Message for C V Wigneswaran from Sinhala Youth
Posted on September 12th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

C V Wigneswaran Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council, one of 9 provincial councils in Sri Lanka has written ‘My Request to Sinhala Youth’. It is a pity he never chose to write anything to the Tamil youth who were taking up arms to kill innocent civilians or the LTTE who were training Tamil children to become child combatants instead of studying to educate themselves to become somebody’s in life just as how C V Wigneswaran studied at a Sinhala school, lived all his life in Colombo, went on to become a judge in the Supreme Court.

The message from the Sinhala youth to Chief Justice Wigneswaran

  • Please admit that it was the political issues and activities of the Tamil vellala high caste political leaders together with the LTTE who made life precarious for the people of the North and no other.
  • Please admit that the Tamil youth did not revolt, they were taken secretly to India under the Indira Gandhi government and trained in numerous camps in Tamil Nadu. These are detailed in the Jain Commission report. Therefore any ‘revolt’ came only after training and when these armed militants were sent back to Sri Lanka by India.
  • The Tamil Mayor of Jaffna Alfred Duraiappah was killed in 1975 the same year Prabakaran changed his militant group’s name from New Tamil Tigers (formed in 1972) to LTTE (1975). When LTTE leader did not even study beyond grade 8 is it the fault of the Sinhalese? When Prabakaran did not do a job his entire life is it the fault of the Sinhalese?
  • The rest of the world believing the lies of the separatists need to remember that separatism started in 1949 with the forming of ITAK by Chelvanayagam (translate its tamil meaning and it is separate state – the English name Federal Party was just to hoodwink the people), where was the discrimination in 1949 barely months after independence? The first victim of LTTE was a Tamil mayor, the 2nd victim of LTTE were Tamil policemen on duty…so how can the Chief Minister refer to discriminations! These are all nothing but lies spun over the years and believed by naïve people and manipulated by people for their own agendas.
  • LTTE and Tamil separatism arose not because of Sinhalese but because of their own inclinations and aspirations. The Sinhalese became an easy political scapegoat. If the Tamils are angered by riots were these riots not instigated by the UNP governments? Why do the Tamils continuously vote for the UNP yet complain about the riots?
  • It is the country that has one identity combining the history and heritage of those who toiled to build the country. No provincial or district identity can become the country’s identity and come above that of the country’s identity. It is the island-nations identity that has to be incorporated into the Constitution not one province only.
  • The whole reconciliation game is a hoax and a means to fool people into abdicating their history and heritage in the false premise that they are bridging bridges. Sri Lanka’s Army fought against terrorists and terrorism not against Tamils. No country reconciles with terrorists without punishing them for destroying people and property. Sections of the Tamil political leadership cannot ride on the reconciliation bogey by trying to steal power upon themselves to fulfil their insidious agendas.
  • We would like to ask why the Tamil politicians objected to the 1957 Social Disabilities Act and even went to the extent of writing to the Colonial British office to plead with them to stop the act. This Act gave to Tamil low caste and poor youth the opportunity to attend school and study. The Tamil leaders today bragging about ‘our community’ and ‘our rights’ have conveniently forgotten that they objected to their own people studying and attending school and when these poor children were admitted to schools they high caste/class children and teachers forced them to sit on the floor and study. Please don’t preach forgetting facts!
  • We are also well aware that the whole ‘military control’ is just another Tamil propaganda stunt taking people on a guilt trip and projecting as if the military are evil and wicked people. When Justice Wigneswaran did not raise a single word to the LTTE in fear of their dear lives, it was the Sinhala soldiers who saved close to 300,000 Tamils from being shot at by the LTTE when fleeing. We have enough of the lies, distortions and fabrications by groups who are now netting themselves in their own lies because one lie leads to another bigger lie to conceal the first. C V Wigneswaran your 70 plus years life was spent mostly in Colombo amongst the Sinhalese and after living just 4 years in the North you have hardly any right to make any comments! Did you raise one objection with Prabakaran when he was forcibly taking Tamil adults and children? You did not, and if you did not you can hardly talk now! The Sinhalese people opposed the JVP when they went on a killing spree and so they have every right to have their say…. The Tamil leaders did nothing against the LTTE and the TNA manifestos have openly advocated LTTE militancy (refer 2004 and 2010 TNA manifestos)
  • There is no such ‘traditional homelands of the Tamil people’ – there is nothing to even prove with historical evidence that the Tamil race evolved in Sri Lanka, Upto 1911 all Tamils were referred to as Malabar Tamils by the colonials. Every aspect of Tamils – language, religion, behaviors etc are all rooted to Tamil Nadu.
  • The standardization is another battering ram used often to fool gullible people. This system enabled people from rural areas to gain admission to university for higher education. Prior to that the high caste Tamils were privy to the best of missionary education, jobs and well secured life. This ended with the standardization which allowed poor Tamil people to gain admission as well. What is wrong with that? Without admitting this the propagandists went on a guilt trip and the authorities are faulted for not correcting the story with statistics and facts. C V Wigneswaran says that youth took up arms because of standardization in 1974 but why kill Alfred Duraiappah in 1975? Does it mean that anyone going against Tamil leaders have to get killed?
  • Good question by C V Wigneswaran ‘how could the unfortunate parents who had lost their dear ones accept them as incidents of the past’please explain to the parents of every man, woman, child the LTTE killed since 1980s… this includes the many unarmed soldiers and others killed by LTTE and 5000 missing soldiers whom their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children mourn every day….the CM and the TNA are dutibound to explain given that they supported the LTTE and were part of the LTTE. What is the relief to these innocent people that the LTTE used by killing them to instil fear to the country and the world? Yes ‘those who have lost their loved ones have a right to expect justice and fair play’ – the people who were killed by LTTE must deserve justice before those who killed LTTE terrorists can be brought to any trial. And certainly ‘these are questions that loom large among’ ALL PEOPLE who are not supporters of LTTE or separatism.
  • We have some questions about treatment of the people of the South … why are you and TNA calling for the destruction of all Buddhist temples in the North, why are you forbidding Tamils to marry Sinhalese when your own sons are married to Sinhalese politically connected people too? Why have you allowed your people to destroy a Buddha statue and disfigure Buddha’s head, what is the message you are trying to convey from these vandalism? Why have buses taking pilgrims to Nagadipa been stoned, such incidents never took place before 2015 and after 2009?


  • All these calls for independence are coming Tamil politicians who had been living in the South amongst the Sinhalese and parachuted to the North like CV Wigneswaran and other Tamils living overseas holding foreign passports and coming to Sri Lanka only on holidays. We do not hear anything from the Tamil ordinary people calling for independence. What we cannot understand is how for over 70 years C V Wigneswaran lived without speaking a word on self-determination and no sooner he goes to live in North in 2012 all that he vomits is self-determination and homelands!
  • The reference to ‘united’ are oft used in confederacy which is a step towards separatism. The US gave up confederacy because it was too vulnerable to hold a country together. We should not make the same mistake.
  • In reference to foreign leaders coming and TNA sharing their dreams with them… we can say that we know the drill pretty well. That was how Kosovo and South Sudan were created and then the same leaders dumped the newly independent countries and now they are worse off and their dreams have turned into nightmares. We will not allow our island nation to be divided to face the same fate wherein the rest of us will have to end up dressing the wounds while the Tamil leaders who plotted all the destruction would quickly depart for foreign destinations. The same has happened in all of the newly created countries. We will not fall for these ‘right to self-determination within a united Sri Lanka’ recently Tamil youth themselves came out to say they do not want to divide the country and instead they want homes and jobs. What have you done about this?
  • The reference to South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission is good – what has it achieved, have the blacks got back their lands from the white occupiers. South Africa cannot be compared to Sri Lanka, South Africas case was one of apartheid where the people of South Africa were discriminated by foreigners who took over their lands and natural resources. Sri Lankas case was a non-international armed conflict with LTTE using terrorism. All the communities were targets and TNA at that time were dead scared to utter a word against the LTTE for fear of ending up like Amirthalingam and a host of other Tamil leaders.
  • If youth are the backbone of our country, why did the Tamil leaders including Justice Wigneswaran keep silent while LTTE were denying the fundamental rights of children and even their parents, kidnapping them and turning them into killers, handing them not books but cyanide capsules and ordering them to commit suicide if caught. Why did Wigneswaran and Tamil leaders as well as the Tamil Diaspora now quoting human rights books not tell LTTE to leave their children alone, these children never enjoyed their youth or their teenage? The only sports they did were digging underground bunkers, marshalling their way through dirty and muddy waters to escape their enemy, staying up guarding their leaders who were sleeping while they were getting bitten by mosquitos,
  • Was it not the Sri Lanka Army who rehabilitated these cadres and allowed them to study and pursue their goals – some of these child soldiers are today film stars and some are singers and having their own business ventures. All these facilitates were not given by LTTE, TNA, the UN or foreign governments or even Tamil Diaspora but the Sri Lankan Government and the Sri Lankan Army.
  • Why is the Chief Minister silent on IPKF war crimes – did the LTTE not say that 3000 Tamil women were raped by the IPKF who were garlanded by the Tamils as being their savior? Did these Indian soldiers not end up killing innocent Tamils and LTTE had to turn their guns on them when Prabakaran himself realized the foolishness of getting Indian involved and his anger was such that Prabakaran forgot the gratitude for Indira Gandhi for training him and others and assassinated her son Rajiv Gandhi in India and even the Indian intelligence failed to foil the plot! This too after Rajiv Gandhi had gifted his own bullet proof vest to Prabakaran – we can well understand why Tamil leaders like Sambanthan and even Wigneswaran would have lived in fear! They are lions now but when LTTE and Prabakaran were alive they were silent as mice!
  • Good that you have mentioned drugs and alcoholism – who are bringing drugs, where are they coming from – are these not coming from India and does LTTE not continue to have an illicit narcotic network running globally.

Chief Minister, the Sinhala youth do not need preaching’s from you unless you are willing to admit and place facts out into the open. Why do you know address Tamil Nadu leaders and complain to them about poaching on Sri Lanka’s waters and stealing profits that should come to Sri Lanka? Why don’t you demand Indian fishermen stop stealing the livelihoods of the Sri Lankan Tamil populace, why don’t you say a word against the Tamil Nadu fishermen who are destroying the marine bed of the coast belonging to Sri Lanka? You cannot be selective in your preachings! We view these Tamil Nadu incursions no different to the 17 times South India invaded our island nation and destroyed the many Buddhist temples and historical artefacts and killed many Sinhalese as well. Where is the accountability for these deaths and destructions? The ICC ruling has created cultural genocide as a war crime and all the destructions of ancient Buddhist sites by either LTTE or TNA will constitute a war crime. The late Cyril Mathew has documented these destructions well and has submitted to UNESCO in 1983.

The Sinhala Youth of Sri Lanka wish to tell the Tamil Youth to be aware of the enemies within them – the Tamil leaders who lived in the South, educated their children overseas, married their children overseas and happily stood silent while LTTE kidnapped children from remote villages where poor and low caste Tamils lived. Where are the children of Sambanthan and other bigwigs – all are living overseas! Let us also remind the Chief Minister that when the UN govt unleashed their thugs in 1983 it was the Sinhalese people who saved their Tamil friends and neighbors and this is why the Sinhalese will never accept any guilt trip to feel sorry for 1983 – the Sinhalese had nothing to do with the attacks and therefore should not be apologizing. The people who stole from Tamil homes included thugs and thieves from all communities who were happily removing items from households.

The Tamil leaders are eternally putting the reconciliation card and is asking what Sinhalese have given, we would like to in turn ask what has Tamils given to nation building prior to colonial rule and even after independence other than eternally moaning about what they have not been given.

The youth certainly have a role to play. Tamil youth must now identify the bogus politicians and other Tamil leaders living in Sri Lanka and abroad and completely shun them. Some of them need to now retire and allow the youth to take over – they have done enough damage to the country and people. The same applies to the Sinhala youth – they too must identify the bogus politicians and other Sinhala leaders who are continuing to fool the masses and completely shun them. Voters must cease voting them into power to fool the people once more.

There are smart and young leaders with vision. They must inspire others by coming forward. The system where money rules who leads and who comes to power must stop. Only people who has money to throw and buy over voters end up in Parliament. This is not a healthy democracy.  Elsewhere the same trend prevails and that is why all nations of the world are in peril. None of the leaders elected are listening to the people are leading in the interests of the people except to ensure they remain in power and after them their children are propped into power. We must end this system. We are not getting anywhere with such a system. Youth of the North and South should refuse to be misled once again by the same set of evil politicians who are manipulating media and propaganda just so that they can sit and enjoy power for eternity.

We need more youth to tell all politicians are Emperor’s in clothes.

Shenali D Waduge

35 Responses to “Message for C V Wigneswaran from Sinhala Youth”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Never happy, never enough, never grateful, never loyal traitor lot don’t want to be Sri Lankans. That’s why
    they want their drealam. Pigneswaran is no different. After being so successful in so called nasty Sri Lanka, he
    is still not happy. Need any further proof than him? Never happy, never enough. Heart and loyalty is in hell hole
    tn. That’s where they belong, that’s where they came from, that’s where they should pack up and go.

    First lot brought by the dutch to work in tobacco plantations. Second lot by the british to work in tea plantations.
    Third lot are kallathonis who crossed 16-miles to save their lives from the sever famine in hell hole tn in the
    60s. Now the traitor cancer want the whole country for themselves. The Sinhalese? They can of course jump
    into the sea. Sea is around the whole country after all.

    Fortunately for them Sri Lanka is currently ruled by bunch of spineless traitor reptiles. They will do any thing to
    please the minorities and the west. Only time these traitor reptiles remember Sinhalese is the election time.
    Then suddenly they become the nicest people on the planet. They even promised to stand on their legs for
    the Sinhalese only to kick the Sinhaleses’ back soon after the election. Sinhalaya famous for being modayas and
    traitors, fall for these reptiles every time. While these spineless traitor reptiles ruling Sri Lanka, these traitor cancers
    will try everything to get their drealam and mussisthan. At least they know they can do enough ground work
    to establish it. After all traitor alugosu (to Sinhalese only) thambi mudiyanselage jr(at) put foundations to break up Sri Lanka by signing
    13. Now 350-long island has different different mini countries. Now traitor alugosuwa’s nephew, the biggest
    traitor ever die hard catholic token Buddhist pol pot ponil wickramaSinhalakiller is in charge. So these traitor
    cancers’ job is much much easier with him. Traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) doesn’t have to think twice. Any
    thing to destroy Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism gets his full blessings!

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    It is a pity he never chose to write anything to the Tamil youth who were taking up arms- Sorry He did it .

    He gave maximum sentence to VP’s Boys& Girls compare with his Sinhala counter part Judges. you know Our Sinhala Judges are more lenient as Bhuddist Sinhala nature ( One may say Modayas or other may may say Real Sin Hela Mother Lankan that why We-Tamil never able to win since Elara Time to today because Dharma with you forever)

    May be he is regrading now ????

    live &@ let’s live in United Mother Lanka until Eelam war V !!!

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Why is the Chief Minister silent on IPKF war crimes – Who will not silent on their master ???

    Colombo 7 Widoer Judge both son married to Sinhala ladies become CM of NPC (Saiva TE) over night !!!!!
    Who’s order to Sampanthan ? RAW.

    kaput machang .

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said, Shenali!

    Wigneswaran is the WORST Tamil leader since Prabhakaran, and he is dancing to the same Racist Separatist tune as the now defunct Sun God.

    Arguably, Wigneswaran is even worse than Prabhakaran, for he benefited mightily from the Sinhala people hiding g out in Colombo and thriving at our expense. And as Shenali says, after 4 short years he has become the MOST COMMUNAL and HARDLINERS SEPARATIST of the current crop of Tamil Leaders.

    Sinhalayeni, Rise Up to defend and protect your Motherland from these ugly separatists and their PUPPET GOVERNMENT in Colombo!

    THE ENEMY IS, once again, AT THE GATES!

  5. Sarath W Says:

    There will not be any reconciliation until the Tamils accept that their past and present leaders are their worst enemies. There is no point for the Sinhalese to go out of their way to please the Tamils as they are a selfish and ungrateful lot. I do not believe that the Tamils have more grievances than the rural Sinhala village folks have. In fact there are more professionals in Jaffna than in Sinhala villages, thanks to free education. These Tamil leaders have taken advantage of everything Sri Lanka has offered them without any racial bias and use their knowledge to condemn the state and it’s generous people. The only way forward for reconciliation is to ban all Tamil political parties. They are the ones that preach racial hatred to the Tamils.

  6. Hiranthe Says:

    No matter what we say Patriots… YamaPalanaya is all geared up to give the Pee-lam. Sleeping Helayas in SL should wake up now and start protesting all these crap.

    We should chase Wignesh-waren from his Colombo safe house back to jafna to live in his dream Pee-lam.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    There will not be any reconciliation until the Tamils accept that their past and present & why not future leaders are their worst enemies.

    live & let’s live in United mother Lanka , no short cut machang !!!

    let me go back to our 2,000 years old day dream .naalai pirakum TE (Tommorow TE will born), Velu where are you ???

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil leaders of Lanka have been trying to create a Separate State for Tamils in Lanka even during the times of British colonial rule of Lanka.
    This was because in the 1920s Tamil leaders were losing the majority position in the Ceylon Legislature.
    This trend to form a Separate State has continued.
    It worsened after Tamil Nadu was stopped from breaking away from Delhi govt rule, when PM Nehru brought in Anti-Secessionsit Laws in 1963.

    After the 1983 trumped up Riots, the Tamils fled as so called refugees to the west and formed the Tamil Diaspora. They coined the words ‘pogroms’ & ‘genocide’ to form Eelam, collect funds mainly, and gain sympathy from the west.

    The Tamil leaders of Lanka brought in the Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 (Eelam through Violence). That is what created the LTTE. The rest is history …

    How can any Tamil leader of Lanka make out a case that Tamils can live anywhere in Lanka, and must also have a Separate State in Lanka ?

    * Lankans are today stuck with the ILLEGAL 13-A – it is still not removed. Unless the 13-A is REMOVED, Lanka is headed for disaster after disaster.
    * Why is the V’koddai Resolution of 1976 yet not revoked officially ? Unless this is done, it will feed into the 13-A and Eelam formation, together with violence from some of the Tamils.

    Lanka, a member state of the UN, is being bullied by member state INDIA, & the west, and the UN does nothing about it.

    It is all quite irrational.
    It is all quite unfair.
    It even sounds quite mad !

    The craziest part is that INDIA & the west are insisting, and allowing all this to happen in the name of RECONCILIATION in Lanka !
    The ILLEGAL 13-A is the least conducive piece of (illegal) legislation to Reconciliation.

    PS: Note also that the G-20 organisation main aim is to keep currency stable.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    This was because in the 1920s Tamil leaders were losing the majority position in the Ceylon Legislature.
    This trend to form a Separate State has continued- correct OUR Father of Mothe Lanka DS Senanayaka gave us false promised to comparamised to United Mother Lanka ( let British to leave) as followed by his son DS (UNP) & SWRDB (SLFP) to MR ( 13 plus ).

    But We-Ilankai demil have hope with our Kirama sevaka President MS now !!!!

    I know you call us Demila Modaya now !!!!

  10. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  11. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SA K !!

    **Lets live & let live in United Mother Lanka until Eelaam War V, Alles Gute, it is round the corner, Grrrr.

    VELU ! Where are YOU ??…..You have got the name mixed up. He is now BORN AGAIN WIGNESWAREN

    So it should be now****WIGGIE, WHERE ARE YOU.?

  12. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  13. SA Kumar Says:

    VELU ! Where are YOU ??
    Susantha Wijesinghe , We have to keep our Thesiya Thalaivar VP alive for at least another 100 years other wise you start your 1956 to 1983 Damil Vesak festival soon !!!

    Why this kolaveri machang ???

  14. plumblossom Says:

    When looking at Sri Lanka’s history, it is extremely obvious that from 600BC to around 1400AD there were three kingdoms, all Sinhala Buddhist, Ruhuna, Pihiti or Rajarata and Maya or Malayarata. Rajarata encompassed today’s North Central, North Western, Northern and even the Central Province. Ruhunu rata encompassed today’s Uva, Eastern and Southern Provinces. The Kandyan Kingdom from 1400AD encompassed most of the island inclusive of today’s Northern and the Eastern Provinces except for the Jaffna Peninsula. Even the Jaffna Peninsula was invaded and occupied by force by Aryachakravarthi (Pandyan) and actually did belong to Rajarata earlier and later the Kandyan Kingdom.

    Today’s provincial boundaries were drawn up by the British colonialists as per their divide and rule policy and the Sinhala people were not consulted when drawing up these provincial boundaries. In the meantime, most Sri Lankan Tamils of today were actually brought over during Dutch and British times to the Jaffna Peninsula and elsewhere to work on tobacco and indigo plantations which were planted extensively in all the colonies since they were much sought after and made a lot of money for the colonialists. Therefore they are recent arrivals and cannot claim homelands or separate states whatsoever.

    The usual practice when a colonial power hands over their former colonies is to hand it over to its original owners. Therefore the British colonialists should hand over the Kandyan Kingdom to the Kandyan Sinhalese from whom they took it by force. Since the Kandyan Kingdom encompassed the North and the East, these provinces too should be handed over to the Kandyan Sinhalese who are its rightful owners. Even the Jaffna Peninsula should be handed over to the Kandyan Sinhalese since it was part of Rajarata and was forcefully occupied by Aryachakravarthi (Pandyan).

    Since this has now been done already, the TNA and other separatist terrorists or the US, UK EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India cannot demand that present day Northern or even the Eastern provinces be provided any more powers or be made into federal states since this is totally going against the history and archaeology of the island and totally going against the rights of the Sinhala people who also have fundamental rights to claim the entire island inclusive of the North and the East as their homeland first and foremost. Therefore, the TNA , the separatist terrorists, the US, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canada and India has to respect the history and archaeology of the island and accept that the present day provincial councils are more than sufficient to run the affairs of the provinces. Sri Lanka must be a unitary state and no more powers should be provided to the provincial councils. In fact, when talking about the 13th amendment, the concurrent list subjects must be included in the national list. The provision where two provinces can merge should be deleted. The bogus claim of the North and the East being the homeland of the Tamil speaking people should be deleted. The entire island should be declared the homeland of all its peoples.

    Sinhala people should be resettled in the North in quite a large number if there is to be peace and harmony within the island since Sinhala people have every historical right to live in the North as well as the East. It is only due to ethnic cleansing of the North of Sinhala people by the LTTE and the other separatists that Sinhala people are not at present living in the North. Many thousands of landless elsewhere in the island especially Sinhala people should be provided land in the North since most of the vacant land in the country is in the North and in the East since both these provinces encompass over 28% of the land area of the island. Then only will there be peace since when people mix, there is more harmony. This is the only way towards peace and development in the island.

  15. plumblossom Says:

    Apart from highly commending you for taking legal action against the treacherous CBK (Chaura Rejina) regarding the defamatory and utter lies she keeps repeating to defame her rivals, legal action should be taken against her for stating that she will definitely devolve more powers to provincial Councils within the new constitution. Does this evil woman CBK think she owns Sri Lanka and that she is the one who is going to draw up the new constitution of Sri Lanka (according to the wishes of the imperialistic US, UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden, India, the racist TNA and the separatist terrorists)? The constitution of Sri Lanka should satisfy first and foremost the majority of people of this island i.e. the Sinhala people and the Sinhala people firstly do not want to draw up a new constitution nor do they want any more powers whatsoever be provided to the provincial councils especially land, police and fiscal or to illegally merge the North and the East.

    Someone has to go to the supreme court and take action against treacherous CBK for suggesting that she will definitely devolve more powers to provincial councils within the yet to be drawn up constitution since this means the treacherous Ranil, Sirisena, CBK and Mangala have already drawn up a constitution to satisfy the imperialistic US, UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden, India, the racist TNA and the separatist terrorists which is illegal.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    SA Kumar,

    If you were a Sinhala leader, what would you have done throughout, after Independence from the British in 1948 ?


    The then Tamil leaders had asked the British colonists for a separate state in Lanka.

    The British did not ‘give’ a separate state in Lanka too to then Tamil leaders, because Tamil folk already had a language based sub-state for themselves in INDIA.

  17. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil leaders had asked the British colonists for a separate state in Lanka.- yes they have told them to sort out with Sinhala leader as they are leaving soon .
    than DS Senanayaka gave us false promised as followed by all sinhala leader to MR , now 100% We know MS will fool as RW & CBK done to us so on…. .

    If you were a Sinhala leader, what would you have done throughout, after Independence from the British in 1948 ?
    sticked any promise like B-C pack or DS-C pack or RW CFA or CBK proposal or JRJ 13A or MR 13 Plus .

    We-Ilankai Demila lived last 2,000 years (since Eelra/ Dudugamu time) & will live in Mother Lanka for at least until Bhutisiam exist in Mother Lanka another 3,000 years . We are not going any where my Sinhala Sakodaraya !!!!

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    SA Kumar,

    If Tamils of Lanka are not going anywhere else, then live in Lanka, integrate into Lanka and live with the others in a law abiding way. Stop making absurd demands and be Patriotic to the country that feeds and nurtures you.

  19. Cerberus Says:

    SA Kumar, You keep saying we Hela Tamils want to have the separate state. You want to have a separate state and also live among the Sinhalese while the Sinhalese cannot live among you. The whole demand of the Tamils is fake and bogus. Tamils have migrated all over the world and nowhere else do they make this demand of the majority. Why only in Sri Lanka? It is because you want to merge Tamil Nadu with Sri Lanka and create a separate state for Tamils. You have no real grievances. We must make Sri Lanka a place where there is true Democracy and a place where everyone can live in peace and dignity. If you disagree then the only option for you is to go back to Tamil Nadu.


  20. SA Kumar Says:

    then live in Lanka, integrate into Lanka and live with the others in a law abiding way. – Integrate !!!! big question .
    Our Head of Sinhala Leders have bigger responsiblity here .

    We are Saiva-Ilankaiyar & You are Bhuddist -SinHela living in Chignkala Theevu ( Sinhala Deepa) last 2,000 years or more according to Mahavamsa(m).

    Question should asked these our Head of Sinhala leader are you real genivienly accepting We-Ilankai Demila are Mother Lankan ? Answer is NO

    Than why? because We-Thamilar do not speck sinhala even though We living in sinhala island for 2,000 years.

    Why not? because We are pariotic to Tamil & saivam ? NO We both know that is BS.

    than why the hell these Sakkiliar Tamil do not speck sinhala ? because not given oppotunity even though you modayas gave us fee of everying Education, Health , Security , even free faming land but not Sinhala learning
    even though you Sinhalese know We-Sakkilir Tamil take anything free even polidol posion than why you did not provide BUddist & Sinhala education to us?
    please do not tell me Tamil leader stoped? of cause they will stop for their selfesh purpose but giving Sinhala free education in ALL NEP Primary school to Mahavidiyala is Government policy .

    My Sinhala brother live & let’s live in United Mother lanka give free Sinhala education all of US . Monther lanka become unitry Buddist Sinhala Lanka itself !!!!!

  21. Fran Diaz Says:


    You have gone to the heart of the so called Ethnic problem in Sri Lanka.

    That is that the Tamil people are DELIBERATELY being kept separated from the rest of Lanka through LANGUAGE. I propose that without this, Tamil leaders are without a ‘job’ !

    INDIA is separated into sub-states through Language. INDIA perhaps wants to do the same in small Lanka too. Lanka is too small a place to apply the governing rules of INDIA. Lankans also do not want the Caste system of INDIA. The INDIAN caste system would come to Lanka if any separate Tamil state is formed, as such a state would tie up with Tamil Nadu.

    The possible Solution : ALL children in Lanka MUST be taught written & spoken Sinhala, while English & Tamil can be link languages.

  22. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz

    Indian flag is flying in Jalpanam sky ( why we need Indian high commision in jaffna) not Your-Sinha-Kodiya or Our Koddi-kodi & Colombo 7 Suprime Court Judge (become) appointed as CM of Saiva TE (NPC) by RAW over night .

    what is next … Ramar/Amumar Bridge ….., Palali Air port , KKS port…..
    We both are kaput now !!!

    LL children in Lanka MUST be taught written & spoken Sinhala, while English & Tamil MUST be link languages.

  23. SA Kumar Says:

    You keep saying we Hela( Eelam) Tamils want to have the separate state.- No I want have United Mother Lanka ( When We-iLANKAi Thamilar to go for UD of TE than loose every that is different matter like our first NEP CM Varatharaja Perumal).

    what I want fully implimendation of 6A &13A together !!!

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    Also, tell us why is it that the Tamil masses always vote in the Tamil leaders that do not help them to integrate into the mainstream life in Lanka.

    Instead, the Tamil masses vote in Tamil leaders who keep Lanka ‘divided & ruled’ by outside sources, and divided within the country.

  25. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil masses always vote in the Tamil leaders that do not help them to integrate- they kept us No alternative since 1948.
    Our Tamill Vella (so call high caste) leader are very very cunning no one can win them manipulating master .

    eg: 1) Our TE Thanthai(Father) Chella told us not to learn sinhala but his son Chanthirahasan can fluent in Sinhala how that happen ??? .
    2)When Our TE Thalapathi( 1st in command) A Amirthalingam get into Jaffna Yaldevi train to colombo He wear veddi & salvai but when he got out to colombo port He wear suit & tie – how that happen ???

  26. Fran Diaz Says:


    13-A IS the problem !

    Why should Lanka hang on to the ILLEGAL 13-A ? Scrap it for everyone’s sake !

    Also, the 6-A has NEVER been activated. Never activated when it was needed to be activated !
    Would they activate it now ?

  27. SA Kumar Says:

    Not only 13A all westmister parliment system also illegal us.

    For United mother Lanka 13A that is similar to Indian unian state system is best solution to us- no short cut .

    Also 6A ( similar 16A India) will sefegurd if any separation demand .

    So 13A & 6A MUST implement together for United Provincial council of Mother Lanka !

    United Mother Lanka !!!
    NPC (Saiva TE)
    EPC (Muslim TE)
    Other 7 PCs ( Sin Hela Lanka )

    Live & Let’s live Sakodara(m)ya,

  28. Fran Diaz Says:


    Yes, Colonisation was/is illegal.

    The ILLEGAL 13-A will never work as there are over 20 MILLION Tamil Dalits wanting to quit Tamil Nadu. As such, any separate Tamil area in Lanka is too dangerous for the others of Lanka, isn’t it ?

    It will end up as ‘live & let die’ as done earlier …. only a brief respite of peace is possible.

    While the Tamil Nadu Dalit 3,000 yr old Caste/poverty problems exist, it is best for ALL in Lanka to live together as ONE UNDIVIDED NATION, PATRIOTIC & TRUE TO LANKA.

  29. SA Kumar Says:

    While the Tamil Nadu Dalit 3,000 yr old Caste/poverty problems exist- Let’s worry about our own mother Lanka problem first as a one family members ( Loggu banda & Sinna Thambi) than together we will sort out world problem ,

    ALL in Lanka to live together as ONE UNDIVIDED NATION, PATRIOTIC & TRUE TO LANKA.- Agreed that is United Mother Lanka Now !!!

    United Mother Lanka itself become unitary Sinhela Lanka ( Chignkala Theevu) Where Sinhela Bhuddist ,Sinhela demila & Sinhela Muslim live together forever !!!!

    why this Kolaveri Iye (Anna) ???

    let me close my case !

  30. Fran Diaz Says:


    One more :

    How can Mother Lanka only worry about our own Mother Lanka problem, and forget the 20 million or so Tamil Dalits in Tamil Nadu ?

    It’s like treating a cancer in the limb of a person when the main growth of the cancer is in Heart & the chest.

    Tamils of Lanka can’t have their cake (Fed state), and eat it too (whole of Lanka).

    Lanka has no jurisdiction over what happens in Tamil Nadu. Lanka can protect herself only.
    That means, for starters :

    – No V’koddai Resolution (officially revoked)
    – No 13-A (removed)
    – No ETCA
    – No sea tunnel to Tamil Nadu
    – No 5,000 acre lots on 99 yr leases to foreigners
    – No new Constitution

    For growth and human happiness to happen, TRUST must be there between communities of Lanka.

  31. SA Kumar Says:

    20 million or so Tamil Dalits in Tamil Nadu ? is TNs that is Indian problem not Mother Lankas or Pakistanis or Bangadesish problem .
    why you want to bring out siders problem to us even though we both have own problem which we both have paid over 40,000 our own Brother & sister since 1948 .

    For growth and human happiness to happen, TRUST must be there between communities of Lanka.- Agreed Please sinhala people TRUST us We-Demila protect Bhuddisium & Sinhala Nation as We have done last 2,000 years or more .Also We know Sinhala people have only this country .

    eg: Elra build Bhuddist Temple & VP never touch Bhuddist Temple !!!!

    As Our CM Viggie regrading now that He did not learn proper sinhala other wise He would have gone to every Sinhala village people to explain We Tamils are not for divide Chignhala Theevu but We are for United Mother Lanka where we all live happy forever .

    live & let’s live in United Mother Lanka !

  32. SA Kumar Says:

    Already United Mother Lanka begin to become Unitary Chingnkala Theevu as Our NPC CM Viggie advising in his every sudents at his School meeting to learn Sinhala as he said ” Please learn Sinhala because every Sinhala people are learning Tamil so once who apply for any job NPC who know both Sinha & Tamil language have 100% chance to get that job does not matter his Sinhalese or Tamil so up to you (Tamil) learn Sinhala or not .

    Long life to SinHela Deepa (Chignhala Theevu) !!!

  33. Fran Diaz Says:


    Tamil folk who are labelled as Dalits in Tamil Nadu are the people who came/come as illegal migrants to Lanka. Hundreds of thousands have come to Lanka. Tamil leaders have used them for separatism, as well as plump up numbers for trumped up riots (1983) for nearly a million Tamils to go abroad to the west as “refugees”.

    How can Lanka accommodate all these people and their problems ?
    If Lanka were a huge country like some in the world, it might have been done.

    More power for Tamil leaders, the more illegal migrants here ?

    True. VP never touched Buddhist Temples – he just blew them up. e.g. Temple of the Tooth, Kandy, was attacked by the LTTE, young monks killed etc.

    Let us Close this irrational case for Eelam formation in Lanka.

  34. Fran Diaz Says:

    Put your Questions to the People of Lanka – have a referendum.
    They are the owners of Lanka.
    I am just one concerned person.

  35. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Put your Questions to the People of Lanka – have a referendum.- Agreed You will loose 100%

    not like Scotland people voted (52%) to United Kingtom but You know Your Demil Sakoraraya 98% will vote for Thani TE( Divided ILankaI) .

    Hundreds of thousands have come to Lanka- Agreed before 1948 not now , but We-ilankai Tamils are settling in TN as political refugees (still 150,000 in TN camp).

    ie in your language VR is Tamil people referendum result to TULF 1978?!!!

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