AAVA Terrorist Evolution Similar to EROS Terrorist Group
Posted on November 20th, 2016

Dilrook Kannangara

What happens in northern Sri Lanka today is very similar to the happenings in late 1970s leading to full-scale war. Eelam Revolutionary Organisation of Students (EROS) was the first organized terrorist group in Sri Lanka. It was formed out of intellectuals and as the name goes Tamil adult students.

EROS was formed in 1975 in London by Tamil intellectuals. It recruited Tamil speaking people in Sri Lanka growing into a large organization. In order to gain weapons and terrorist training, it pretended to stand up for Muslims in the east and the north. Using its pretended Muslim concerns, it managed to establish links with Abu Jihad group of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). At that time they were the world’s leading terrorists. EROS quickly got a few of its batches trained in terrorism. In fact, it was EROS that arranged for the initial terror training of LTTE, TELO, PLOTE and EPRLF leaders to get trained in Palestine.

EROS carried out terror attacks in northern Sri Lanka in late 1970s and early 1980s. Tamil civilians succeeded to evict Sinhala students from the Jaffna University in August 1977. Working in tandem with armed terrorists, they became a conduit between the civilian and armed wings of Tamil terrorist groups. It later evolved into ‘Makkal Padai’ (people’s brigade) of the LTTE.

AAVA terrorist group has followed the same tactic. Its first attack was on Sinhala students of the Jaffna University in 2016. Then it increased its terror activities using motorbike squads.

Demilitarisation of the north and disarming EPDP paramilitary group immensely helped AAVA terrorists. Influence by AAVA terrorists, Tamil youth engaged in various illegal activities. Tamil policemen shot dead 2 of these leading to disturbances in the north. According to news reports, by mid-November over 35 suspected Tamil youth have been arrested in connection with the terrorist group. Just as EROS, AAVA terrorists are also funded by the LTTE Rump. However since 1982 close to a million Tamils migrated to western nations mostly exploiting refugee visas. It gives AAVA terrorists a better financial clout than EROS could imagine. This is yet another tactic of middle eastern terrorists that trained EROS.

However, the bigger danger is, if AAVA group seeks assistance from middle eastern terrorist groups as its predecessor EROS did, the whole episode will be turned much worse. Despite USA, UK, France and Russia battling Islamic groups in two small countries in the Middle East, no progress has been achieved. If Tamils make a temporary tie up with them, that will cause immense difficulties for the Sri Lankan government. In reciprocation, they may assist Jihad groups to infiltrate into India (Khorasan in their jargon).

LTTE Rump has enough cash to pay for weapons. Although Tamil international weapons network was dismantled in 2009 with the arrest of its innovative leader KP, Tamils can rely on IS and other middle eastern terrorist groups (as they did in 1975) to build a terror network.

AAVA group could not have found a better time to launch its activities than during Sirisena-Ranil rule. They came to power thanks to the Tamil block vote. As a result, they have a soft corner for Tamil terrorism. Extreme Hindu nationalist sentiments in India also help their cause. This conducive environment will see the terror group rapidly expanding locally and internationally. Tying terrorism to refugee visa was a very successful, mutually reinforcing tactic LTTE and EROS used. AAVA group will follow it. This tactic not only gives it millions of dollars in donations and business, but also helps galvanize Tamil civilian support.

Faced with the AAVA terrorist threat, the government made an idiotic decision to remove Tuan Salley from the head of Directorate of Military Intelligence. He is a proven successful operator in keeping a tab on Tamil terror developments. His removal will massively impact national security. Unless unforeseen circumstances intervene, Sri Lanka will have full blown war once again as Tamil terrorism is on the rise already.

9 Responses to “AAVA Terrorist Evolution Similar to EROS Terrorist Group”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Its too late now.

    SL seriously stuffed it up after 2009. When Endia and USA had consular officers in Jaffna I KNEW this will happen.

    US embassy in Libya was doing the same thing.

  2. S.Gonsal Says:

    Don’t worry. Rohitha’s satelite is monitoring every move of Ava Group. He will get rid of it within 1 second of next MahaRaja2 aanaduwa coming to power soon with the help of Tamil+ Jihad block vote.
    Basil will make sure every Tamil and Muslim vote will go to MahaRaja2.

  3. Christie Says:

    Thanks Dilrook.

    Not all original members of EROS are dead yet, They are active from countries of the West and other Indian colonies. It is India who formed and supported the EROS. hose were the hay days of the Non Aligned Nations lead by India and India undermined Ceylon and other Indian colonies. India had very close connections with the PLO.

    The queer thing is Mahinda was a leading activist in Ceylon who supported the PLO like other gullible Sinhalese.

    That is one reason why India installed Mahinda in 2005 not Ranil.

  4. raviu Says:

    @Christie: Ceylon? I thought Dilrook’s article is about Sri Lanka!

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Yes, Dilrook, a full blown EELAMIST separatist war is in the offing.

    This was the reason why the WIGNESWARAN and the TNA proxies of the TNA wanted the Army and Intelligence units REMOVED from the North and East.

    Now, a 13A+ that gives FULL POLICE and LAND powers to the PROVINCIAL COUNCILS is ready to be submitted to Parliament. Reportedly, even the power of the PRESIDENT to SUSPEND the Provincial Council has been REMOVED!

    The LTTE is preparing to become an Army again in the Motherland and East to consolidate that secessionist power! That is the goal of this AAVA group …. now being presented under a cover story of being criminal group only.

    In the meantime, most of the INTELLIGENCE officers who fought against the LTTE in the past are in PRISON, and the intelligence organization is in tatters.

    ALL of these moves ARE BY DESIGN, NOT BY ACCIDENT!

    The Sinhala people won’t stand for this, and the nation is heading toward FULL BLOWN civil disobedience and chaos, not only RENEWED TERRORISM in the North.

  6. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Dilrook for the eye opener for sleeping Sinhelas.

    In the last para you wrote that the government made an idiotic decision to remove Tuan Salley. It is not a idiotic decision for them. They are here to implement India’s plans and Kerry’s plans. No matter what they do there are no complains from Amnesty International or Human right groups and also from so called champions of Democracy in the West and Europe.

    These two fools and others in the pay list of the west & India are not bothered about Mother Lanka.. We have to get rid of these parasites very soon otherwise this parasite will paralyse Mother Lanka permanently.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    I thought he was Suresh Sally??

    Suresh was the DMI chief until recently. He comes from a military family that served SL. TOTALY foolish to remove him. He was a VERY CAPABLE man.

    One law for Suresh, another law for SAGALA police minister who attacked disabled war heroes. SAGALA must be tried for crimes.


    Yes MR was the head of SL’s PALESTINE FRIENDSHIP GROUP. He even gave $1,000,000 to PALESTINE when $1,000,000 could have given pipe water to SINGHALA people in RATHUPASWALA. ISRAEL was our BIGGEST helper to win the war. This action would have HURT Israelis.

  8. ranjit Says:

    Thanks Dilrook for educating us with valuable information like these.From the day one these conspirators came to power we know that our Motherland is in danger. Just look at who’s governing the country? More losers than winners in high posts. First time in our history that a Govt has appointed lose candidates as Ministers. It’s a shame and disgrace. Prime-minister from a party with no majority and without any consent from others. The current traitors took over power by force with the help of the west and the Indian parasites. This illegal govt will stay as long as they keep their numbers by giving them bribes to stay put. West and Indians will do anything to keep this puppet regime of Sira/Run-nil/Chowra at any cost even by helping teror organizations like Eros, Aawa etc like India did it in 83 helping to form LTTE

    We Sinhalese majority should be united at this hour. If Govt doesn’t do anything or stay blindly looking otherside then we the people who loves this land should prepare for the worst.We cannot allow terrorists to destroy our land or kill our people again. NEVER.We ask this Govt to take action immediately on this foreign funded organizations who slowly come to the open and waiting to destroy our peace and freedom. We need to stop these Tamil and Muslim murderers before they do harm to innocent civillans same like before. Our nation, religion and the people must be saved at all cost. The current govt must be kicked out thru peoples power as soon as possible. Join the MR movement and be part to save your homeland.

  9. Sarath W Says:

    Thanks Dilrook for your informative article.
    But the worry for me is there seems to be no solution to this problem facing the very existence for our Sinhala nation. Our choices for leading the nation are limited. It is either Sirisena/Ranil/ Chandrika unholy trinity or Mahinda. I always give credit to Mahinda for the leadership he gave to eliminate the LTTE threat and will be ever grateful for that and the rapid development he achieved in a short time after the war.
    Now the country is yet again in a critical stage and is nearly bankrupt and the Tamil separatist are raising their ugly heads encouraged by our traitorous leaders. So why is Mahinda silent about these issues? Is’nt it time for him to stand up to these traitors and reassure his Sinhala Buddhist voter base that he is our leader and will fight to save the nation again? He should clearly state his plans and take a stand on the 13th amendment, military bases in the North and plans to develop the nation. Just leaving the dirty work to Wimal, Dinesh, Bandula and the rest of JO is not good enough.

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