Implications of Chilcot Report
Posted on July 7th, 2016

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM  Spokesperson, United Sri Lanka Association

Rt Hon John Key MP,
Prime  Minister of New Zealand,

Dear Mr Key,

The Chilcot report has been a severe and sad indictment of the execution of UK & US foreign policy. Iraq is not the only victim  of it in recent times, these include Sri Lanka too.

In April 2009 , when Sri Lanka was on the verge of eradicating three decades of Tamil Tiger terrorism, the UK Foreign Secretary David Milibank along with his French counterpart visited Sri Lanka with the specific objective of pressuring the then Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse , to abort the military offensive that was achieving this. Had he relented , Sri Lanka ,like Iraq would still be reeling in chaos. Instead, he reminded David Milibank that Sri Lanka was no longer a British Colony”.

The joint UK/US pay back for this insolence has come in the form orchestrating the Tiger Diaspora allegation that this eradication of Tiger Terror has come at the cost of an unacceptably high civilian casualty numbers of over 40,000. Just like the WMD’s that were never found in Iraq, seven years after the event , not one of the bodies of these 40,000 alleged casualties nor a single name has been found or revealed.

They also drew strength for this allegation from the Darusman commission, the  UNSG’s panel of advisors who claimed that these numbers were a credible allegation” based on evidence  they failed to reveal their sources of, for now and for twenty years from now. This would make the Chilcot maligned UN report claiming the presence of WMD’s  in Iraq,  whose sources were at least known, appear respectable.

Based on these allegation Sri Lanka , just like Iraq, are continuing to be made to suffer even now, with demands through UNHCR for further inquiries into these allegations  despite two Presidential commissions, The LLRC & Paranagama commission on missing persons , with oversight from three international legal luminaries, declaring clearly that these allegations have no factual or reasonable basis.

With the release of the Chilcot report  with parallels to Sri Lanka as shown, the international community has an obligation to stand up to this bullying of a small nation attempting to recover from the effects of these three decades of Tiger Terror,  by calling this monkey of Sri Lanka’s back.

New Zealand, with it’s powers and responsibilities by being in the UN security council, could and should give the lead.


Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM


United Sri Lanka Association

4 Responses to “Implications of Chilcot Report”

  1. Nimal Says:

    What happened in Iraq was a war crime committed by USA.People like Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney should be tried for war crimes.
    I remember when he opened his big ugly mouth calling for ‘shock and ore’ which appeared and sound like a cold blooded criminal that shocked decent people like us.
    They really destabilized the country and used companies like Halliburtons to milk the country.
    Truly shameful and now they are trying to do the same in Syria if not for the Russians. Blair like a poodle had to oblige them and the security services were not fit for the purpose and my friend Dr Kelly declared or discovered that there were not WMD,perhaps he was silenced with his life foul or not.
    USA is in a very sorry state now with gun ho cops running riot where they killed two people today.This kind of ready to kill attitude seems to be pastime which is very much part of the country and the ruling politicans,resulting in mad interventions in other countries like a turkey shoot.
    Sri Lanka to must answer any allegations of the events during the last stages of the war and US is the last country to point a finger at SL.
    I would request US and others concern to leave Syria to Assad and bring back Gaddafi’s surviving son Saif Islam to be a strong man in the country to a stable state where he could use draconian measure to bind the mad warring factions. This is the type of advice that their security services should have been giving, but they are nothing but a bunch of keyboard worriers.

  2. plumblossom Says:

    The US and the UK and actually the EU etc. all wanted regime change in Iraq so that a secular Arab nationalist and a socialist government who has used oil revenues to benefit its people rather than Western oil companies can obtain a large number of contracts on considerable favourable terms in order to dominate the oil industry of Iraq. For that they installed a puppet government. They also created an unstable situation in terms of different factions within Iraq being in conflict with each other which is never ending. These factions now include Islamic terrorists who were not around when Saddam Hussein was in power. Now it is even more easier to obtain the Iraqi oil at very concessional terms for the Western oil companies what with all the fighting going on and the instability. A similar regime change took place in Libya where the leader Ghaddafi who has used oil revenues to develop the country rather than privatizing oil extraction. was deposed and a puppet government installed. Similar changes took place in Tunisia, Egypt etc. where things are no better and probably is worse than before. Therefore it is obvious that the objectives of the US, UK, EU were actually very successful in Iraq. Only outcome however for the Iraqi people is disaster, war, conflict and mayhem. it is a good lesson for Sri Lanka where people wanted a ‘change’ and now Sri Lankans are realizing what change means which is partition of the country with federal states being created, unstable situation in terms of federal states, puppet government, extremely bad economy, instead of reconciliation, appeasing separatists who are favourable to US, UK, EU interests etc.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Important thing you have to remember is blair was prime minister of uk, not a developing country without
    any oil. So war crimes don’t apply to him. It is only a report. Nothing to worry about it! If blair had been the
    prime minister of Sri Lanka, of course he would’ve been in a lot of trouble.

    Remember guys UNHCR have standards. Double standards!

  4. RohanJay Says:

    Mega criminals like Tony Blair, GW Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfewitz, Powell, David Cameron, Obama, Holland, Merkel, Clintons etc never get into trouble. The only trouble they have is what to do with all the billions of dollars they have made to enrich themselves with. Why? Because they have extremely powerful Global Elite people behind them their masters actually who are protecting them their puppets from criminal prosecutions and jail time. For the considerable mega crimes the Global Elite who own the global financial system acted upon through their puppets. Bliar and GW Bush. Also they manipulated the markets to crash the pound following the Brexit result. As the Global Elite were backing remain camp to win the Brexit vote.

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