My cookery demonstration in Sirasa TV in Sri Lanka to help save about 60% energy and stop any cooking aroma depositing on you
Posted on September 8th, 2016

Dr Hector Perera           London

We all need to get our meals, either by cooking at home by someone or if possible by you or have some takeaway. Most people are not familiar with complicated cooking but to cook the basic things such as rice and curries is not a difficulty thing because even our kussi ammas” are able to cook on firewood stoves. Now modern facilities are available, gas and electric cookers, ovens, microwaves and even solar powered cookers. In other words the energy required for cooking is available but some people are not taking the best advantage that means they waste lots of energy during cooking due to total unawareness of the wastage.

I had this chance to come over to Sirasa TV studio to demonstrate my kind of cooking on the day after when The Sustainable Energy Authority visited our apartment to witness my scientific energy saving cooking. It was waste of time to cut onions, chillies, garlic and keep on adding curry powder and other things to chicken curry in a TV show because anyone can do that kind of things. I wanted to show how energy is saved and smell depositing on you avoidance while cooking. Before I went to the show I did exactly the same way I did when even when the energy authority visited to witness my cooking that means got the chicken curry ready with ingredients. The other advantage is there should be a short time for the ingredients first to adsorp then adsorb some into chicken that means time to marinate. The purpose of adding different ingredients to make the curry tasty and at the same time to have some effect on the germs, bacteria, E.coli salmonella on them. Things such as cinnamon are good to reduce the cholesterol in your system. I can give a whole list ingredients good effects on food but right now, I will leave them to a side. As I mentioned in the past chillies, garlic and ginger have lots of antibacterial, antifungal, microbial and medicinal values but not to shower with cooking aroma while cooking.

Initial preparations

Rice has to be washed properly to get rid of the soluble starch and other things on the surface adsorbed on them. One of the bacteria causes some damage even after cooking so it is necessary to get rid of them by properly washing. I let some water to boil on the cooker while I washed the rice because it saves time as well. This is what I usually do at home as well that means allow some water to boil while I prepare the rice. Once I add the rice into warm or boiling water it does not take not take no more than five minutes to get it boiling. Once it comes to thermodynamic eqlibrium condition then I know by past experience how long it will take to get it cooked perfectly. I do not keep on checking to see if the rice is cooked or not. That is what I mentioned this has to be demonstrated again so that the public would benefit by saving energy and time wasted in front of the cooker. This has been shown to the public in previous occasions as well but they do not take the ideas easily as they stick to their old ideas.

While rice get going, I let the chicken curry to cook slowly. Since I got it prepared by adding all the ingredients there was no need to keep on repeatedly open it even while boiling. One must see how some Sri Lanka ladies cook these things to believe my words. They keep on opening the boiling chicken curry and keep on adding this and that several times. Then close the lid but in  a matter of minutes they open it to stir it then take some piping hot liquid on their palms, blow on it several times to get it cool then taste it or lick the palm several times.  One must see their expressions on their lovely faces while they do that kind of acts, really beautiful. Sometimes it reminds me the cats and dogs licking their face after eating.

I also cooked chicken curry in a live cooking demonstration with Sirasa TV but I didn’t do that kind things. There were two famous presenter as well, one lady called Juliana then a gentleman called Sameera. They took the matter quite seriously but with some jokes as well to make it interesting. He said The best thing to save energy, get a lady at home with gas” that means to have a bossy woman at home. Everyone were laughing at his joke including the famous TV chef Duminda who also was there. While all these things happening, rice was cooking and chicken curry as well cooking. I even showed there was less radiation energy on both places where rice and chicken were cooking by bringing the fingers very close to the cooking vessels. Later when the presenters believed me they also brought their fingers near the boiling pot of rice and chicken curry to verify my idea. One must see the video to believe my words. The reason is I tried my best to cut down the energy wasted in cooking. Honestly one cannot do that kind of acts in any of the British TV chefs cooking or even with our good old kussi amma” work as she worked on firewood stoves. That time is over and now modern facilities are there so no need to waste energy unnecessarily.

I cooked rice and chicken curry in a live cooking programme to demonstrate that there is no need to waste energy wastefully. I made use of some scientific laws in order to cook and save energy. Some of the laws are more than two centuries old and they would be revealed when the times permits. One must understand that I would not challenge with a large sum of money to be given away in case any energy saving expert or any famous British TV chef stepped forward to disprove my scientific energy and smell avoiding kind of cooking.

I heard BBC is doing a new show called HOME COOKERY but I have my doubts that I would be given a chance to demonstrate my kind of scientific energy and smell saving home cooking demonstration. My aim is to help the nation to save some energy in HOME COOKERY. So far I haven’t witnessed any British TV chef or any other person who does any cooking done any energy and smell avoiding cooking.

One might think I was a chef or a cook, actually I am a BSc [Hons] MSc PhD synthetic organic qualified chemistry teacher but I use my scientific ideas in order save some energy and stop any cooking aroma depositing while cooking. Well if I had a chance to demonstrate again in a TV show in England then one would believe me, not otherwise. If I failed to keep my word then I would hand over that challenged money. According to science, every action must have an equal and opposite reaction. I am sure you all know what I meant. I have no doubt that I will be able demonstrate my kind of work in a few TV shows in beautiful Sri Lanka but what about in England? Don’t forget even in England some people eat rice and curries so some people certainly are able to save around 60% energy wasted in cooking those things. Only if someone is really interested in energy and smell saving cooking may contact for a public demonstration in a TV show in England. Your comments are welcomed

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