The Human Rights Lackeys: NGOs-Civil Society-Rights Activists Partners in Crime with Human Rights Violators
Posted on September 14th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

The crimes of the recent present have all been facilitated or complimented by groups of people known as NGOs, human rights activists, civil society together with mainstream media all of whom claim to be ‘unbiased’ ‘transparent’ ‘deeply concerned about the truth’ and on a mission to deliver ‘justice’. A little further investigation on who funds them, who appoints them and who sets their mandate expose the phoneys that they are and the duplicitous reports they produce, all with the ultimate aim to support the crimes of US, EU, NATO which are ably covered up and assisted by their stooges in the UN and its associate bodies. What is frightening is that the local lackeys have been artfully positioned in both government and non-governmental roles both working in cahoots to transfer the sovereign powers and the sovereignty of Sri Lanka to UN vassals. We will soon become their success story for the first remote-controlled island nation in Asia.

Eva Bartlett has listed the known HR front people and groups with links to the US State Department and criminals like George Soros).”

  1. Avaaz: Avaaz is an online lobby organization founded in 2007 by Jeremy Heimans (now CEO of Purpose) and others. Start-up funding was provided by George Soros’ foundation. …they have been prominent in promoting neoliberal foreign policies in keeping with the U.S. State Department. …Avaaz very actively promoted a No Fly Zone in Libya. They are now very actively promoting the same for Syria. Avaaz is the operational name of Global Engagement and Organizing Fund,” a non-profit organization legally incorporated in 2006. Avaaz was founded by Res Publica, described as a global civic advocacy group, and, an online community that has pioneered internet advocacy in the United States.”…The silent voice behind Avaaz, that of Res Publica, is, in the public realm, essentially comprised of 3 key individuals: Tom Perriello, a pro-war (former) U.S. Representative who describes himself as a social entrepreneur, Ricken Patel, consultant to many of the most powerful entities on Earth and the long-time associate of Perriello, and Tom Pravda, a member of the UK Diplomatic Service who serves as a consultant to the U.S. State Department….In addition to receiving funding from the Open Society Institute, Avaaz has publicly cited the Open Society Institute as their foundation partner. This admission by founder Ricken Patel is found on the website.  The Open Society Institute (renamed in 2011 to Open Society Foundations) is a private operating and grant making foundation founded by George Soros, who remains the chair.
  1. Amnesty International: Amnesty does take money from both governments and corporate-financier interests, one of the most notorious of which, Open Society, is headed by convicted financial criminal George Soros (whose Open Society also funds Human Rights Watch and a myriad of other human rights” advocates). Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, for instance was drawn directly from the US State Department …Amnesty International’s website specifically mentions Nossel’s role behind US State Department-backed UN resolutions regarding Iran, Syria, Libya, and Cote d’Ivoire… Nossel’s contributions” then are simply to dress up naked military aggression and the pursuit of global corporate-financier hegemony with the pretense of human rights” advocacy.” [citation from: Amnesty International is US State Department Propaganda] Amnesty International has even accepted money from LTTE fronts!
  1. Human Rights Watch: Human Rights Watch (HRW) is an integral part of the West’s propaganda machine. HRW shapes the narratives of conflicts, narratives which become solidified through repetition, and which eventually become regarded as undeniable facts. Moreover, the language HRW employs, far from being simply stylistic choices, is deliberately utilized to obscure the reality of war zones in the service of the Empire. This is undoubtedly the case with the Israel/Palestine conflict where Israeli actions are never outright war crimes, while Palestinian ones are. It is equally true of Ukraine. This is also the case in Libya, Syria, and Venezuela, countries where HRW has played a critical role in constructing narratives in the interests of its financier and corporate paymasters, not to mention of course the US foreign policy agenda. In both Libya and Syria, HRW has played a critical role in propagandizing the western public against the governments of those countries, thereby justifying the imperialist assault on them. More than simply collecting the facts,” HRW cobbled together a completely distorted, and in many cases utterly dishonest and factually wrong, narrative which has buttressed the case for intervention” in Syria, as it did in Libya….Human Rights Watch is undeniably an appendage of US foreign policy. It is in many ways part of the soft power” arm of US power projection, a means of delegitimizing, demonizing, and otherwise destabilizing countries that do not play ball with the US.” [citation from: HRW: Human Rights Watch or Hypocrites Representing Washington (Part 2)] George Soros has provided $100 million in funding for HRW.
  1. Ken Roth: Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, has been vocal in his support for a full scale war on Syria in the name of humanitarianism. Roth has repeatedly called for intervention against the legal government of Syria, having recently tweeted statements such as Like Sarajevo, could Douma market slaughter finally force Assad to stop targeting civilians?” (@KenRoth, Aug 16). The implication of the statement is quite clear: there should be military intervention, such as the US-NATO war on Yugoslavia and later Serbia, in order to stop the slaughter” of civilians. It should be noted that this tweet was posted within hours of the news of the incident in Douma long before any investigation. Roth, and by extension his organization Human Rights Watch, further discredits whatever vestiges of impartiality he and HRW might have had with inane tweets such as Douma market killings show how Assad chooses to fight this war: deliberately against civilians,” (@KenRoth, Aug 16), an obviously biased, and utterly unsubstantiated allegation. Roth could have absolutely no knowledge of either the identities of the dead, or the Syrian government’s motives, when he released the tweet the same day as the attack. He reveals himself here to be little more than a lackey for imperialism, a war hawk masquerading as a human rights defender.” [citation from: The Douma Market Attack: a Fabricated Pretext for Intervention?]

Last week we found that Human Rights Watch director Kenneth Roth used an image of destruction in Gaza caused by Israel to accuse the Syrian government of indiscriminate use of barrel bombs”. We wrote: This is thereby at least the third time HRW is using a wrongly attributed pictures to depict current enemies of U.S. imperialism as having causing the damage the U.S. empire and/or its friends have caused.That is not mere bias by HRW. It is willful fraud.”[citation from: HRW’s Kenneth Roth Continues Unfounded Accusations With Another False Picture] HRW boss Ken Roth argues for bombing in Syria, while director Tom Malinowski supports illegal torture renditions.

  1. Medecins Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders: Doctors Without Borders is fully funded by the very same corporate financier interests behind Wall Street and London’s collective foreign policy, including regime change in Syria and neighboring Iran. Doctors Without Borders’ own annual report (2010 report can be accessed here), includes as financial donors, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, and a myriad of other corporate-financier interests. Doctors Without Borders also features bankers upon its Board of Advisers including Elizabeth Beshel Robinson of Goldman Sachs. Complicating further Doctors Without Borders so-called independent” and aid” claims is the fact that their medical facilities are set up in terrorist held regions of Syria, especially along Syria’s northern border with NATO-member Turkey. In an interview with NPR, Doctors Without Borders’ Stephen Cornish revealed the nature of his organization’s involvement in the Syrian conflict, where he explains that aid is being sent to regions outside of the Syrian government’s control, and that his organization is in fact setting up facilities in these areas….In other words, the Wall Street-funded organization is providing support for militants armed and funded by the West and its regional allies, most of whom are revealed to be foreign fighters, affiliated with or directly belonging to Al Qaeda and its defacto political wing, the Muslim Brotherhood. This so-called international aid” organization is in actuality yet another cog in the covert military machine being turned against Syria and serves the role as a medical battalion.” [citation from: Doctors” Behind Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims are Aiding Terrorists]

Eva has also advised that anyone seeking truth must investigate the funding sources of organizations claiming to be ‘reporting the truth’ and in particular those funded by the USAID (through US Congress) and its off-shoots National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the International Republican Institute (IRI) whom are claimed to be all fronts of the CIA and are used for regime change, illegal foreign intervention and help to bring out ‘rainbow revolutions’. Eva says ” these NGOs” are in the shadows orchestrating the chaos.” Allen Weintein, one of the founders of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) explained to the Washington Post in 1991, “A lot of what we do now was done covertly by the CIA 25 years ago.”

What more needs to be said when Lawrence Wilkerson, the former Chief of Staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell said, We do this through surrogates and nongovernmental organization and through people who are less suspecting of the evil that may lurk behind their actions than perhaps they were before. Have we learned some lessons in that regard? You bet! Do we do it better? You bet? Is it still just as heinous as it has always been? You bet!

What the CIA did in the past is done by the USAID in the present!

Student leaders of the Serbian youth group Otpor who played a key role in the 2000 ousting of Slobodan Milosevic met 7 to 10 times with officials from USAID affiliates, according to the NY Times. The same group also received several hundred thousand dollars for demonstration material, t-shirts and stickers. We can well guess who funded the 6% t-shirts during the run up to the Presidential elections in Sri Lanka.

Declassified documents through Freedom of Information Acts show USAID affiliates NDI and IRI were awarded $500,000 each for campaigns in schools in Venezuela – the same is currently taking place across Sri Lanka. USAID is heavily involved in the Sri Lanka Bar Association and we should be alert to the manner the Bar Association is being used to undermine the authority of Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court. Another example of abdicating the country’s power to Geneva. It is shameful that Sri Lanka’s legal fraternity are bowing down to becoming puppets without protecting the nation.

Over the past two decades, USAID has spent 9 billion dollars promoting Washington’s democracy initiatives.

In addition to USAID and NED involved in ‘democracy promotion business’ are a net of others – National Democratic Institute (NDI), the International Republican Institute (IRI), the American Center for International Labor, the Center for International Private Enterprise and Freedom House just to name a handful.

The USAID has implemented so called democracy promotion initiatives in over 100 countries in the past 25 years

  • DuPont and USAID in food security deal (Africa)
  • USAID hunger games in Ethiopia
  • Organizations Funded Directly by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations – International Crisis Group (eternally producing reports against Sri Lanka), Institute for Policy Studies, Human Rights Watch, Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, Amnesty International,

In Sri Lanka

  • In 2014 USAID funded a controversial ‘voter education project’. 2015 election was its outcome! (‘Election Support through Voter Education (ESVE) programme)
  • Centre for Policy Alternatives – take a look at the donors – USAID / EU / Ford Foundation / National Democratic Institute / NORAD / OXFAM / Save the Children/ Canadian International Development Agency / Asia Foundation / Berghof Foundation / Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftun / UNICEF / UNDP – the local lackeys are those selected to draft the country’s constitution and head reconciliation!
  • In 2008 USAID funded CPA’s on strengthening the provincial council system – had governments kept close watch on these NGOs and foreign funded programs they would have seen what was coming!
  • Yasmin Sooka’s report against Sri Lanka was funded by George Soros Open Society Foundation and at the end of her report she thanks the organization
  • The Google balloon over Sri Lanka Google Loon Project” is also a George Soros project. Associated with the project and representing the US intelligence community is Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham Executive Director of Cyber Security Research and Education Institute which is sponsored by George Soros’s Raytheon. Google’s balloon design partner and manufacturer is Raven Aerostar also owned by George Soros.
  • Just as it is important to investigate the foreign funding of the Sri Lanka Bar Association, similar others like Asian Human Rights Commission and every other NGO where the local lackeys are playing a prominent role in the ‘CHANGE’ euphoria should also be investigated. In doing so the cracks will surface to reveal that their mouths open for dollars and pounds put in!

Looking at the patterns it is does not take rocket science to guess the reasons for the changes taking place in Sri Lanka – in the executive, the legislature, the judiciary, law & order, administrative mechanisms, public service structure, provincial council structure – every area has been replaced with a local lackey following orders of foreign-government funded NGOs who are dictating where and how the changes should take place. Our people are fools to be fighting to come into political power for very soon politicians of every political party will have no place in Sri Lanka. Currently they are being paid and cheered on to make the changes these foreign parties require to grasp power to their hands. Once that is done we will end up a nation in peril and enslaved. Do we have hope – only if we can get our act together and get rid of the lackeys!

There are few Ron Paul’s around – Congressman Ron Paul once wrote “It is particularly Orwellian to call US manipulation of foreign elections ‘promoting democracy.’ How would we Americans feel if for example the Chinese arrived with millions of dollars to support certain candidates deemed friendly to China? China and Russia must get into action.

Shenali D Waduge

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