Posted on May 25th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera  

I wonder whether you have read the book called Tinker ,Sailor ,Soldier ,Spy by John le Carre.  A interesting film was made based on this book which depicts the double acting of British Intelligence .

Yesterday’,s episode where the Chief Minister of Eastern Provincial  had an outbreak of anger during a school prize giving had drawn my attention .

Chief Minister who is trying to do a Tinkering work to mend the relationship between the Sinhalese and Muslims against all odds , was blasting the Navy Soldier in the presence of the Governor who is the Tailor” trying to stitch the patches of relationship between Central Government and the Provincial Council

CM was blaming the Governor for not maintaining the proper Protocol during the ceremony and the poor soldier got the verbal barrage

The Ambassador who is the Spy was listening patiently with diplomatic silence would have thought Oh this is fun !!

All Chief Ministers and Governors  should  be sent to special course to learn the art of maintaining Protocol  and Diplomacy  in order to prevent such things happening in the future !

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DR. Sarath !! There is a song, **Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, or Sailor**

    A special course ? I wonder whether they would have the capacity to comprehend, because 90% of them are Scum Bags, without any Learning. It was clearly evident when this TINKER lost his cool in the presence of the American Ambassador. He displayed lack of basic decency. These Politicians, the Morticians in Parliament, think they are ”it”. So, the Northern and the Eastern CMs have shown their true metal, disgracing SRI LANKA.

    Did you see the Ambassador’s expression on the Face ? As you say, “”Oh this is fun, **from Mad Hatters in Sri Lanka Parliament.

    Considering all things, this Scum Bag has to be put in his place.

  2. plumblossom Says:

    Why was the US ambassador invited to this event? The US ambassador should never ever have been invited to this event. It is the US imperialists who have brought a resolution against Sri Lanka the US resolution and is trying to using totally false accusations concocted up by the LTTE supporters domiciled in Western countries to condemn our war heroes in courts of law using foreign judges, prosecutors, investigators. The treacherous Sirisena, Ranil, CBK and Mangala are the ones who have placed our war heroes in such a perilous situation. The treacherous Sirisena, Ranil, CBK and Mangala are also trying to partition Sri Lanka by way of constitutional changes by providing further powers to the provincial councils inclusive of land, police and fiscal powers. The treacherous Sirisena, ranil, CBK and Mangala are trying to merge the North adn the East to try to create an eelam by stealth. These moves are extremely dangerous to the unitary status of Sri Lanka and should be defeated. Then there is the defence secretary who has equated our ranaviruwoes to the LTTE terrorists such as Prabhakaran and suggested that safeguarding our independence and freedom should not be commemorated. Naval camps in the North and the East are being dismantled rapidly to please the US imperialists, the UK, Norway, Canada, the EU, Sweden, India and the TNA racist separatists. The most strategic naval camp at Sampur was dismantled too. The naval cordon which existed around the Northern seas has been dismantled and Indian fishermen are devastating the Sri Lankan marine eco system by illegally fishing in our waters using illegal fishing methods and large trawlers. Contra brand, illegal immigrants, illegal drugs in the meanwhile are now I am sure easily reaching Sri Lanka after the naval cordon around the Northern seas was dismantled. There are quite a number of naval personnel, army personnel and army intelligence personnel in prison without any evidence whatsoever at the behest of treacherous Sirisena, Ranil. CBK and Mangala to please the US imperialists, the UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden, the EU and India. When Sirsena, Ranil, CBK and Mangala are behaving in such a treacherous what do you expect from those who are subordinate to them?

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    If the President has a backbone, he needs to both, find out why only the US Ambassador was invited to this function and what made this Chief Minister to insult anyone on stage, irrespective of whether its a Naval Officer or not. Thereafter, if the President appreciates the valuable services given to the nation by our war heroes, then the President has to demonstrate it by demanding an apology from this ungrateful Chief Minister, for insulting one of our war heroes in the presence of an Ambassador from a country that has applied double standards to condemn our valiant soldiers, many of whom lost their lives, trying to eliminate the terrorist leaders, and rescue around 300,000 Tamil civilians kept as a human shield by these terrorists.
    Of course the American diplomat would have been thinking to himself, as to what low levels our politicians are willing to stoop to, just to be in his good books and possible favours.

  4. plumblossom Says:

    When treacherous Sirisena, Ranil, CBK and Mangala have betrayed our armed forces by accepting the US resolution and condemned our armed forces as having committed war crimes which actually they never ever committed, what do you expect from those who are subordinate to them? There is no evidence that our armed forces ever even broke any international laws during the last stages of the war. The defence secretary has stated that our armed forces are equal to the terrorist prabhakaran and so we should not commemorate the war heroes day. Quite a number of naval officers are imprisoned by this government with no evidence whatsoever to imprison them just to please the US imperialists, the UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India. The naval cordon around the Northern seas have been removed and the Indian fishermen is devastating our marine eco system. Contra brand, illegal immigrants, illegal drugs are pouring in due to there being no naval cordon. Naval camps are being dismantled at an alarming rate in the North and the East. UN representatives are allowed to storm naval camps such as at Trincomalee. Why was the US ambassador even allowed anywhere near Trincomalee. The US wants to set up their naval and air bases in Sri Lanka. That is why they want an eelam. Why are we so concerned about subordinate persons conduct when we should be asking Sirisena, Ranil CBK and Mangala why they are betraying Sri Lanka first? These traitors Sirisena, Ranil, CBK, Mangala should be told in no uncertain terms to stop these treacherous activities against Sri Lanka first before we focus on any subordinates who are working under them.

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