Breaking News Anarchy Spreads Across the US As Defeated Neoliberals Egg on their Goons to Keep up the Violence!
Posted on November 24th, 2016

By Gandara John

The Neoliberal forces, suffering a major defeat at the US Presidential Election on 08 Nov 16 are pulling out all stops to recoup their ‘earth quaking’ political loss.

Unleashing armed goons onto the streets of America, the Neoliberal forces are spreading terror across the length and breadth of the US.

A washed out Hillary Clinton exhorted the rioters: Keep up the fight”.

The defeated Neoliberals are not transferring power easily; they are fighting back and they are fighting back on diverse Fronts to reverse the democratic effects of the vote of the US people.

On the International front taking the offensive is Obama, an anxious standard bearer of Neo Liberalism that is reeling from a sledgehammer body – blow; he carried with him a message to Germany’s autarch Merkel, who in 2017 is standing for her 4th term of office.

On the Media front, Neoliberal television channels with global reach are bombarding viewers with ‘news’ artillery, trumping up ‘Trump Tales’ ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.

The myriad of Neoliberal NGOs in Sri Lanka have been charged to initiate damage control measures; they have hastily summoned their respective local membership to ‘seminars’, to defuse the impact of the defeat of their paymasters, to reassure nervous acolytes and quislings and to spell out to these unworthy their future tactical role. The need to reorganize themselves in their hour of gloom is of dire importance to the Neoliberals.

The local Embassy personnel bred, fed and nurtured on the Neoliberal diet of 1941 are shell shocked and reduced to mumbling the business as usual line; There will be no change in foreign policy” they say!

The Neoliberal acolytes, given handouts of awards, prizes and recognition and addicted to a lifestyle they can ill afford with their local earnings, have been read the riot act: earn your supper or begone with you”.

In fear or in justification of their mercenary role the acolytes and quislings are writing articles demonizing the US President Elect, Trump.

Within the US, the violence suggests that the defeated Neoliberals, yet to hand over the reins of power, are keeping alive the many options available to them; these range from Declaration of Martial Law, to a la 1963 JFK situation, to an intervention in Ukraine, to an outright Impeachment .

Some of the Trump Tales telecasted on News Channels suggest that the Neoliberals are also keeping open the option of taking Trump to Courts; the apex Courts in the US are stacked with Neoliberals.

And if it is ‘Impeachment’ the Neoliberals are chasing after, they breathe easy with Mike Pence, the Vice President elect who is a traditional Republican.

It is clear that the Neoliberals in the US consider Germany as their strategic partner in Europe. Germany, France and the Czech Republic go to the polls in 2017.

If the Neoliberals go to war in Ukraine during the interregnum period it puts Trump in a bind especially considering his good diplomatic relations with Russia.

To sustain offensive operations in the Ukraine, Germany’s active cooperation is needed; forward airfields, bases, seas, pyrotechnic dumps, support facilities for refueling and the like are essential for the success of the operation

The ‘Trump Quake’ is rumbling in Europe and the three countries coming up for elections fear a US like People’s Revolution.

‘Dictator’ Merkel is aware that her chance of a fourth time re-election would be bleak if there were to be a refugee influx before the Election; she would be wiped off the political slate. There would be a domino effect in France, the Czech Republic and the rest of Europe.

The key to Merkel’s victory lies in Obama’s hands.

Prior to taking the message personally to Merkel, Obama clinched a deal with cash strapped Greece. Greece has been a major staging post for refugees entering Germany.

The deal was simple. Greece for their part will not allow the refugees to pass through Greece but would instead keep the refugees inside their country. The US, for their part, would pump in money for the upkeep of the refugees and help Greece to tackle its debt crisis.

With the Greek deal in Obama’s pocket ‘Dictator – for – Life’ Merkel, for obviously selfish reasons, would support the Neoliberal adventure in Ukraine.

Obama’s magic key would lose its potency after the German Election in August 2017. And after 20 Jan 17 the Neoliberals, as things are, would lose their power to commit US troops to Ukraine.

The probability therefore of an imminent US military intervention in Ukraine is high.

If Obama thought that visiting Asia and stirring the South China Sea could take China out of the Ukrainian equation and additionally ferment the Kuril island issue, Trump had other plans; in Obama’s absence Shinzo Abe was warmly welcomed by Trump.

The US since the 1941 Atlantic Charter Agreement has been building and expanding its  Empire on a Neoliberal dogma, pithily described as globalisation which translated reads as ‘The Creation of the US Empire’.

The pillars of that Empire were clearly enunciated at the Breton Woods Conference which followed the ‘Atlantic Charter’; those pillars were the creation of, the World Bank, the IMF, the WTO (then referred to as GATT), the UN, the US Dollar as a global currency, NGOs and an International intervening military Force like the R2P.

Contrary to popular notion, the US is not a Democracy but a Plutocracy (the rule of the wealthy).

The design of the Plutocrats is to establish the Plutocratic ‘One World Empire’.

The Plutocrats took a long step forward to take control of the US when in 1913 the ‘Federal Reserve Act’ was passed. That Law gave exclusive power to a private company (of the Plutocrats) called Federal Reserve to create and print US money, the US Dollar. (When the US goes to war it is this private company that lends money to the US Government– by printing money – to enable the Neoliberals to arm their war machine).

This Private Company – the Federal Reserve – is the Central Bank of the US and controls all the Central Banks around the world including Sri Lanka.

To create the American Empire the Neoliberals had to initiate, on behalf of the Plutocrats, many wars and conflicts in states around the world to break down existing boundaries and gerrymander the world to dimensions.that fitted their ntions. Sri Lanka’s conflict was not an exception

Today these wars have contributed largely to the monies owed by the American people to this Private Company, ‘The Federal Reserve’; it is a staggering 20 Trillion Dollars!

And the Neoliberals have pledged that this 20 Trillion Dollar debt to this Private Company of Plutocrats will be paid by the American People come what may and come when ‘the time’.

The Neoliberals have successfully committed the People of the US to perpetual bondage of the Plutocrats in the Federal Reserve.

The Plutocrats consolidated their power when the Neo liberals in the US removed the cap on spending at US Election campaigns, cut the nexus connecting the Dollar to gold, abolished the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution and enabled cross ownership and monopoly of media with Clinton’s Telecommunication Act.

Trump has strongly insinuated that he is against the very notion of a US Empire and that he is committed to ‘closing’ down that Empire by reducing US expenditure on NATO, by securing soundly the immediate boundaries of the US, by using the billions saved when cutting down military expenditure to improve the lives of the US people, by bringing back manufacture to the US and by reviewing all International Treaties and Trade Agreements to which the Neoliberals have placed their signature.

The people of the US and the people of the world have got a rare opportunity of dumping the Neoliberals acting brazenly for the Plutocrats who unashamedly are pursuing Plutocracy and writing off Democracy.

It is to the advantage of the Greeks to allow the refugees to go through to Germany and help the German People to dump its Dictator, Merkel; without the Neoliberal wars there would be no refugees from Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan etc to plague Greece and Europe. This would give the opportunity for the people of Europe and the world to restore Democracy.

In Sri Lanka the Neoliberals interfering in the Sri Lankan Elections and the political process in 2015 engineered a Coup d’état and brought into power the country’s First Unconstitutional Prime Minister now being charged with accusations of massive financial crime.

Sri Lanka’s Neoliberal darling, who despite the fanfare on the ‘Rule of Law’ has yet to be charged for the murders in Batalanda, is now only a heart beat away from the Presidential Throne.

The Mont Pelerinist acolyte is pushing for a New Constitution which the Neo liberals want and the People never wanted; he is pushing to give the global Neoliberals ownership of Sri Lankan Land which the UNP leadership of old was against and which the Democratic parties in this country have consistently opposed.

With anarchy prevailing in the US and the Neoliberals reeling under Trump, it is within the realms of possibility that the defeated Neoliberals may attempt to consolidate their 2015 victory in Sri Lanka.

Now is the time to politically dump the unconstitutional political lump before the defeated neoliberals in the US cause that crucial heartbeat to stop.

The Ruling Classes are reeling; they cannot believe that the walls of the US Empire are crumbling; it is not from an enemy attack from the outside but from a popular Revolution of the working classes from within. Let us grasp this moment of time in history and let us free ourselves from the chains that shackle us.

13 Responses to “Breaking News Anarchy Spreads Across the US As Defeated Neoliberals Egg on their Goons to Keep up the Violence!”

  1. Christie Says:

    Bharat Samraj mate.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Good one Vijitha.

    This is what happens in USA now. Just what PUTIN wants!!!


    BTW MR should be very careful with GL. I can see GL ACCOMPANYING MR everywhere in the world he goes. GL is a FEDERALIST. We are very worried. He is in CHINA with MR. He will pass this info to ENDIA, Maru Sira, etc.


  3. Lorenzo Says:


    Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Russia’s border “doesn’t end anywhere”, addressing a televised awards ceremony for geography students.

    “That was a joke,” Mr Putin said amid applause and laughter from the audience at the glitzy ceremony.

    He was asking a nine-year-old boy: “Where does Russia’s border end?” The boy had said “at the Bering Strait”. Mr Putin then provided his own answer.

    Mr Putin has pledged to defend ethnic Russians wherever they live.

    In July 2014, three months after Russian troops annexed Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula, he spelled out his doctrine to Russian ambassadors.

    “I would like to make it clear to all: our country will continue to actively defend the rights of Russians, our compatriots abroad, using the entire range of available means – from political and economic to operations under international humanitarian law and the right of self-defence.””


  4. Kumari Says:

    The neo liberals or better referred to as Limousine Liberals have lost the grip on the world. When they distributed American Democracy, the democratically elected Egyptian president Morsi ended up in jail, Bath party (the largest party in Iraq) was and I believe still banned from Iraqi elections. In Libya they had to bomb and brutally kill the popular leader Gaddafi, in Syria Assad has over 84% approval rating in 2015 elections but that is not good enough for Syrians. Even the Syrians Christians want Assad and not imported democracy.

    Trump gets elected through a 200 year old world’s best electoral system (according to them) and now people are on the road.

    I am happy to see the back of Hillary, she never wanted our terrorism stopped. She has good terrorists and bad terrorists. She did her best to stop the World Bank loan but Libyan leader Gaddafi loaned us the funds to finish the war. Out of our enemies David Milliband was the first casualty. Then went Cameron in a much unexpected fashion, now Hillary. I like to see all our enemies, including our own Sri Lankan and untrustworthy Indians go the same way.

    The way our great leader Mahinda Rajapakse accepted the peoples’ verdict and vacated the post is an example to all the politicians the world over.

  5. Hiranthe Says:

    We have Lichchavi’s ruling in SL…

    They have mastered the game of Daylight robberies. Very soon they are going to rob us our mother land…

    As Christies always say.. they are Indian parasites eating into Mother Lanka…

  6. S.Gonsal Says:

    In Sri Lanka the Neoliberals interfering in the Sri Lankan Elections and the political process in 2015 engineered a Coup d’état and brought into power the country’s First Unconstitutional Prime Minister now being charged with accusations of massive financial crime.

    2nd part is NOT TRUE. Neoliberals may have a hand in defeating ex-Prez, but it is ex-Prez who facilitated installing First Unconstitutional Prime Minister after a secret meeting between the duo. You cannot clap with one hand.

    It was the Presidential Elections. Why should the defeated President have meeting with parliamentary opposition leader ( Batalanda Murederer) ? This is a private or illegal secretive meeting.
    It should have been between defeated Prez handing over his work to Prez elect. Instead he went home in a helicopter without handing over ANYTHING. Documents , vehicles , ministers, ships , weapons appeared and disappeared from everywhere. What an illegal , selfish, immoral, irresponsible action and complete betrayal of motherland ? Why this man loved by millions of people did so ? He should explain to people rather than telling blatant lies

    There was a legitimate government, a PM and a Cabinet that could only can be changed by a parliamentary election after dissolving of the assembly. Instead, an illegal meeting took place and ex-PreZ used his PERSONAL DOMINANCE over faithful followers to ask the cabinet ministers and PM to go home and sleep. Was this a legitimate government or a bunch of crooks ?

  7. Christie Says:

    I had high hopes from Trump. But then both Democrats and Republicans rely on Indian vermin and their money. Trump has appointed an Indian vermin to the UN who says she is in with the Indian vermin. Then Indian businessmen who are connected with Trump business have had the opportunity see him since the election I hear Trump has lots of businesses with USA Indian vermin and Indians in India and elsewhere. There could be some here through the Indian colonial parasites.
    But I hope and wish he will not be persuaded by the Indian imperialists.

  8. RohanJay Says:

    “….This Private Company – the Federal Reserve – is the Central Bank of the US and controls all the Central Banks around the world including Sri Lanka.”
    True but the central bank of US itself is controlled by the City of London. In effect the square mile, the bankers who operate out of their control the Global economy and money supply. Which means the heart of this evil establishment is really in London. The square mile financial district. The City of London. The following short clip explains it succintly. If Trump is serious about draining the swamp he needs to go after the heart of the establishment system. Which is the City of London. Otherwise he will be just another president doing the bidding of the global financial establishment. The heart of which is really the City of London.

  9. RohanJay Says:

    I totally agree with Kumari. The fascist neo liberal agenda and the politicians who forced it on the world are on their way out. Which means the Sri Lankan election of Jan 2015 was an aberration, the change of govt shouldn’t have happened. Like you said the way Mahinda Rajapakse accepted the peoples’ verdict and vacated the post is an example to all the politicians the world over.
    I think Sri Lanka is very relieved to see Hillary Clinton voted out. Maybe now Sri Lanka finally has a chance to move on without outside interference especially from the US.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    This author is HUGELY EXAGGERATING the bonfires and riots that took place in cities in the USA immediately after the Presidential election ended. The violence was quite limited, and has largely died down now.

    In my opinion, these violent acts were set in motion primarily by illegal immigrants who want to prevent their own deportation, the LGBT and Abortion rights groups who feel threatened by a roll back of laws favorable to them, those who support the legalization of marijuana growing and use in the United States, and die-hard Democrats who want to REVERSE the election of Trump through the upcoming Electoral College decision, and/or COW Trump and the Republican party to prevent them from keeping their election platform pledges.

    Trump won the election by a 3:2 margin in Electoral College Votes, but Clinton got about 2 million more of the votes of individual voters. Around Dec 20, the Electoral College will meet to.cast their votes. State constitutions define the rules on how the Electors should cast their votes. These rules are mandatory in some states, while their are only customary in others. Most states have a winner take all Electoral vote system, while in about 4 states the votes will be split among the candidates according to specified formulae.

    The net result is that there is a possibility for the Electors in some of the states where the rules are only customary but not mandatory, for the Electors to be pressured to change their votes from the customary system, usually winner take all, and as their vote any way they choose to. In the history Presidential elections, this has never happened on a large scale (with a few minor exceptions of one or two electors violating the custom), so it is very unlikely that the victory of Donald Trump would be reversed by the Electoral College. But, it is possible, in principle.

    There protestors demonstrating in the streets are trying to influence the Electors to reverse the election of Donald Trump by saying that 1. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and 2. Donald Trump is UNFIT to be President.

    I VERY MUCH DOUBT that the Electors, who are from all political parties but mistly Democrats and Repiblicans, mindful of past tradition, would reverse the election of Donald Trump when the Electoral College meets to vote on the President-Elect around Dec 20.

    However, in the very unlikely event they do reverse it, massive violence is very likely to breakout, and they are very unlikely to take such a risk.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    There is another way that the election results could be changed: through RECOUNTS of the votes cast in states which Trump won by thin margins.

    There are 3 such “battleground” states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

    To request a recount must be filed in each state paying a filing fee that varies from $500,000 to about $750,000.

    Apparently, Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate has already raised the necessary money in Wisconsin, citing “hacker attacks” as the reason for requesting the recount.

    In other news, 6 Electors have signed up to oppose the election of Donald Trump.

    My prediction is that ALL OF THESE ATTEMPTS to reverse the election of Donald Trump will fail.

  12. Kumari Says:

    Gonsal, You are referring to a secret meeting between Mahinda and Ranil. This was hardly secretive, because the rookie Sirisena who was a no hoper could not face his former boss whom he back stabbed. Sirisena could not believe his luck, he was totally unprepared. He still is. Even the first press conference after inauguration of Sirisena was handled by Ranil. Sirisena the puppet is dancing in all the directions to please his masters. Ranil is also the first Pick Pocket PM. Soon after Sirisena taking oath, he also reads a prepared sentence from a piece of paper, Ha Haa. Wasn’t that Bribery & Corruption from the people who fought elections on a platform to clean B&C from the Country.

    A President is not there to stand and count the Documents , vehicles , ministers, ships , weapons etc, etc. for the hand over. There are responsible government officers to do that job. Swift move out by Mahinda allowed the new comers to dig out the so called 90% commissions etc, as Mahinda’s team did not have time to put the documents in the shredders. Rogue Queen Hillary deleted thousands of emails from her private server.

    We don’t appreciate our leaders enough. In the rush to destroy our honest leaders, we end up destroying the very country itself.

  13. S.Gonsal Says:

    It is just the oppsite of what you say. Prez ran a private company and handed over to Ranil.

    Also you are saying he ( CEO) is a Chuti Baba and officials under him responsible for dissapearance of documents , vehicles , ministers, ships , weapons etc, etc. Actually he is the Ali Baba.

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