UK objectives are being delivered in Tamil
Posted on June 13th, 2016

The British High Commission in Colombo is looking for a Tamil speaking political officer


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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    Re Britain & Sri Lanka :

    * Currently, Britain is Advisor to the Lanka Army.

    Currently, Army Intel Officers have been taken into custody by the Yahap people.

    * Britain is also training FCID officers.

    The FCID is lop sided ! FCID harasses only those who are not in the Yahap set up. FCID ignores those such as Arjun Mahendran and a scores of others who have cheated on the People of Sri Lanka and brought down the Economy.

    We ask :

    What are the British objectives on Reconciliation & Human Rights in Sri Lanka, with a focus on Tamil & Muslim communities and political parties ?

  2. Cerberus Says:

    Can someone tell me what are the objectives of U.K. as per this application form? Maybe we can apply if the objectives are wholesome. I suspect the objectives are:

    1. Re-Colonize Sri Lanka. Take over the North and East where they will be the lords and masters with whining Tamils serving them hand and foot as they used to in 1815 when they brought them from India. Then Re-Colonize India using Sri Lanka as the British headquarters. As they did in 1887 they will form a Tamil army which will fight against India.

    2. Take over the Central part of the country for the retirement of the old British since U.K. is going down fast. The Clubs will spring up in Nuwara Eliya where they can call the dalits they brought in to pluck tea to be the appus. Then they will have to only shout “Appu another cup of tea” like in the good old days.

    3. The Sri Lanka army is now being re-trained with British funds (8 Million pounds sterling), and they will be re-trained to remain in barracks like castrated cattle. The jelly fish My3 will be busy impoverishing the Sinhalese as he has done for the last 1.5 years. By the time My3’s term is finished he would have carried out the British plan to letter with help from CBK, RW and assorted traitors.

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