How to stop Earthquakes, Cyclones and Other Disasters.
Posted on May 22nd, 2016

Buddhi Meegasdeniya, Toronto, Canada

Most people as a habit  go to churches, mosques, temples regularly  to pray or worship.  People also  pray when their loved ones are sick, in trouble  or  dead.

Let us pray in advance.

People all over the world should select a specific  hour (for example, 12.00 GMT , December 31st each year),  like the Earth Hour,  to pray in Churches, Mosques and  Temples  etc., all over the world requesting God or Gods to consider human suffering  resulted  by earthquakes  and other disasters and stop such earth activities for the new year.

If god exists, and he created the earth and human, and so powerful,   there   is no reason  for  him  to  ignore  such a  request made by more than  85% of the world population  who believe in God or Gods.

If   there   is no positive result, then it is up to the people to ask:   Is there a god?, Is he not powerful enough to act ? Is he not in  control of this world and people ? Should we continue to pray for help ?

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