The greatness of the Victory Day and the government’s failure to end revival of terrorism
Posted on May 14th, 2016

By : A.A.M.Nizam – MATARA

  • Government ignores the significance of the Victory Day.
  • Terrorist elements hold one week’s commemoration of slain terrorist in the North.
  • British MPs held a Mullaivaikal commemoration event at their House of Commons.
  • Reginald Cooray refers to LTTE terrorists as LTTE war heroes

May 18th , the Victory Day, is a historic day for Sri Lanka as it was on this day the gallant patriotic forces of ours vanquished 30 years of terrorism and liberated and unified this country under the determined guidance and leadership of the Commander in Chief Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa and eliminated the fear psychosis prevailed in the minds of Sri Lankans – the fear psychosis of uncertainty of a tomorrow, fear of travelling together with family members, uncertainty of the possible return of children from schools, uncertainty of the possible return of spouses from work places, fear of travelling for funerals or weddings of close relatives in distant places.

It must be stated that this day has only one parallel in the Sri Lankan history and it was the day that King Dutugemunu defeated the South Indian occupation forces of King Elara and liberated and unified this country.  Therefore, it is vital that our youth and children should be enlightened on the importance and the significance of this Victory day as it was possible to achieve this victory by defeating the forces of the ruthless terrorist organization in the world and was achieved by the sacrifice of the lives of over 29,000 security forces personnel, by several thousand security forces personnel becoming disabled and by several thousand people, religious leaders, innocent people (including children and women), several Ministers and politicians getting brutally killed, and properties worth several million rupees destroyed.

When the news of the killing of the megalomaniac terrorist leader Prabhakaran and ending of terrorism came to be known people of all walks of life and of all ages, overjoyed with the news deserted their homes and came out dancing and holding street demonstrations and distributed kiribath and sweets with much happiness.  Sri Lankans have not hitherto had a day of happiness similar to that.

It is sad to note that the Eunuch Sirisena government has not made any arrangement to commemorate the victory day this year and the Deputy Minister of Defense has gone on record saying that they do not want to waste millions of rupees to hold a Victory Day function and that money will be spent for the welfare of the war heroes. They consider holding a commemoration ceremony as a waste of funds when Rs. 600 million is to be spent for a vehicle for the Prime Minister and Minister Fonseka has said that Ministers should be provided with super luxury vehicles since otherwise the world will consider Sri Lanka as a beggers’ nation.

While the government is ignoring the significance of this day, pro terrorist elements in the North have made elaborate arrangements to commemorate the deaths of terrorists under a weekly programme which started on Friday and ends on May 18th at Mullaivaikal with a grand function to be held under the leadership of the Northern Chief Minister Mr. C .V.Wigneswaran.

The brother-in-law of the slain megalomaniac terrorist leader Prabhakaran and the Northern PC member Sivajilingam claims that several thousand Tamils have been killed by what he calls the genocide Sri Lankan governments since independence in 1948 and they have the right to commemorate anyone they desire to commemorate and the Mullaivaikal commemoration week has been organized to commemorate their leaders slain by the Sri Lankan government in the 30 years of war.

While accidental finding of weapons and ammunition from the North is on the increase the government has not taken any action to carry out an intensive search operation to unearth weapons and ammunition being hidden in the North for the terrorist LTTE’s revival and simply dismiss the fear being expressed by the people. The Eunuch Sirisena government genuflects before the Tamils in the name of reconciliation and what they call redeeming the injustices caused to the Tamils by the previous governments.  Due to this misinterpretation by the government the concocted concepts of slaying over 40,000 Tamils in the last stages of the war, injustices are being caused to Tamils in Sri Lanka, areas habited by the Tamils are under the siege of the Sri Lankan security forces, lands belonging to the Tamils in the North and East have been forcibly occupied by the security forces, it is vital to demilitarize Northern and Eastern areas, and Tamils should be given extensive devolution enabling them to have their own self rule prevails in the western nations and they provide their fullest support to the Tamil diaspora elements to achieve their objective of having a separate state for them under a federal or autonomous rule arrangement.

The illegal Mullaivaikal commemoration is not only being held in Sri Lanka but it was also held in the British parliament last week.  The event which was organized by the Tamil Co-ordinating Committee (TCC), saw a cross-party turn-out from British MPs.

Speaking at the Mullivaikal remembrance event held at the House of Commons last Tuesday, the vice chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils (APPG-T), Member of Parliament for Enfield Joan Ryan has said that Tamils suffered genocide in Sri Lanka and what happened to Tamils in Sri Lanka was a Genocide.

The pro-terrorist website Tamil Guardian reported that MP for Kingston and Surbiton James Berry highlighted the need for the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) to be repealed whilst stressing the need to pressurise Sri Lanka to demilitarize the North-East. The MP for Ilford North Wes Streeting, has reiterated his commitment to ensuring that the UNHRC resolution is fully implemented by the Sri Lankan government.

The Website also stated that Dr Navaratnarajah Uyatchi, who was heading the last hospital in Mullivaikkal until the early hours of May 17th reiterated that he witnessed the Sri Lankan airfore drop chemical weapons within the vicinity of the hospital, and the son of the slain LTTE political head Nadesan, has recounted finding out that his father and mother had been tortured and killed despite surrendering to Sri Lanka’s military through an internationally arranged white flag surrender process. The website further added that Dr Madurika Rasaratnam of Kent University reminded MPs that the armed conflict was symptomatic of Sri Lanka’s inability to structurally change to accommodate Tamil aspirations and address grievances.

It is shame that these anti-Sri Lankan sentiments were expressed in the British Parliament while Eunuch Sirisena was in London and he completely refrained from countering these statements and clarifying the true status of Sri Lanka. Meanwhile the pro-separatist Northern Province governor Reginald Cooray who advocates for full devolution for North-East commenting on the Mullaivaikal commemoration has said that anyone has the right to commemorate their dead relatives or friends and he has referred to the tiger terrorists as LTTE war heroes.  The government should immediately clarify whether it considers the slain LTTE terrorists and the living LTTE cadres as LTTE war heroes.

Despite government’s ignorance of the great significance of the Victory Day the patriotic people of this country and civil organizations should make elaborate arrangements to celebrate the Victory Day and commemorate our lost war heroes throughout the country by holding ceremonies on village level and feel the significance of the Victory Day by everyone in this country.  (

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