Need of the hour .,,,,,,,, It is not ETCA or Mega Chinese Projects but sense in ministers ‘minds.
Posted on August 17th, 2016

Sarath Obeysekera

We had Indian Peace Agreement signed and Sri lanka was forced t hand over Trinco  Tank farms .These are strategic locations in the country and Indians have kept the area under their control and no local company allowed to develop, Ceylon Petroleum is also helpless .Sri Lanka Ports Authority who is supposed to have power to develop has no say .IOC almost oen Trico Oil activities ,

Similarly we may hand over thousands of hectares to Chinese in Hambantota for development ,our investors may not even l have right to even enter .

Then Port city being built by Chinese will take decisions ,who will do construction., I have highlighted the need to give a sizeable portion work to local companies .Ministers do not bother about it .Minister of Labour and vocational Training.Minister , National Planning. Ministry of Foreign Employment should review  how to keep the labour forces in the country .
What we do is watching and making noise and no one wants to give some useful ideas to the ministers who have no clue about development strategies .ETCA strategic planners should somehow enforce  rule where local companies should be given chance to reap the benefits .

If and when Colombo East terminal and Galle Harbour go to Indians we will have to sleep like Prince Gamini ?

Recently we were charged very high demurrages for some steel consignment at the Chinese run East Terminal in Colombo for delays incurred due to a fault of computer system of Sri Lanka Customs ,We protested and the Minister of Finance called the authorities from SLPA also to intervene ,Chinese did not even listen to us.

President who is the leader of a party started with Bandaranaykes’ who gave priority to Sri Lankan identity should step in and inquire how ministers take care of rights the locals .

This is just the start .Indian and Chinse Ambassadors may keep calling the ministers and influence in favour of their countrymen ?

I do not think how GMOA can help by blackmailing the country .There should be a concerted effort by all bureaucrats to convince the ministers that Local Industries need a fair portion in the development activities

Sarath Obeysekera

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  1. Christie Says:

    Sarath, It was the British-Indian Empire, then Indian Empire after WWII.

  2. plumblossom Says:

    Mr. Udaya Gammanpila Sir,

    Apart from highly commending you for taking legal action against the treacherous CBK (Chaura Rejina) regarding the defamatory and utter lies she keeps repeating to defame her rivals, legal action should be taken against her for stating that she will definitely devolve more powers to provincial Councils within the new constitution. Does this evil woman CBK think she owns Sri Lanka and that she is the one who is going to draw up the new constitution of Sri Lanka (according to the wishes of the imperialistic US, UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden, India, the racist TNA and the separatist terrorists)? The constitution of Sri Lanka should satisfy first and foremost the majority of people of this island i.e. the Sinhala people and the Sinhala people firstly do not want to draw up a new constitution nor do they want any more powers whatsoever be provided to the provincial councils.

    Someone has to go to the supreme court and take action against treacherous CBK for suggesting that she will definitely devolve more powers to provincial councils within the yet to be drawn up constitution since this means the treacherous Ranil, Sirisena, CBK and Mangala have already drawn up a constitution to satisfy the imperialistic US, UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden, India, the racist TNA and the separatist terrorists which is illegal.

    Beyond this, this yahapalanaya government, CBK, Sirisena, the JVP, the JHU, Sarath Fonseka and the like are extremely corrupt and are enjoying perks such as Pajeros, official vehicles, official residences, Rs.200 lakhs loans, doing deals such as renting buildings for example to house the agricultural ministry at very high rents, the bond scam, paying supporters very high salaries and hiring them as ‘consultants’ who are not really consultants such as at the RDA, the rice mafia of Sirisena brother making massive amounts of money at the expense of poor rice farmers, the coal deals of Champika making yet more massive amounts of money, all these corrupt deals are being done and the country is being betrayed in this way by collecting the required two thirds majority in parliament to ensure that treacherous acts such as the missing persons act are approved by parliament.

    All the while valuable infrastructure that should be marketed all over the world such as the Mattala Airport was used for storing rice rather than enticing airlines all over the world to use this airport or at least divert half the airplanes which use Katunayake to Mattala, especially tourist planes.

  3. plumblossom Says:

    India has over 400 million poor people and over 40 million people in India are unemployed. If this ETCA is signed and the Hanuman bridge is built all these desperate people in India will come in droves to Sri Lanka since the socio-economic situation of Sri Lanka is a million times better than the socio economic situation of India. I would urge the uncaring and cruel Indian government to provide basic housing, clean water, sanitation, healthcare, education, food and clothing to these desperately poor 400 million Indians rather than spending US 5.2 billion dollars in building a Hanuman bridge to Sri Lanka. If Sri Lanka signs this ETCA with India it will be Sri Lanka’s end. Sri Lanka should not sign any such trade deals where people can come here to work freely, unless the country we are signing the ETCA with has a similar or a better socio-economic situation than Sri Lanka. I would urge the uncaring, corrupt and cruel India Government to immediately stop building space stations and nuclear weapons and use that money to provide basic housing, clean water, sanitation, healthcare, education, food and clothing to the 400 million desperately poor people of India which is a government’s basic responsibility. Sri Lanka should stop immediately the signing of ETCA with India and urge the Indian Government to carry out the above task rather than serving the rich people of India only which the uncaring and cruel Indian Government seems to be doing.

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