Sri Lanka’s warning to Syria: Manufacturing a case for war crimes against Syria and President Assad -startling similarities between Syria and Sri Lanka
Posted on December 17th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

There are many similarities in the liberation of Aleppo by its armed forces and the liberation of Sri Lanka from LTTE terrorists. Both nations and their national army were eliminating terrorists who were assets of other nations. Both nations had to deal with onslaughts on the battlefield and onslaughts diplomatically as well as a barrage of lies manufactured by the mainstream media, human rights activists and their so-called ‘unidentified sources, witnesses and victims’ their arguments were strengthened by relaying fake news, videos, documentaries all paid by the nations that were either supplying the terrorists or nations who did not wish the terrorists to be vanquished. Syria’s ordeal lasted 5 years but Sri Lanka’s went on for 3 decades but in both cases the terror remains camouflaged still.


Eva Bartlett, a Canadian journalist says that western mainstream media’s coverage of the Syrian war is ‘compromised’ as their local sources are ‘not credible’. She goes on to say BBC, Guardian, the New York Times etc. – on Aleppo is also the opposite of reality,” Sri Lanka’s case was no different. These were the very entities quoting dead figures in Sri Lanka’s war and creating arguments for war crimes tribunals! When Bartlett says that the media misled the public about what is really happening in Syria by demonizing President Assads’ government and altering the facts of Russia’s support for Damascus, we can recall how Sri Lanka’s then government suffered the same demonizing.

She sites how a bogus NGO (White Helmets) are projected as the humanitarian heroes but in actual fact they had been using the same girl to boast themselves as rescuers. These fake images and false news again call to mind the Channel4 documentary on Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields



The ridiculousness of this news item – why would any country wish to switch of its lights to be in solidarity with terrorists when the Syrian army were fighting the terrorists to liberate its citizens? Was this no different to the manner that these very same countries went on a tangent about civilians being killed by the Sri Lankan army when they brought to safety close to 300,000 Tamils among whom were LTTE cadres dressed in civilian clothing! Is the international community happy to have ‘civilians’ with terrorists or have them freed by the national army. Before the intervention of the West there were no cases of any Syrian civilians being attacked by its army so why should media give a wrong impression?

Exactly who is this ‘international community’? We know that the US, the US, EU, Turkey, Saudi, Qatar, Israel are all helping the terrorist ‘rebels’ to oust the Syrian President and take over a part of Syria for which the EU has publicly offered money to Assad. Democrat Hawaii Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard has even accused US of arming and funding terrorists in Syria and has even brought a Bill ‘Stop Arming Terrorists Act’. This is no different to the carrot of USD5billion given to the Sri Lankan Government to accept the LTTE proposal ISGA.

The height of hypocrisy comes when the US, UK, France, EU, Turkey, Saudi, Qatar etc can openly arm, train and support the terrorists and when Russia goes to help Syria eliminate the terrorists, the Russians and Syrians become the war criminals!! J


To add glamour the Hollywood joins in. Actress taking a break from her accesses that has her landing in hospices all the time has issued a grave warning to Syria!

shenali16121615The doctors came to the scene too –

C4 introduced its star witness one vany kumar who claims that the doctors had mixed water with blood to give patients! (anyone would know that any doctor mixing blood with water would end up killing the patient!) However these lies were flogged enough.

Lets not forget the role of the activists – we know how much they laboured in Sri Lanka!

Their payment was to promote the ‘genocide’ story.


The sensationalism of exaggeration is just amazing!

The statements by UNSG/UNHRC can be compared to the same UN statements during the final stage of Sri Lanka’s conflict. UNSG went so far as to even appoint a 3 member panel (a personal appointment). It is anyone’s guess why he did not do the same when Iraq and other countries were illegally invaded on manufactured lies. However this panel used as its source propaganda channels of the terrorists, the panel described Sri Lanka’s terrorists as ‘disciplined’ and went on to say ’40,000 civilians may have been killed’ – what the media did was to turn the ‘may have been killed’ to claim Sri Lanka had killed 40,000 civilians and some hysterical others kept picking numbers from the sky quoting them as dead as if they had stood infront of the dead bodies to count! Such was the hypocrisy that Sri Lanka had to deal with and which Syria is now dealing with. (a breakdown of various figures quoted as dead in Sri Lanka is given) (the purpose misinterpretation of Ban Ki Moons panel report is shown with examples)

The same is currently happening to Syria. The UNHRC’s statements against Sri Lanka are now no different to what the Syrian government and troops are being accused of with just a passing reference to the crimes commited by the rebels.

The Syrians owe much to Russia and particularly President Putin. Several Russian military personnel died helping the Syrians. We must salute these fallen heroes for their valour.

Thankfully alternative media and the Russians have given mainstream media the embarasment of their lives exposing their lies, exposing the fake videos and even disclosing child actors used by the Norwegian government to fix blame on the Syrians (pl refer ED.TV productions for their documentaries )


Sri Lanka too suffered a terrorist problem but it is lucrative to claim the terrorists were ‘rebels’ and we suffered an ‘ethnic’ problem because then only the agenda can be rolled out as we now see happening before. We are warning Syria to learn from Sri Lanka.

Notice the manner the UN is building up an argument for war crimes against Syria. They will follow the same method used against Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka did not listen to the ‘international community’ to stop the offensive and give their darling rebels/freedom fighters to live to fight another day.  The email scandals associated with Hillary Clinton revealed she did  not want LTTE to be defeated and had even influenced IMF and World Bank against giving loans to Sri Lanka.

The media, the NGOs, activists and UN statements will all now be used via the UNHRC to bring resolutions against Syria for war crimes most of these resolutions are unprecedented, vicioius and brought with the desire to seek revenge. Sri Lanka suffered a series of illegal, unethical and punitive resolutions by the UNHRC and if those that are now defending Syria were to go through the resolutions against the legalities they would realize how vicious the entire UN system had been to a small country whose army had square and fair defeated a terrorist organization described by the FBI as the world’s worst! Syria be warned, UNHRC will bring resolutions, recommend war crimes tribunals and look for other ways to depose President Assad.

You can bet that the next step will be to use the UNHRC to strike Syria with war crimes – already there are allegations of using chemical weapons, sarin, bombing hospitals, killing civilians, no access to humanitarian aid – these were the very stores used against Sri Lanka. Plenty of reports will be coming out sponsored by western governments. There will be Syrian soldiers emerging claiming to be vomiting versions of Syrian army being ordered by Assad to kill civilians. There will be ‘witnesses’ speaking on anonymity and given witness protection for 20 years so that the lies can be sealed for that time span! We in Sri Lanka know the drill very well and we are warning the Syrians to prepare for whats to come.

As Eva Bartlett says ‘If they had told the truth about Syria from the beginning, we wouldn’t be here now. We wouldn’t have seen so many people killed.’ If we had the assistance that Syria has received from Russia on the battleground as well as to counter the mainstream media/UN/diplomatic lies and false news that has recommended war crimes tribunals and hybrid courts against the valiant soldiers who defeated the terrorists – Sri Lanka’s tale would have also been written differently. However, we continue to believe the truth will prevail and one day these liars and lies will get exposed.

Shenali D Waduge


  • ‘If they had told the truth about Syria from the beginning, we wouldn’t be here now. We wouldn’t have seen so many people killed.’ Proof fake news

Canadian Journalist on lies about Syria

6 Responses to “Sri Lanka’s warning to Syria: Manufacturing a case for war crimes against Syria and President Assad -startling similarities between Syria and Sri Lanka”

  1. Christie Says:

    There is a big difference. We are a colony of India where as Syria is not a colony another nation.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Please listen to Assad interview. See how good a leader can be with wealth of knowledge and staight , brave talk. When can we have a leader of his calibre ?

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    AGREE with Kithsiri.

    That means Syria will SOMEHOW survive but SL CANNOT survive unless Endian parasite 13 amendment is SCRAPPED and ENDIAN TAMILS are send home to ENDIA (as their name says).

    IF what happened to ALEPPO happened to JAFFNA SL will be at peace forever.

  4. RohanJay Says:

    Russia,Putin and Syria have defeated the terrorists in Syria. NATO, the west tried so hard for regime change in Syria and failed miserably. Hopefully Trump when he is sworn in can truthfully join with Putin and wipe out the rest of these vile terrorists in Iraq and the wider world. Some of them are in the west who need to be dealt with as well. Especially in France,UK,US and Europe. Hillary Clinton wanted to start a war with Russia, thankfully the American people saw through the lies and voted for Trump on the premise that he will work closely with Russia and its leader Putin and wipe out the remaining terrorist groups from the world which have plagued. Libya,Syria and the west for the past 7 years. Thank You Russia and Thank You Putin in your efforts to make the world a safe and stable place. Western mainstream media is now totally discredited as the election of Trump in the US by the American people have demonstrated.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said, Shenali!

    Agree with you completely, that the Syrian Govt will face the same witch-hunts that Sri Lanka faced, only the players are different.

    Thank God that the Syrian government has a reliable ally in Russia and Putin, ready, willing and able to confront this Machiavellian Western Neocolonialist Cabal that goes about destroying nations across the world with impunity leaving mangled countries in their wake!

    These are the champions of human rights and democracy?

    Don’t make me laugh and cry at the same time!

    Their crimes are a legion and without limit!

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    Even as we speak, bogus news media Channel 4 is manufacturing lies and making films – the same way they did in Sri Lanka! Fortunately Monkey Moon is on the way out, but the Bedouin is still there in charge of Human Rights! The great actor Obama’s ( He was never a President – only appeared Presidential) days are numbered so are those of the witches – Samantha Power, Victoria Nuland and Nisha Biswal the American Rottweiler.

    Fortunately the world is beginning to see through the fiasco of Democracy, Human Rights and War Crimes orchestrated by the Western Imperialist cabal!

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