How can SL Parliamentarians help themselves with new cars worth billions, while economy is in dire straits, and mortgaging country to IMF for billions of Dollars…???
Posted on June 8th, 2016

Nihal Perera Toronto, Canada

After reading the following article that appeared at Colombo Page, I was, (as many other fair-minded Sri Lankans would be..) furious the way how our politicians are milking the country and its tax payers money – or in this case perhaps burrowed money from IMF – to serve themselves, with some luxury vehicles worth billions of rupees.

How in the world can they even come up with such a selfish, self-serving, mindless proposal at a time the country is facing one of the most severe economic downturn in recent years, thanks to fiscal mismanagement of the present regime..?   I have never seen a country run by bunch of ignorant, irresponsible, selfish, politicians like in Sri Lanka.  The present regime hood-winked the Sri Lankan population and came to power blaming previous government for all the problems under the sun.  President Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasingha had promised that if they got elected, they would clean up all the alleged corruptions, nepotism, unfairness, that carried out by the previous regime of MR.  They practically became crusaders who wanted to crucify Rajapaksas and their supporters for all the ills in the country.  Unfortunately, Lankans who can be easily swayed by a well-organized, foreign-funded, face booked campaign, fell for their propaganda, falsely believing that a government led by two major party coalition would do a better job than the previous regime.

The people who voted for this coalition of thieves called “Yahapalanaya” must be wondering how they got it so wrong..!  All the wrongs that took place under previous regime seems child’s play in comparison to financial, social and economic corruptions taking place under the present regime.  While President Sirisena is preaching to the masses about the social values, ethnic reconciliations, financial responsibilities and corruptions, his Prime Minister and various Ministers are busy as usual with corruptions, nepotism, and party politics, unabated.  I have never seen a regime so hypocritical, and letting the country going down the drain like the present regime, in spite of all the promises they had made before the election.

Why do these ministers need such luxury vehicles costing billions to do their job that they got elected to do as government servants..?  Have they forgotten the very basic fact that the people send them to Parliament to serve the people and the country, not to server themselves with all the perks they can get at the tax payers’ expense?   And, why do they need an army of body guards and Police protection while they are travelling.?  If they are doing an honest and responsible service to the country and its people, why do they need all these extra protection?  Only people who need such protection are drug dealers, thugs and underworld criminals, who fear danger from their enemies.  So, why our Parliamentarians are so scared, if they are doing an honest, responsible job as peoples’ representatives in the parliament..?  Presently, there is no war or suicide bombers blowing up themselves like they did before the war ended in 2009.  But why now, and why they continue to spend billons of rupees on security for these Parliamentarians..?

In Canada, where I live I see the politicians of all levels from all three governments (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) are taking public transportation whenever they can.  None of them have an army of bodyguards or bullet-proofed vehicles, (except the Prime Minister), to travel to their ministries or the Parliament buildings, which they do frequently.  None of them seem to have the need for special luxury vehicles or army of bodyguards to do their job at the expense of the Canadian tax payer, even though Canadian government can easily afford to do so.

Unfortunately, the priority of the Sri Lankan politicians seem to be find what privileges/perks they are entitled to as a member of the Parliament.  Some of them are not even elected by the people, but appointed by the President or Prime Minister, depending how loyal they are to the present regime.  Sarath Fonseka is a prime example how he became a minister of this government, even after being rejected by the voters in the last election.  Now, as a minister he is entitle to all the perks, including a brand new luxury vehicle worth over 75 million rupees. (see below)

Is this how this “Yahapalanaya” works..?  Milk the system to the hilt, with all the perks they can get, while screwing the common man with high prices, high taxes, so that the majority of the population and their families will continue to suffer not being able to afford basic needs such as food, shelter, or education for their children, let alone buying anything like a car, which only politicians will be able to afford.

Today, Sri Lanka has one of the worst economies, compares to other similar countries in the region.  And all the economic signs, according to financial experts, indicate the economy will continue to deteriorate, thanks to mismanagement and irresponsibility of the present regime.  Yet they continue to serve themselves first, like there is no tomorrow..?

Unless, the Sri Lankans wake up soon from their slumber, they will see a country economically bankrupted, socially and ethnically divided, and worst of all – controlled by forces that never wanted to see a united country in the first place.

Nihal Perera

Toronto, Canada

* Sri Lankan government seeking parliamentary approval for over Rs. 1.1 billion to buy vehicles for ministers
Wed, Jun 8, 2016, 12:34 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

June 08, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government yesterday presented a Supplementary Estimate for Rs 1.175 billion seeking the approval of parliament to purchase 32 vehicles for 30 ministers, deputy and state ministers.

Chief Government Whip and Parliamentary Affairs and Mass Media Minister Gayantha Karunathilake on behalf of the Minister of Finance presented the supplementary estimate to Parliament.

Following allocations have been requested, according to The Island newspaper:

Rs. 70 million for a vehicle for Regional Development Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka.

Rs. 70 million for two cars for Skills Development and Vocational Training Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe.

Rs 98 million for two cars for Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardena and a car for Deputy Minister Nimal Lanza.

Rs 91 million for two cars for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure Minister Harin Fernando and his Deputy Tharanath Basnayake.

Rs 35 million for a car for Town Planning and Water Supply Minister Rauff Hakeem.

Rs. 35 million for a car for Minister of Special Projects Dr. Sarath Amunugama.

Rs. 35 million for a car for Irrigation and Water Resources Management Minister Wijith Vijaumuni Zoysa.

Rs. 35 million for a car for Power and Energy Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya.

Rs. 35 million for a car for Upcountry New Villages, Infrastructure and Community Development Minister P. Digambaram.

Rs 56 million each to purchase cars for Megapolis and Western Province Development Deputy Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna, Tourism and Christian Affairs Deputy Minister Arundika Fernando.

Rs. 28 million for a car for Foreign Employment Deputy Minister Manusha Nanayakkara.

Rs. 27.5 million for a car for Public Administration and Management Deputy Minister Susantha Punchinilame.

Rs 28 million for a car for Housing and Construction Deputy Minister Indika Bandaranayake.


One Response to “How can SL Parliamentarians help themselves with new cars worth billions, while economy is in dire straits, and mortgaging country to IMF for billions of Dollars…???”

  1. Son of Lanka Says:

    The act of seeking parliamentary approval by the SL Govt for over Rs 1.1 billion to buy luxury vehicles for 30 of it’s 90 Ministers (many of whom were rejected by voters at the last General Elections) has to be evaluated in the light of the fact that the Maharagama Cancer Hospital has launched a Fund Raising Campaign to collect Rs 200 million from the General Public to purchase a much-needed PET Scan Machine for the early diagnosis of cancer.
    The picture becomes bleaker when one takes cognizance of the fact that the Prime Minister too has requested a sum of Rs 600 million to buy not one but two bullet-proof vehicles for his use.

    All these selfish acts are taking place while the devastating effects of the Kelani Ganga Floods, the Aranayake Landslide and the Kosgama Explosions on the sons and daughters of our Motherland are still fresh and unresolved.

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