An open letter to the President
Posted on June 14th, 2016

Dr Sudath Gunasekara (SLAS) 12.6.2016

I am addressing this note to you as a concerned citizen of this country as I have a birth right to bring these serious matters concerning the State to the Head of the State who is responsible for the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of this country and the wellbeing of its subjects.

I am also sending this to media as your office want even acknowledge letters sent by people like us on extremely important national issues that delve with Sinhala Buddhists

I request you to read the following address made by ‘your leader of the Opposition’ first.

Tamils have right to self-determination – Sampanthan

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Opposition and Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Leader Rajavarothayam Sampanthan recently said, the Tamils were a unique race and had historically been living in the country’s North and East.

Sampanthan was speaking at the ITAK office premises, in front of the Athiyadi Pillaiyar Temple, in Vaddukottai, at a meeting organized by TNA parliamentarian E. Saravanabhavan.

He said, We (Tamils) are a unique race. We have been living in this country, historically, in the North- East and have the right to self-determination. Those need to be recognized.”

He added that it has been the policy of S.J.V. Chelvanayagam, of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK), to have a reasonable political solution with the drafting of a Constitution. It is well-known and based on this the people voted for the TNA.”

Currently, there are 18 Tamil representatives, from the North and East, in the Parliament. Of them, 16 belong to the TNA, which is an alliance of four major parties, including the ITAK (also called the Federal Party). Most of these MPs, belong to ITAK,” he said.

We are currently demanding a political solution, which includes, shared sovereignty with assured security for our people, lands and arrangements to fulfil the reasonable aspirations of our people, in the areas such as Economy, Education, Culture and Politics, with the required authority to use our power,” he said.

Sampanthan added, There should be a reasonable and permanent political solution for the problems and protests of people. Otherwise it cannot be an appropriate solution. Today there is a change in the government. This has happened in this country without any major revolution, but peacefully and in a democratic way. We are satisfied with it. But, there are so many problems that existed during previous governments and they continue now.”

I deem his outburst is a blatant and extremely serious violation of the 6th Amendment to the Constitution of the Republic of Sri Lanka which reads as follows?  If this is not high treason I do not know by what name you should call it?

1 No person shall, directly or indirectly, in or outside Sri Lanka, support, promote,  espouse, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka

2 No political part or other association shall have as one of its aims or objects the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka

Any person who acts in contravention of this shall

  1. Be subject to civic disability
  2. forfeit his movable and immovable property
  3. not be entitled to civic rights and
  4. if he is a member of Parliament cease to be such member or a person holding such office referred to in Article 165 cease to be such member or to be in such service or to hold such office

Mr President this attitude of not only Sambandan but also of all other minority Communal elements has to be arrested and curbed immediately before it goes completely out of control like that of the LTTE, lest Sambandan and his team and even the Eastern Provincial Chief Minister will try to enter the next Army camp in the North or East demanding their removal from the so-called traditional Tamil and Muslim Home lands” demeaning and humiliating your authority as the Head of State in this country.

Therefore I request you to take immediate action on these matters as the guardian of the Constitution of the Republic and its people. As the olden dictum goes ‘prevention is     better than cure”.  If you fail to act now what happened to the tiger in the proverbial story of the ‘Kankota gona and the tiger’ will happen not only to you but to the whole nation. By the time you realize your folly the match will be over.

First, I urge you to remove Sambandan immediately from the post of the leader of Opposition for violating the 6th Amendment because you are the one who unduly and illegally appointed him to this post and gave him horns completely forgetting the lessons learnt by appointing Appapille Amirthalingam some time back by a previous Government. Then appoint someone who really commands the majority in the opposition in Parliament as it is the correct and constitutional procedure all sane people have to follow. Then he will acts and behave as the leader of opposition and not as a leader of one community (Tamils).  Thereafter you may take other appropriate action you deem fit against him.  As we ordinary people understand it you have no option in that matter other than giving it to a leader of the Joint Opposition who still have 52 MPP in spite of your unconstitutional manipulations and drawing a large number from it by offering them political bribes and appointing even defeated candidates to the Cabinet from the back door little realizing that one day when you are not in power you will also have to pay back it with compound interest the same way as your friend MR is doing now. It is your prerogative as the President that is, mandatory and sacrosanct and your unassailable duty by the people of this country as the Head of the State. If you know the penalty per day for sitting and voting  in Parliament under the Soulbury Constitution for people who are disqualified to sit there, let them remember that one day either they have to sell all what they have earned in life time or be in jail for life at least. Definitely whoever comes to power the next Government will enact laws to trap these culprits.


I would like to draw your immediate attention to the following cunning and communal strategy of Vignesvaran and his other recent actions and behavior like the call for removing all army camps from the north as if the Northern Province is already EELAM and take action against him as well before things get too late, First, by removing him from Office as Chief Minister and thereafter  immediately abolishing the Provincial Councils before the whole country is divided and destroyed beyond recognition

I hated ‘Sinhala Only Act’: CV

2016-06-09 09:44:390209


I boycotted Sinhala language as I hated the Sinhala Only Act, NPC Chief Minister C.V Wigneswaran said.

“I stopped learning Sinhala as I disliked the implementation of the Sinhala Only Act. Hence, I explain our political shortcoming to the Sinhala media in my own broken Sinhala. If I had learnt Sinhala language properly, I could have responded to any politician in fluent Sinhala,” he said after declaring open the Kalaimagal statue in Kokkuvil Hindu Primary School in Jaffna yesterday morning built at a cost of Rs.700,000.

He said if meaningful reconciliation was to take place one had to learn the other’s language.

“Our people who go to Norway learn their language. Similarly, those who go to France learn French butsadly we ignore the Sinhala language. I started to learn Sinhala in 1955 and stopped learning when the Sinhala Only Act was implemented in 1956. Now I am talking to the Sinhala media about our shortcoming in broken Sinhala,” he said.

“Our Sinhala brethren have started to learn Tamil as a compulsory language. Sinhala officers fluent in Tamil will be sent to the North and East very soon. Hence, we have to be cautious. Those who are not fluent in Sinhala language will be sidelined. Therefore forget politics and nurture your knowledge in Sinhala, NPC Chief Minister C.V Wigneswaran said.

If you continue to remain deaf, blind and dumb to this most dangerous situation emerging, as you have aptly demonstrated right through your tenure as President, on the top of other blunders like,

  1. encroachment by Ricshard Badurdeen in Wilpattuwa and Bogahaweva and trying to create new Muslim settlements in this land of the Sinhalese
  2. Stupid behavior of the Chief Minister of the eastern Province against a naval officer who comes directly under you
  3. Interference by India and other western countries and their Diplomats, in the country’s internal matters’ illegally and arrogantly as if we are their vassals and underdogs.

Now look at the latest provocative and uncalled for action by the British High Commissioner

June 14 (FT) British High Commissioner to SL James Dauris visited the north and east last week. He heard about progress and challenges facing communities in these areas. He met a range of politicians, Government officials, religious leaders, civil society organisations, business leaders, resettled communities and journalists. During his visit to the east he met with Governor of the Eastern Province Austin Fernando and discussed challenges in the area and the way forward for more.”.

My question is what business this man has to dabble with our internal matters that lie entirely within the purview of the Sri Lankan Government. This is not the job of an Ambassador. He is collecting Tamil votes in UK for his Government and here in Sri Lanka continuing the usual divide and rule policy of the British Imperialist to destabilize governance in this country. Why the hell the government allows this type of dirty conspiracies to continue. If the Government cannot put an end to this nonsense it must also resign and go home. Either these diplomats should be told what they are expected to do within their credentials and what they should not. If they don’t comply then they must be packed up and the offices closed.  But this weak and stupid  government which is deadly scared of the West and India does not take any action and keep deaf, dumb and blind. This is why most people in this country ask the question

Is there a Government at all in this country since Jan 8th 2015”?

  1. Continuation of the Ministry of Upcountry New Tamil Villages Development leading to Tamilization of the Central Hill country, despite strong protest by the Kandyan people
  2. Failure to take any tangible and meaningful steps to rehabilitate the Kandyan areas envisaged in the Kandyan Peasantry Commission

(In respect of both d and e above I am thoroughly disgusted and concerned to mention here that you have not even acknowledged my letters and e-mail I have been sending to you starting from 20th Dec 2015

  1. Allowing Tamil (like Vigneswaran and Sambandan) and Muslim( like Hakeem) politicians to clamour for the removal of the Army camps in the North and East as if EELAM has already been established there and the Authority of the Sri Lanka government has already ceased in that part of the country,

Your failure to take action on these matters will definitely tantamount to your violating the sacrosanct duty vested on you by the Constitution and the blame of the nation will fall upon your crest.

Meanwhile I also see a lot of underground work done by the UNP to make you unpopular as the President so that you will not get a majority sufficient to form a SLFP government in 2020 as you and your supporters have declared. The UNP is trying to kill two birds with one stone, that is you as well as the SLFP. I THINK THEY HAVE ALREADY DONE IT.

For instance take one glaring example, the case of Luxury vehicles for 30 Ministers costing some billion rupees. The amount, timing and the rejection by three prominent potential young future leaders of the UNP close to Ranil, the open statement by UNP members that they will not ask for new luxury vehicles till the end of the year  and the final decision made by Ranil to withdraw it pretending to be a hero before the people. All these things hang together and I see it as a master coup well calculated, well crafted and planned to discredit your image in the country and that of the SLFP as its mandatory leader. At the same time I have noted that the entire government media machinery has kept you in a dark room with regard to the Aranayaka Nathakanda disaster and more particularly to the Salava catastrophe as the Minister in charge of Security and Environment

If I were the President under these circumstances I would have been the first man to cry foul, the moment they talk about this notorious and ridiculous supplementary estimate to purchase luxury vehicles for your Ministers was mooted. That would have exonerated you of most of the blunders made since Jan 8th and certainly would have made a mark as a people’s man. You may not like this statement of mine. But this is the stark truth, you believe me. I am fully convinced they have converted you completely to the role of the King with New Clothes. So in that backdrop I am only playing the role of the tiny tot by the way side who cried Look Amma Oh the King is naked” when all purohitas and even the King’s Prime Minister did not see the Kings nakedness who was made to believe that he was wearing the Setambara Patasaluwa” the most expensive and beautiful clothe in the world.

It is a pity that neither you nor the SLFP MPP who have betrayed the voters for sweeter grapes” and defected from the UPA and joined you will realize this folly until you are out of power. You mark my word you will realize this only in 2020 elections when the UNP will again lead the elections results as a party with the support of Tamils and Muslims, The SLFP electorate will get split in to two with Mahinda Rajapaksa Camp coming close second and your so-called SLFP will end up as a useless third or even fourth faction, left with the only option of just supplying props again for a UNP government dominated and commanded by the minorities. The UNP will again form an Achcharu government unless Mahinda or some new leader forms a new party with the support of Buddhist monks and patriotic Sinhala Buddhists and gets the support of radical anti communal minority sections,. You and you alone will have to take the responsibility for that sin and tragedy in 2020. Please remember none of you present day friends including the cunning Tamils, Muslims, the Indians and the entire white world lead by Queen the Elizabeth and Obama want be there then, to rescue you  from the abyss in to which you have fallen

Your forming a SLFP government in 2020 is only a day dream. Because, firstly, there want be any SLFP the way you are handling it now. Secondly no UNP man will vote for your candidates. Thirdly you will also not get a single Tamil or Muslim vote as your political validity date for them will be fully expired by that time. Fourthly almost all SLFP defectors will lose their seats as they will not get the Sinhala Buddhist votes. Thereafter you will be deserted and rejected not only by the UNP, Tamils and Muslims but also by all those mango friends hanging around you today to pick up few crumbs falling from your Presidential table. Finally you yourself want be able to bring in defeated candidates to Parliament to maintain the majority in this Monkey Cage” like what you do today (rather disgracefully) as you will be out of power by that time. Mr President nothing is permanent as Buddha had said it 25oo years ago. What Mervin, Kolannawa Duminda, Sarana Gunawardhana Mutuhettigama and  Sajin Vass did to MR will be done by men like Rajita, Anuradhapura Duminda Vijitamuni and the like to you as well, may be in a better way and in double quick time. So at least now think wisely on that.

If you fail to take immediate action against these two extremists groups and the issues I have outlined you will be miserably failing in your duty as the President of this country.

The whole country knows that you have to be grateful for Tamils and Muslims more than the UNP for bringing you to power as UNP votes alone would never have made you the President of this country. That was only a part of their diabolical strategy and conspiracy to defeat the Sinhala people and get their own aspirations fulfilled. They voted you not because they like you but they knew it very well that if you become the President Ranil will do the rest. Because, as past experience has proved us time and again all UNP leaders other than DS and Sir John have given in to Tamils and Muslims and betrayed the Sinhala Buddhists. That is part of history no one can refute. Among them Ranil will be even worse than JR. Definitely he will end up a Don Juwan Dharmapala given that he remains in power for another six months.

Also I would like to advise you to free yourself from the vicious and cunning influence of Chandrika, Ranil, Rajita and people like Duminda, who have personal grudges and axes to grind with Mahinda as much as you yourself have against him and sycophants like SB and Wijitamunni Zoza and act as an exemplary Statesman, lest you get the whole blame for destroying the SLFP and ruining the country by acting on the advice of political rejects and outcasts. I also think it is high time that you stop casting aspersions against Rajapaksa, which you have been doing ever since Jan 8 at least now. Your latest attack on MR I read in today’s Maubima where you have said ”Man me  anduwe innaturu sammajjatika Rajapaksa waru anduwata wedda ganne ne” This type of public aspersions on anybody, especially on an ex Head of State who had liberated the country from a 30 year deadly war by a President of a country, I don’t think will be appreciated by any other than those who take cover under your umbrella. I must also say very clearly that this type of statements do not befit a person holding the highest position in the country and moreover whose name start with Maitreepala” ( protector of loving kindness)


Future author of Mahavamsa will have nothing else to write about you other than saying that poor Sirisena the President (Jan 2016-?) was only a feeble cat’s-paw in the hands of Chandrika the vicious and Ranil the cunning who conspired and intrigued against Mahinda Rajapaksa, (the man who defeated the most dangerous terrorist outfit in the world called LTTE, in four years), and more specifically the Sinhala Buddhists in this country and betrayed the Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka after Don Juan Dharmapala of Kotte.

Here ends the…… chapter called Account of the Greatest betrayal of the Sinhala nation and the Buddha Sasana  in its entire history by a Troika called Chandrika-Ranil-Sirisena, in the Mahawamsa, compiled for the deep sorrow and emotion of the bereaved.

I wish you get freed from this trap and take immediate action against these enemies of the nation and thereafter rescind the Rajeev–JR Pact, abolish the cancerous Provincial Councils and re-establish the Tunhele of the Past and put an end to the present deceptive, repressive, exploitive and corrupt political system so that the author of Mahavamsa  will write something like this.

Here ends the….Chapter called Sirisena the liberator, having realized the Augean mess he has been put to by wolves in sheep cloths in the political cesspit in Sri Lanka, got freed from the vicious  trap he was caught in with the help of worthy counseling from the Mahasangha and erudite purohitas, where President Sirisena from Pulatisipura, the land of Parakramabahu the Great, dismantled the Indian trap of Provincial Councils and the JR-Rajeeve Pact, liberated the country from neo-anti-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist colonial Western enemies and Indian expansionists and restored the ancient Tunhele and ushered in a New era of law and order, excellent Governance, peace and prosperity for all people of Sri Lanka that will last until the Sun and the Moon shall last, and liberated the Sinhaladveepa from centuries of uncertainty, confusion and rudderless state craft” in the Mahawamsa, compiled for the serene joy and emotion of the pious.

8 Responses to “An open letter to the President”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese, in their own country, not supposed to live in the north and the east Sinhalese children, in their own
    country, not supposed to go to universitites in the north and the east. Tamils can write in tamil, papers marked
    up by tamils (university through back door? depriving Sinhalese children of their share) can go to any university in the country and qualify and even contribute to catholic tigers of tamil drealam to kill Sinhalese. This is after receiving FREE education from poor Mother Lanka. They own most of Colombo. After all this they still not happy since their heart
    is in hell hole tn, where they came from.
    They are
    never happy
    never grateful
    never Sri Lankan
    never content
    Only thing they are after is a piece of Sri Lanka. Waiting like vultures to get their separate kingdom.

    Dutch brought one lot to work in tobacco plantations.
    British took another lot to work in tea plantations.
    The rest is kallathonis who swam/crossed the waters to save their lives from the severe famine in tn in the
    1960s. This is how the ungrateful, never happy lot pay back. Only contribution is killing 100,000+
    Sinhalese, including Buddhist monks, women, children and forces personnel. You never going to find an
    ungrateful lot anywhere in the world. Not a good word to say about the Sinhalese or Sri Lanka. One look
    at that traitor chief sambanthan enough. Old fart has no smile ever in his face. Always seething with hatred.
    What has the traitor xxxx done to Sri Lanka apart from destroying and encouraging to kill Sinhalese!
    Ask pigneshwaran where his loyalty is. Of course heart and loyalty is tn. That’s why they want a tn in SL.

  2. mario_perera Says:

    Unless there is a mobilization of the Sinhala masses, this government will cater to all Tamil aspirations.
    Just venting grievances in the air will not take the Sinhala nation anywhere.

    There must be mobilization and a show of force. On such a show of force by the Sinhalese will show all concerned powers that they can go thus far and no further.

    There is no Sinhala group ready to assume that responsibility. NONE

    The JO is jokeying for power
    The monks are indifferent
    MaRa is a discarded coin
    All sinhala political parties have other interests: their own

    All Sinhala leaders are concerned with the own survival and NOT the survival ofthe sinhala nation.

    The Sinhala are a divided nation and as such they will fall.

    A “neva gilunath ban choon” situation was witnessed at the recently concluded drubbing our national team received in England.The scene was the Lords cricket grounds.

    Reference ‘Cricinfo’ of today. This is what the writer had to say. This is what the administrative setup in Sri Lanka really is, whether it be cricket or anything else.

    “SLC has spent so much money on bringing over cricket officials to one of the most expensive cities on earth, more than a cricket team’s worth, to sit around and look important for a Test that it didn’t even matter if they won. This while they couldn’t find the money for a full-time media guy. Also just after the same board scrapped an entire plan to build indoor training facilities all over the country, because their current substandard facilities (which wouldn’t be good enough for a posh English school) are good enough for their professional players. A team that can’t keep a coach, because they pay less than other countries pay for assistants. A board whose president, Thilanga Sumathipala, was asked not to attend ICC meetings in 2005 because of his connection to the gambling industry. If anything was going to hold back Sri Lankan cricket, it seems it already exists, and is Sri Lankan in origin.

    Mark the words: “If anything was going to hold back Sri Lankan cricket (or any other), it seems it already exists, and is Sri Lankan in origin.”

    ‘Heta marunath hithata sepay ada joly karala’

    Mario Perera

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:




  4. stanley perera Says:

    My blood began to boil when I read Tamil racists Sampandung and Vigneswaran’s racists comments. Neither the President nor the Primeminister will ever make any response as they fear to antoganise Tamil and Muslim voters. No Sinhala politician so far took any action on rasict Tamil and Muslim hate mongers. Majority Sinhalese are suffering under minority Tamil and Muslim bash and rob Sinhalaya campaign. What a shame our Singhala politicians are only self serving PARAIAHS. We patriotic Singhalayas are wasting our valuable time. Stupid Singhalayas must take Mahathir and Rambuka as a classic example. Stupid JO let Sambandung to lead the opposition. Yet Sambandung or Vigneswaram are never happy. Forget party polics and let all Singhalayas unite to fight against Tamil Muslim hate mongers. President or the Prime minister will never discipline the Racits Tamils or Muslims.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    Susantha Wijesinghe
    Can I agreed with you
    IF YOU HATE THE Vaddukoddai Resalution , YOU HATE Tamil TOO. THEREBY…….

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    IF YOU HATE THE SINHALA ONLY ACT,- You know why Our PM sorry CM hate this act because it imposed all Tamil learn Sinhala that why he given up his Sinhala learning which he was learning volantry .

  7. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  8. Sooriarachi Says:

    The so called rights to self determination, claimed by extremist Tamil leaders, who are the descendants of South Indians who periodically invaded Sri Lanka and ruled small regions for short periods, could also apply to other settlers from other invasions by the Portuguese, Dutch and English. These arguments could be applied to all invaders of various countries, now living in those countries. How wonderful the world would be, if these lopsided arguments are accepted for political gain.
    As for Vigneswaran, he is blinded by a racist inferiority complex and is uttering utter bunkum, which unfortunately goes unchallenged by the current leadership. He in my opinion, is trying to incite Sinhala extremists to retaliate in kind, probably believing the West and India would then, invade the country to create a Tamil protectorate. I cant imagine what sort of judgements this man would have given, when he sat on the supreme court of Sri Lanka.
    With racists like Vignewaran and Sampanthan, who could not have stepped into the North without Prabakaran’s permission, today claiming to ‘represent’ the Tamils, I wonder whether there is any room for peaceful reconciliation, especially when they keep poisoning the sensitive political atmosphere in Sri Lanka, so soon after defeating the Tiger terrorists.

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