COPE, COPE and COPE all the way
Posted on October 28th, 2016

By Lucien Rajakarunanayake Courtesy The Island

COPE is almost everywhere; it sounds like the new theme song of Good Governance, or did someone call it Yahapaalanaya.

One does feel sorry for the COPE Chairman, Mr. Handunetti, had to do a rapid scoop out of COPE, with the pressure brought on him by the Green Elephants in the Committee, who had a special love for the former Governor of the Central Bank – Arjuna Mahendran. It looks like the COPE Report, which has somehow been presented in Parliament, without any sub-reports from the Greens, will have to face a Perpetual Problem in the days ahead, with the details of the hoary profits made by Mahendran’s son-in-law, Arjuna Aloysius, who was involved in perpetual and hugely profitable dealings with the Central Bank, which were not profitable to the country.

Twisting and turning the law with regard to Treasury Bond auctions seem to have been a family business of the Mahendrans – the father-in-law and son-in-law, giving a whole new twist to ‘in-law profiteering’ that appears to have gone beyond the crooked profiting activities of the Family Tree of the corrupt, which held sway in the politics and finances of the country not so long ago. Those who make huge noises about Good Governance or “Yahapaalanaya” as it was dubbed in Sinhala, to suit Polonnaruwa thinking in politics, will soon have to come to understand how they are to COPE with the reality of ‘in-law corruption’ at the Central Bank.


This is the new issue that Parliament will have to COPE with in the coming weeks, offering opportunities for great excitement, as the Greens and Blues in government, try to find escape routes for those perpetually rich Mahendrans, to escape the Rule of Law, that is said to be a policy priority of Good Governance, until the President with Polonnaruwa ideology, recently came up with new thinking of the independence of probing into the corruption of those who display medals of honour in the armed forces, and we are now seeing a race to release ‘War Heroes’ from the cells of the Remand Prison.

Parliament is a privileged place, and its members will have all the privileges they need to probe into the COPE Report, and the various sub-issues on its content that will come from the Greens and Blues, depending on whether the voices of discord are in favour of the father-in-law or son-in-law.

But this is only one issue in the much wider COPE crisis facing the country. What the COPE members of Parliament have to worry themselves about, is nothing compared to what the public have to COPE with today, in the much wider area of politics, corruption, and corruption of a huge scale in almost every aspect of government.

Just think about it. Can you COPE with the situation where Members of Parliament, whether elected or appointed or crept in, are given permits to import luxury vehicles duty free, and no sooner the permit is obtained sell it for millions of rupees to those outside the House at Diyawanna. There are senior MPs who say this profiteering on duty free vehicle permits is part of the privileges of an MP, as it has been going on for quite a long time, on the principle that practice makes it perfect or gives it privilege.

How can you COPE with any Minister who obtained a huge building on rent worth several millions of rupees of taxpayer money, and does not occupy the premises for months on end, as the repairs and fittings have not been completed in the building? All this while there is government premises nearby, that is wholly capable of accommodating that minister, his ministry and his political work, too. That is certainly a huge COPE issue before the public, which is never discussed in parliament.

How does the public COPE with a situation when VVIP Security Guards accompany a Dahamson, member of the power that be or the ‘palana balaya’ tries to enter a night club, after closing hours (night clubs do close very late) and has violent confrontations with the Night Club Bouncer, who is injured and treated in hospital; and somehow, when the power-of-powers calls for a full inquiry there are no CCTV records available of the entire incident, the Bouncer cannot recognize those who assaulted him, and the proprietor of the Night Club, gladly agrees to bear the cost of all damages, as if he was doing a great service to the country, and not the paternal forces that produced that Dahamson, of canny and powerful escapability.

There is much, much more the people will have to COPE with from next week, with the new VAT coming into force, and there will be even more pains to COPE with when the new Budget is presented next month, trying to cover up all the failings of the last Budget, as well as sort out the huge economic, budgetary and fiscal crisis we are in, thanks to the corruption in the past, and in the present.

It is time you and I decided to find a way of COPING with the reality of the pledges of Good Governance or Yahapaalanaya being the stuff of political forgetful convenience. Get used to COPING with the new corruption that is holding sway, in a coalition of the consensual corrupt. There will be no stunning statements coming soon or even later on how the people have to learn to COPE with the broken promises, of those who sought the vote of the people to defeat corruption, but now expect the people to COPE with both the old and new corruption.

Let’s try to get used to COPING with a Cabinet of the Crooked. It will take a long time to develop the COPE-surgery, needed to remove corruption, fraud and crime from our body politic. Have patience and just learn to COPE with in all.

8 Responses to “COPE, COPE and COPE all the way”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    I hope those who were fooled by these “so called” Yahapalanaya crooks, not once, but twice COPE with these events. What they promised to do in 100 days have not happened in over 600 days. The only thing these traitors done so far is to harasses the war heroes to please the Tamil scum. My3 is making some noises just to divert the attention from his son, THE THUG Dham. Arujuna Aloysious is having the time of his life at the expense of every Sri Lankan.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sarath W,

    The promises you and I heard from the Yamapalanaya lie fallow, unfulfilled.

    However, the promises they made to themselves to get rich at the dcpense of the nation, and to betray the nation to every anti-national group arrayed against Sri Lanka ARE BEING FULFILLED …

    It is not their fault that we and the ordinary people of Sri Lanka are not SUDUSU PEOPLE privy to their REAL PROMISES? We are the lambs to be SHEARED of our wool and stripped bare!

  3. Sirih Says:

    Whole scam started with Namal and the Arjuna Aloysius, Namal brought ex BOC chairman under heavy pressure to do the same corrupt deal and fortunately chairman resigned rather than give in to this crook. I was there at that time and knew the scam and advised the chairman who is a family friend to stay calm and don’t give in.. Chairman is a distinguished Sri Lankan with big businessman with huge technical and university business in SL.
    Arjuna Aloysius company is a vessel that is used by both political parties to plunder the countries wealth and if some one can track the money we will get the full picture.

  4. S.Gonsal Says:

    Controversial bonds to be cancelled Featured

    – Oct 28, 2016

    The two controversial bonds that rocked the UNP and the government could be cancelled by the president according to SLFP Ministers.

    Experts say the EPF had purchased the said controversial Bond. This was possible because the EPF was also under the Central Bank.Both Nivard Cabral and Mahendran clearly did what ever they wanted with the EPF.

    The massive gain made by Arjun Aloysius of Rs 5 Billion in 15/16 and very likely another 10 Billion in 16/17 has been at the expense of the EPF the poor workers money and other state funds.
    If the two-controversial bonds can be cancelled and reissued at a lower interest rates according to experts. If that takes place analysts say Perpetual treasuries will be in a big fix and could become bankrupt overnight.

    Especially if they have paid off the politicians involved in the financial crime, as the opposition claims. They claim that two UNP minsters got a pay off around 3 Billion and that one of them had paid off a bank loan of over one Billion in a private bank in Sri Lanka.

    There is growing public opinion that all the beneficiaries of the Bond should pay back the money to the government. Furthermore they question why the state funds buy bonds and bills in the secondary market.

    Therefore this practice must be stopped immediately and all Central Bank Staff involved in trading in bills and bonds, their assets must be checked. Those officials in Bank of Ceylon who gave a credit line of 10 billion to Perpetual with no colateral must also be fully investigated and charged.

    Despite a promise by both the President and the Prime Minister that EPF share transactions in the last five years would be investigated, especially where Perpetual Treasuries has been involved has never been investigated so far.

    Furthermore, Arjuna Mahendren was the head of Priority Banking Unit where the alleged accounts of the Rajapakse’s in DUBAI were held. It is being alleged now that it was Arjun Aloysius who introduced the Rajapakses to NBD Bank in Dubai thru his Father in law Mahendren and that another deal with a businessman politician may have been struck to stop the investigation to give them the time to move the money out of the bank.

    It is shocking that while the government was investigating lesser crimes people like Mahendren and Aloysius are still to be investigated and are living the high life.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    All these TAMIL CROOKS are ETHANOL dealers!! They INTOXICATE Singhalese and rob them left, right and centre. Here is the list.

    ARJUN ALOYIUS – largest shareholder of MENDIS ARRAK COMPANY and owner of FREE LANKA – largest WINE importer.
    FATHER IN LAW – former governor of central bank.


    So you can see how TAMILS INTOXICATE Singhalese while making TRILLIONS on ethanol also appointed to all TOP places of CENTRAL BANK, SEC, SUPREME COURT so that they can save each other!!

    Tamil parasite curse is MUCH BIGGER than you people think!! It is out to get SL.

    These crooks must be sent to the GALLOWS!!

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    That is correct Gonsal. AA is NR’s friend.

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    What action? There will be no action at all that’s guaranteed. Catholic-controlled media will shield the traitor
    chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot ponil wickramaSinhalakiller and make the
    people who protest the culprits. That’s what is going to happen. Batalande Wadakaya and his catholic buddies
    arjun horandran, john mara, ravi karunkaya, regina cooray, austin fdo, gonja ranja, xxxx harin etc. etc. all are
    above the law. and are untouchable in pathetic
    Sri Lanka. That’s the truth.

    This is how catholic-run traitor UNPatriotic party rules! Used tyres for the Sinhalese to getting roasted. Ask traitor
    chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot ponil wickramaSinhalakiller. Sinhalese
    can’t question/protest. They going to be burnt in tyres or knife in the back. Still a lot of Sinhala modayas don’t
    understand this.

    Traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) thambi mudiyanselage jr(at) started using pathalyin to silence the opposition. Since then traitor alugosuwa
    (to Sinhalese only) lk r(at) porisada, traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) Batalande Wadakaya etc. etc. used/use pathalyin.
    No problem for them since Sinhala modayas can’t see or understand. Sinhalese are not just modayas. Since traitor
    thambi mudiyanselage jr(at) they have become brain dead as well. COPE or whatever the traitor UNPatriotic party
    get away with it. Sri Lanka is ruled by the biggest crook ever traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande
    Wadakya pol pot ponil wickramaSinhalakiller. So Sinhalese don’t stand a chance with this murderous Pathala Man PM.

  8. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Puppet maru (hora)sira can still be a hero and come clean. Sack pathala man traitor chief die hard catholic token
    Buddhist Batalande wadakaya pol pot ponil wickramaSinhalakiller. Batalande wadakaya is on his last lap now.
    Batalande wadakaya is an illegal immigrant to the PM post after all. Do it maru sira. You can do it!

    Murderous traitor alugosuwa becoming increasingly unpopular and people are getting fed up with the xxx. Throw
    the traitor alugosuwa into the dustbin of history. Maru sira you can do it. Do it and become a hero. I’m sure all the
    Sinhalese going to forgive you for all the sins you’ve done. Do it maru sira! No sarong wetting after that.

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