Europe, Canada, USA & Australia among others , still continues largely intact.
  1. By displaying this  LTTE personalized plate, the owner ,  who I believe is , as per CarJam  information, A Sri Lankan Tamil named  Ushanthan Balakrishnan of 30/134 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Tel 021 0210225, is brazenly declaring support to LTTE and so to Terrorism on New Zealand roads.
  1. Many Sri Lankans , especially Sri Lankan Sinhalese the target of LTTE  terrorism came to New Zealand  to escape from LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka and have suffered from this terrorism or know people close to them who have so suffered. Hence this open display of support to LTTE is very offensive to them.
  1. Also by being so offensive, the owner of the plate is being provocative  to the LTTE  victimized Sri Lankan Sinhalese  and so threatening the peace of New Zealand .
  1. By being so provocative they are also threatening racial harmony and causing racial tensions between the Sri Lankan   Sinhalese  the victims of tiger terror and Sri Lankan Tamils whom Mr. Balakrishnan represents, some of whom were the perpetrators of terror.
  2. For the reasons contained in items 4,5,6,&7, I appeal to the New Zealand police to.:    a)  Work with NZTA  to have the LTTE plate withdrawn.
  3. b) Have Mr Balakrishnan placed under Police surveillance for supporting terrorism and threatening the peace of New Zealand.

Dr. Chula NA Rajapakse MNZM

Lower Hutt NZ

3 Responses to “Complaint To NZ Police Relating To The Implications Of  Personalised Car Number Plate Bearing “LTTE””

  1. Christie Says:

    Thanks Dr.

  2. sarathk Says:

    Thank you very much Dr. Chula, You have done the right thing without any delay. Sarath from L/H.

  3. L Perera Says:

    Come on Doc. This guy is only trying to say that he is a Lanka Thosai Eater.

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