French national severely assaulted in Matara    News item……
Posted on August 5th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

IGP was boasting about beating up demonstrators  without killing them .We had news during last regime about local politicians killing  an Israeli from UK .We also  heard how sons of big shots roaming in car parks beating others and also getting beaten up .We heard about sportsmen getting killed with the connivance some big shots .

Then cam Yahaplanaya where the main topic is getting rid of thuggery .

Police should act better than this to eradicate this menace.

I remember ,when I came for a visit more than 40 years ago and travelled to Maskeliya and visited our school friend who was a Sub inspector of Police and he took us around in his jeep

He saw some youngsters sitting on a culvert doing nothing, He stopped the jeep and asked them what they were doing and they confirmed negative .He called them in filth and chased them away with a furious face and turned to us and smiled and said police should behave like this otherwise they will  not listen to us

40 Years ago , in the capital of Azerbaijan where I was working in an Oil and Gas field on training .During a week-end I was walking in the town and a young man seeing a foreigner ,  joined me and walked along talking to me.

A Militzia ( soviet policeman ) whom we passed shouted If something happens to the foreigner ,I will chop your head off !

Young man slowly walked away .

Few weeks back I was walking along Galle Face carrying a long umbrella ,very peacefully. I noted that a young man looks like a drug addict pestering a young white couple sitting on a bench, and I noted the frustration on their face for not being able to get away from him

Police booth was nearby  but the cop  was (cat)  napping

I pointed my long umbrella which had a  long pointed end to the young man and just said what Mokada”??

He treated

At my age I was trying to be a hero for which my wife blasted me later , but that is the way any  vigilant ( ante)  citizen should act .

Today with Human rights ,Yahaplanaya in the forefront ,we will never be able establish discipline unless good brave young policemen are deployed to withhold law and order

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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