Alarming News ……
Posted on June 7th, 2016

 By, Professor Nishan Wijesinha Ethul Kotte, Kotte.) 

Mr. Ravikarunanayake is striking a massive arms deal which is estimated over 1.85 billion US dollars; of which the underhand commissions are said to be over 35%.

The Sri Lanka arms and ammunition dump yard was blast off with this negotiation on mind. Mr. Karunanayake’s intentions are not to settle the National Financial Deficit, with the borrowed IMF Loan, but to obtain maximum mileage for his own gain.

This is further confirmed with the net profit of over 1.85 billion made by AMW motor vehicle company which belongs to a close relative that of Mr. Ravi Karunanayake.  On the other hand what has Ravi really done for the Nation?

He has only robbed the Nation of its monies and ideal  public and private ventures including that of Shrimathi Athulathmudali’s and the late Lalith Athulathmudalii’s personal and political party funds. He completely robbed off Sathosa where even Mr. Bandula Gunawardena was not able to ease of the damage.

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  1. Kumari Says:

    Ranil’s relative Mahendran is robbing the CB and the ETF. well known crook with a history of understand financial dealings has taken over arms procurement. There are very handsome kick backs in the arms race, this is the main reason why the US is starting wars wherever they go.

    Gotabhaya set up a separate company (wholly owned by the Sri Lankan government, I forget the name now ) to procure most of the weaponry for the war effort. It was manned by one accountant and a few personnel from the tri forces (a total of 15 employees at regular government salaries ). No one got back handers,. These noble acts are the main reasons why India and the CIA wanted Rajapakse’s out of the way.

    The current set with no shame and principles will sell out the country for a fast buck. Sad part is Pambaya Sirisena is prostituting the SLFP enabling the sell out. If not for the letter given to the Speaker by the SLFP secretary the main opposition in the current parliament is SLFP. If that was the case there’s some hope for the country.

    In my analysis I like Sirisena to be bumped off. Then Ranil becomes the unelected president. But the SLFP becomes the opposition, at least with that the new constitution can be stopped.

  2. plumblossom Says:

    This article is absolutely correct. The Colombo harbour and for that matter the Hambantota Harbour too should be within 20km of an army camp which possess MBRLs. I am almost certain that there is RAW or LTTE involvement when it comes to this fire at the army storage facility at Kosgama. I am almost certain that the US imperialists and countries who support them such as the US, the EU, Canada, Norway and Sweden alone with India wants to weaken Sri Lanka’s defences in order to scare Sri Lanka into submission. For that, weapons belonging to the Sri Lankan Forces must be destroyed. It is these same countries who insist that the Sri Lankan Forces leave the North and the East. We should not forget that the UNHRC resolution called for the restructuring of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. The UK has appointed a retired UK Army General stationed in New Delhi for this purpose i.e. to get the Sri Lanka Forces to leave the North and the East. The strategy of Sri Lanka should be to state categorically once and for all that the North and the East is not only an integral part of Sri Lanka but also part of the historical homeland of the Sinhala Buddhists (as well as all the others peoples who live there) and that the Sri Lankan Forces will never leave the North and the East or anywhere else in Sri Lanka, ever. RAW involvement can be strongly suspected in this blast at the Kosgama Army Storage Camp. Sri Lanka should not only strengthen its Army surveillance units but also train new trainees in surveillance. The Sri Lankan Forces should have a separate strategy section with a dedicated team studying the potential threats from potential and actual enemies such as RAW, LTTE, India, US, UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden etc. and device plans to avoid any potentially adverse plans of theirs to weaken Sri Lanka’s defences. Unfortunately internal spies and adversaries cannot be counted out. I feel that Ranil, CBK, Sirisena, Mangala and even Ravi (if he has some deals with regard to defence contracts), the Defence Secretary etc. are all suspect and any one of then could be aligned with RAW, India, the US, the UK, EU etc. They are already extremely subservient to RAW, India, the LTTE, the US, the EU, UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden etc. The INGOs and NGOs who depend on thousands of dollars is also suspect. So the Sri Lankan Forces should immediately ensure that all their camps, bases, equipment is extremely secure, set up a strategy section and study all actual and potential enemies, increase surveillance of actual and potential enemies and most importantnly never, ever, ever leave the North East or for that matter any part of Sri Lanka. Also provide maximum security to Colombo Harbour, Hambantota Harbour, all power plants, all airports, all oil and gas storage facilities, the entire Trincomalee, Colombo City, all important communication facilities etc.

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