If UN admits Saudi financial pressure led to removal of Saudi from child killer list, did LTTE fronts pay UN to bring war crimes charges only on Sri Lanka’s soldiers?
Posted on June 13th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

This is alarming news. Can a UN Secretary General be ‘coerced’ by a country? Can the coercion be of monetary nature that leaves the UNSG no choice but to succumb? Can the UN & its Secretary General be bought over for money? Has money being so powerful that the UN even removes a country from a blacklist compiled by the UN? Does money dictate to the UN and does it mean that UN listens only to nations that hold the money carrot? If the UNSG removes the Saudi Kingdom from UN’s own list of countries that killed children for money, what is the UN & UNSG not capable of doing? After being blackmailed all that the UNSG can meekly say is that the decision was ‘one of the most painful and difficult decisions I have had to make” We are now wondering and we have every right to ponder whether the LTTE fronts have bought over the UN/UNHRC too and explains why UN is taking painstaking efforts to even change laws and press war crimes charges against a national army that was only doing its job to save the nation from terrorists. These actions are seriously undermining the credibility of the UN.

This is Ban Ki Moon’s official excuse

“The report describes horrors no child should have to face. At the same time, I also had to consider the very real prospect that millions of other children would suffer grievously if, as was suggested to me, countries would defund many U.N. programs. Children already at risk in Palestine, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen and so many other places would fall further into despair. It is unacceptable for member states to exert undue pressure.”

Just google and see the hilarious comments associated with the removal of Saudi by the UNSG

UN allegations against Saudi Kingdom

  • Saudi is declared guilty of killing over 1000 children during the Saudi-led attack on Yemen in 2015 http://www.mintpressnews.com/controversy-swells-un-removes-saudi-arabia-human-rights-blacklist/217150/
  • In April a UN report found the Saudi coalition responsible for 60% of the 2000 children killed in conflict on attacks on schools and hospitals. Other UN reports suggests that the bombings have left over 500,000 children facing starvation as a result of Saudi coalition devastating Yemen’s infrastructure.

What is Ban Ki Moon’s excuse for removing Saudi from its list?

  • No other reason other than Saudi Kingdom’s threat to cut funds to crucial UN programs and even issue a Fatwa against the UN
  • The lame excuse is that without Saudi funding the children in Palestine, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen and other places were at risk! So exactly how much does Saudi give to the UN? According to Global Humanitarian Assistance, Saudi had given a total assistance of $5.7billion in 2013, $754million humanitarian assistance in 2013, contributions to peacekeeping $161million in 2012. http://www.globalhumanitarianassistance.org/countryprofile/saudi-arabia
  • If the UN removes Saudi because Saudi is threatening to stop funding it gives all other nations in the UN lists to demand removal too. Obviously they remain on these lists because they haven’t offered money to the UN to be removed. What a state of affairs this is!
  • The entire Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) ganged up to up the ante with Islamic nations flooding Ban Ki Moon’s office with phone calls. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jun/08/saudi-arabia-united-nations-blacklist-yemen-ban-ki-moon

Now let’s move on to Sri Lanka

Our doubts about the UN compromising itself has now virtually been proven with the incident of Saudi removal from blacklist. This is the perfect time to review the UN’s malicious conduct against Sri Lanka

For 30 years the UN watched LTTE kill scores of civilians and unarmed/injured armed personnel. The victims were not only Tamils but Sinhalese & Muslims. Yet take all of UN’s reports the disproportionate emphasis is to showcase that only Tamils were the victims and pains taken to highlight only crimes of armed forces with just a brushing mention of the LTTE.

At no time throughout these 30 years did UN or its Secretary General see fit to appraise the UNGA or the UNSC about the LTTE crimes given that this terrorist organization has been internationally proscribed since 1997 and appeal to the international community to stop avenues where LTTE are able to raise funds to purchase arms and ammunition. London was openly LTTE’s international head office. LTTE theoretician and his foreign wife who trained women LTTE cadres were moving very freely in and out of London. But no sooner the Sri Lankan Army decided to militarily defeat the LTTE, that too after none of the foreign sponsored talks, negotiations and cease fires reaped results, the UNSG enters the scene and appoints a 3 member controversial panel whose report uses pro-LTTE sources and declares LTTE was one of the ‘the most disciplined and most nationalist of the Tamil militant groups’. Yes, very disciplined at killing and recruiting child soldiers.

Within months of writing this report the same 3 panelists co-authors an article virtually laying all blame to the Sri Lankan Army and turning credible allegations to credible evidence. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/03/opinion/revisiting-sri-lankas-bloody-war.html?_r=0… an excellent selection of an impartial panel! Yasmin Sooka is welcomed on pro-LTTE podiums as a ‘comrade’ and guest speaker, she is an EU employee compiling reports against a UN member country, she signs petitions against SL with pro-LTTE groups and now she has returned to the limelight to say ‘witnesses’ will confess only to international judges! So with the Saudi money carrot – we now have every right to question who is dangling the money carrot for war crimes against Sri Lanka’s war heroes?

No wonder none of the calls to question the legality of the UNSG’s personally commissioned report being used to draft resolutions against a UN member country without even tabling the UNHRC findings even after 2 investigations have been held with nothing to establish war crimes, the money factor is inducing these UN officials and others on payroll to somehow push to bring even false allegations and charges against the Sri Lankan Armed Forces because it is all about a vendetta and revenge and nothing else.

They tried everything – first it was the 40,000 dead figure but now they are slowly trying to distance from that, then what started out as crimes committed during the last 3 months went on to feature non-conflict related issues that could have easily been taken up at the Universal Periodic Reviews. If there is any unbiased person working in the UN not swayed by the money carrot, he/she would have by now stood up and brought out this farce into the open. Obviously the UN is a compromised entity.

If the UN Secretary General can be swayed by money to overturn decisions and entries into UN hall of shame, it also means that others are also able to dangle the money carrot. The US recently announced that the LTTE was continuing its fund raising and that its international networks and contacts were well in place. It doesn’t take an idiot to round up all foreign individuals, organizations and others wagging the LTTE slogans of late across Canada, US, UK, EU, South Africa, India and elsewhere to deduce that MONEY is playing a key role in their talk. Therefore we do not need to be the least surprised when these entities have been going on an tangent calling for war crimes trials, international judges, international hybrid courts and what not probably because all these scripts are written and paid for by the LTTE fronts. If we had any doubt earlier, the action by the UNSG and the UN has all but proved our doubts beyond doubts!

It is simply shocking to accept that not only has the UN removed the Saudi from its list but the UNSG makes a statement crying about why he did it. Oh please save the tears, the incident just goes to show that the UN and its highest officials can be bought for money. Our next question is how much and who has been compromised to take our war heroes to the gallows? We demand answers, the UNSG and the UN and the heads of the other entities that continue to carry out a malicious campaign against Sri Lanka’s national army has much to answer for.

By the way where are all these rights activists? The transparency, and Clean folk always ranting about rights and wrongs?

Shenali D Waduge




3 Responses to “If UN admits Saudi financial pressure led to removal of Saudi from child killer list, did LTTE fronts pay UN to bring war crimes charges only on Sri Lanka’s soldiers?”

  1. Kumari Says:

    The UN and Banki Moon are rubber stamps of the western mafia. As long as you carry out western mafia agenda, these institutions will change the rules. Isis, Al quida, LTTE (originally Indian ) are all pawns of this game. Funding for them come from big businesses and murderous regimes such as Saudi Arabia. In addition Saudis do most of the terrorists training. I am waiting for the day when Saudis and Turkey unite against America and Europe.

  2. rohanana Says:

    Shenali as I have explained in my earlier comment to your article about Norway all these powerful countries and organisations in the world have in the past and will in the future bully small countries for doing the right thing for that country and the people of that nation unless you are a “Yes Sir” to their bullying. Americans have committed the following crimes in other countries by forcing themselves in to those countries without being asked. They have killed millions of innocent old and young men, women and children including babies but no inquiries. How women including very young girls have been raped by these American soldiers in those countries. Whose talking about it let alone asking for investigations. The following top 10 are atrocities by the Americans are the worse known.

    1. My Lai Massacre in Vietnam – On March 16, 1968, the men of Charlie Company entered the village of My Lai in South Vietnam
    2. Wounded Knee Massacre – US government against the country’s Native American population.
    3. Abu Ghraib, the Iraq War – treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib
    4. Kandahar Massacre, War on Terror – March 11, 2012, Staff Sergeant Robert Bales brutal killing of innocent Afghans
    5. Azizabad Airstrike, the War on Terror – Since 2001, Afghanistan has continually seen the deaths of civilians at the hands of American ground forces, warplanes, and drone attacks.
    6. Dachau Massacre, World War II – At least 32,000 documented killings occurred there
    7. Andersonville Prison, Civil War – Of the 45,000 men held at the prison throughout its existence, approximately 12,000 died and were buried in mass graves around the camp.
    8. Gnadenhutten Massacre, American Revolution – The Indians were split into two huts, one for men and the other for women and children, and then bludgeoned to death before being scalped.
    9. No Gun Ri Massacre, Korean War – up to 400 refugees gathered at a bridge near the village of No Gun Ri were indiscriminately massacred by American forces
    10. The Balinga Massacre, Philippine-American War – In 1898, General Smith’s ordered anybody over ten years of age and capable of bearing arms to be executed, and herded thousands more into concentration camps. It is estimated that at least 34,000 Filipinos were killed.

  3. anura seneviratna Says:

    Man-made money has become the biggest ploy to undermine human integrity and all that we boast about human advancement in all fields as well as self titled as the most advanced creature on earth. It’s tragic there is no shame and fear throughout most of the human spectrum!

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