Bloomberg rates Sri Lanka in High Risk Zone
Posted on January 25th, 2017

Sri Lanka has being ranked in the high risk (red) zone for investors in the Country Risk Score Index by Bloomberg, a privately held financial software, data, and media company headquartered in New York City.

Sri Lanka has been placed in the 69th slot out of 82 selected countries.

Norway, Switzerland, Sweden Hong Kong and Germany has being placed in the top five investment destinations while El Salvador, Nigeria, Honduras, Tanzania and Venezuela have being placed among the worst destinations.

Out of 100 points Sri Lanka has only 12 points while countries like Pakistan (12.5)India, (34.6) Greece, (41.0) China(64.2) are ranked above Sri Lanka.

The Bloomberg Country Risk Score is a composite of 29 indicators representing financial, economic and political risks facing investors. Risk scores are calculated on a monthly basis and range from 0 to 100, with a higher score indicating less overall risk relative to other countries.

Total foreign reserves (excluding gold) held by each country’s central bank as a percentage of gross domestic product, Unemployment, Inflation and overall expectation of a currency’s future volatility also have being taken in to account.

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