Bond scams: MR holds entire govt. responsible
Posted on November 4th, 2016

by Shamindra Ferdinando Courtesy The Island

Former President and Kurunegala District MP Mahinda Rajapaksa has said that the ruling UNP-SLFP coalition leaders including President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe should take the responsibility for Central Bank bond scams.

Rajapaksa says action should be taken against all those accused of mega fraud running into billions of rupees. The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and the Financial Crimes Investigating Division (FCID) will not investigate members of thecurrent administration.

Addressing a gathering at UPFA MP Prasanna Ranatunga’s Udugampola residence, the former President vehemently denied government accusations that former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had created the Aava group now causing mayhem in the Jaffna peninsula. “We are being accused of creating Aava group. Some members of the government propagate lies. We have never done anything inimical to the national interest”, ex-President Rajapaksa insisted.

The former President alleged that the government had been propagating lies to deceive the people and also to cover up its repeated failures. “Less than two years after the last presidential polls, the country is in chaos and experiencing political turmoil.”


Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing gathering at Udugampola, Gampaha on Thursday

Comparing the situation in the Northern region now and during his administration, the former President said that normalcy was restored during his time. The then government created an environment conducive for all communities to live in harmony, Rajapaksa said, alleging that the yahapalana government had undermined security. The former President expressed concern about the Sinhalese not being able to visit the Northern region in case the government allowed further deterioration of the security situation there.

The former President said Tamil speaking people had now realised that they blundered by being party to a foreign conspiracy to topple his administration. Alleging that the government was in the process of introducing a new Constitution to appease those who had been promoting separatist sentiments, the former President stressed the need for defeating that attempt.

The former President alleged that some of those who had entered parliament through the UPFA National List were engaged in mud slinging campaign at the behest of the new leadership. Rajapaksa also condemned President Sirisena for appointing UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister at the expense of D. M. Jayaratne soon after the last presidential polls. The President said he was not responsible for causing a split in the party


MP Ranatunga said that the electorate was awaiting an opportunity to rectify the unpardonable mistake of ending the Rajapaksa rule. The MP said that people had been deceived by yahapalana leaders to engineer the former President’s defeat. The Mahinda loyalist alleged that those who had been rejected by the electorate but entered parliament through the National List were working overtime to undermine the group with the former President.

9 Responses to “Bond scams: MR holds entire govt. responsible”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Instead of a new party, MR should go to Maru Sira and get the PM post.

    Tell Sira that due to BOND SCAM SLFP is very unpopular as long as it stays with the UriNePee. SLFP won 96 seats. Get some UNPers and form a govt.

  2. plumblossom Says:

    Yes, Ranil Wickramasinghe must resign immediately. This is the honourable thing to do. The country should be run by a PM who holds the confidence of most people. This is very important. Someone else who holds the confidence of the people should be appointed the PM by President Sirisena. Besides, Arjunan Mahendran did say the PM, meaning Ranil, asked him to do it. Therefore he should resign immediately which is the honourable thing to do and let any investigations take place without any interference. In other countries, this is what happens after this type of incident. So it is not at all unique.

  3. plumblossom Says:

    Yes I agree with Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe. We need all moderate forces who are for nation building, Sri Lanka’s independence, Sri Lanka’s freedom and unity of the entire Sri Lankan nation as one. We want all patriotic forces to come together and whether they are Sinhala Buddhist, Malay, Indian Tamil, Muslims, Burgher, Sinhala Catholics, Sinhala Christians, Burghers does not matter at all. I am deliberately not including the Sri Lankan Tamils here since we know that they are demanding mad, crazy demands such as Eelam and there is no point talking to them even, which is a total waste of time. We need an honest government in the future who will restore the fertilizer subsidy, free school uniforms, free milk at schools, restoration of the samurdhi to its previous level, restoration of the pension to its previous level, restoration of the mahapola to its previous level, encourage vocational training and vocational training colleges, implement a vocational trained youth, youth farmers etc. succeed in starting up SMEs or farms and help them until they succeed (a youth employment programme), a government which understands that the majority of youth will not do ‘A’ levels or go to university and so it is important for vocational training, farming skills be provided to such youth and a youth employment programme to be implemented, enhance the Nenasala i.e. IT and English leaning centres commenced by the Mahinda Rajapakshe government etc.

    Most importantly we need a government who will help the rice farmer sell his rice at a decent price, switch from a wheat based diet to a rice based diet, restoration of api wawamu, rata nagamu, restoration of the dairy industry so that we produce all our own dairy produce, tax food imports such as potatoes, onions, chillie etc. and encourage the local potato, onion, chille farmers. We need a government who will help the tea, rubber, coconut, cinnamon, spices sector. We need a government who will stop the illegal fishing by Indian fishermen in the Northern seas, encourage the ornamental fisheries industry, tourism etc. We also need PS, MC,UC’s who will clean up all drains and sidewalks, collect rubbish and dispose of such properly in an environmentally friendly way, dredge all canals, lakes of mud etc.

    We need a government who will restore the kanthale, pelawatte sugar factories, restore the Valachchenei paper factory, restore the KKS cement factory, initiate a fruit juice, jam making factory since we have so much fruit and vegetables, improve the cooperative system and expand the sathosa system, restore the hand loom industry, basically produce all these ourselves,reduce imports, create youth employment in the process and save our foreign exchange.

    We need a government who would let the Sri Lankan security forces freedom to decide all security measures that need to be taken, be taken without any interference from any external forces, who will safeguard the unitary state of the country etc. We also need to ensure that anyone whether Sinhala Buddhist, Malay, Indian Tamil, Moors, Burgher, Sinhala Catholics, Sinhala Christians, Burghers is free to live anywhere in the country without any fear whatsoever, especially in the North. We need a government who can tell the TNA and all external forces that this island belongs to all islanders in common and that no bit part of this island is exclusive to any specific group of people. This should be reflected in the constitution that Sri Lanka is a unitary state etc.

  4. plumblossom Says:

    plumblossom Says:

    November 5th, 2016 at 4:02 am

    I agree with Former President Mahinda Rajapakshe, all moderate and patriotic forces must come together does not matter whether they are Sinhala Buddhist, Malay, Indian Tamil, Muslims, Burgher, Sinhala Catholics, Sinhala Christians, Burghers does not matter at all. We must help Sri Lanka at its hour of need from interference by external forces and demands such as Eelam and federal states, reducing the unitary state to a label only etc. This yahapalanaya government should let a more patriotic group of people govern the country since they have completely failed so far and is being extremely treacherous towards the country, the Sri Lankan security forces and they have also reduced the economy to a very low level with the bond scams etc. The least that should happen is for PM Ranil Wickramasinghe to resign immediately at least.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Bond Scam was carried out by Arjuna Mahendran (appointed by Exec PM, RW – who was appointed by Pres MS ‘because the west wants it so ..’).

    The guilty parties are starkly evident.

    Wriggling out of this one won’t be easy – RW has outdone himself this time.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Mahinda’s strategy is good!

    Use the new party, the Sri Lanka People’s Front aka SLPF, to give the patriotic voters a legitimate opposition party with a LEGAL claim to become the opposition majority in Parliament, while continuing to PRESSURE Sirisena and his SLFP group for the post of Prime Minister.

    The very fact that the new SLPF party now exists, puts pressure on Sirisena to replace Ranil with Mahinda. If he does not, the majority of the voters who currently support the SLFP will vote for the SLFP and Sirisena will lose his power base.

    The only way for Sirisena to have a modicum of influence via the SLFP is for him to come home to his roots anf rejoin Mahinda, using the Great Central Bank Robbery as a fig leaf to jettison Ranil.

    That would be the BEST THING for the Nation to recover from the current REGIME CHANGE DISASTER of the Yamapalanaya government selling the country to its enemies.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oops, I meant to say “the majority of current supporters of the SLFP will vote for the SLPF”!

  8. S.Gonsal Says:

    Lorenzo says “Tell Sira that due to BOND SCAM SLFP is very unpopular …”

    Bond scam was to fund election campaign of Sira and UNP ! Surely Sira knows this, no need to teach. He may have pocketed some money as well.
    Acually if you leave out this “Bond Scam”, all other SCAMS ( of last 7 years) were the work of SLFPeers now with the governement. Also other BOND SCAMs occured over the years are there as well.

    In fact this “BOND SCAM” is now diverting attention form the LTTE SCAM and MUSLIM SCAM which are the most formidable threats. BEWARE !
    When SCRAP 13A push was in full gear , came the SACKING OF SHIRANI scam to divert attention and kill 13A push forever !
    No one is even mentioning 13A now.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sorry – I have made a mistake and repeated the ISLAND website twice.

    Here is the corrected version :



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