Britain and America will no longer invade foreign countries ‘to make the world in their own image’, PM says
Posted on January 27th, 2017
  • Theresa May delivers speech in Philadelphia
  • Warns Trump about threat of Russia
  • Says it is bad for the world when US & UK “step back”
  • International institutions matter – but need reform
  • Trump to impose 20pc tax on Mexican imports
  • Mexican president cancels US visit over border wall row

Theresa May has told Republicans in Philadelphia that relations between the UK and the US have “defined the world,” delivering a speech greeted by frequent loud applause.

I speak to you not just as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, but as a fellow Conservative who believes in the same principles that underpin the agenda of your Party,” she said.

The value of liberty. The dignity of work. The principles of nationhood, family, economic prudence, patriotism – and putting power in the hands of the people.

I know that it is these principles that you have put at the heart of your plan for government.”

Mrs May, the first foreign leader ever to address the annual Republican gathering, was also set to meet Donald Trump for the first time later today in Philadelphia – telling reporters that “opposites attract,” as she set out to forge the future of the special relationship.

But she also told Mr Trump not to trust Vladimir Putin, the Russian president.

“When it comes to Russia, as so often it is wise to turn to the example of President Reagan who – during negotiations with his opposite number Mikhail Gorbachev – used to abide by the adage ‘trust but verify’,” she said.

“With President Putin, my advice is to ‘engage but beware'”.

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6 Responses to “Britain and America will no longer invade foreign countries ‘to make the world in their own image’, PM says”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Western Powers engaged in a witch hunt against Sri Lanka have had their own agenda.

    HOWEVER, a sliver of daylight has burst through the gloomy dark skies today: The British Prime Minister has called for a renewed US-UK alliance dedicated to the principle of non-interference in the internal matters of sovereign nations to remake the world in their own image!

    That is a welcome proclamation that ECHOES Donald Trump’s own words during his election campaign!

    The Sri Lankan government, and the Patriotic leaders in the OPPOSITION, should seize this opportunity to convey their support for this NEW FOREIGN POLICY and to gain the ear of these leaders to Sri Lanka’s own battle to secure its place in the sun free of interference by foreign powers inimical to the majority of its people.

    Unfortunately for us, we do not have a PATRIOTIC GOVERNMENT in power at this time. We have only an undemocratic JUNTA under a PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI pretending to be representative of our people.

    In the absence of a REPRESENTATIVE PATRIOTIC GOSL, the patriotic leaders of the OPPOSITION should send messages of support for this new US-UK foreign policy of non-interference within sovereign nations, pending the restoration of a PATRIOTIC government in Sri Lanka in the near future, hopefully later in 2017!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    For how long?

    These parasites will find they NEED MORE money and restart ROBBING others.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    UPFA – A Brighter Future

  4. SA Kumar Says:


    Please tell me , is it real or UPFA propaganda techniques ?

    If it is real (hope & pray- by watching the child face begin to end , it looks real ) We are so proud to be Mother Lankan to have People President MS !!!

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Yesterday President Donald Trump ACTED on his promise to stem the flood of illegal immigrants into the United States.

    He signed executive orders to do the following:

    1. Fund and complete the wall between the USA and Mexico
    2. Hire more border security personnel to secure ALL of the bodes of the United States
    3. Immediately SUSPEND worldwide interviews refugees for admission to the United States for 3 months until a final decision is made
    4. Deny federal funding to cities and local government entities that offer santuary to illegal immigrants in defiance of federal law

    The next step Trump will take is to deport as many of the 14 million illegal immigrants in the United States, beginning with those with criminal records. The liberal citizenry who don’t have an ounce of patriotism aided and abetted by unscrupulous politicians, cheap labor employers, most Hispanic Americans and the illegal immigrants themselves will begin wailing and hit the streets! But, the majority of patriotic law-abiding Americans who love their country and want the law to rule the land, will strongly support Trump. With the Presidency, both Chambers of the Legislature and soon an overwhelming majority in the Judiciary, the Republicans have the opportunity to support Trump and FINALLY SOLVE this previously politically unsolvable NATIONAL PROBLEM!

    Furthermore, Trump is proposing to impose a 20% tax on goods imported to the United States from Mexico in the face of opposition by the Mexican President to the construction of the border wall, and his refusal for Mexico to pay for the wall.

    There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Mexico will cave in and agree to funding the wall, because there are many more steps Trump can take to force collaboration. For example, he can reduce the number of visas offered to Mexican workers, and tax the remittances from Hispanics residing in the United States to their families in Mexico.

    This is how a President concerned about the long-term security of his Motherland should act.

    For too long the Immigration, emigration and employment laws of the United States have been flouted both by illegal immigrants and those American employers who wished to exploit their cheap captive labor to the detriment of US citizens who need hogher-paid good jobs. Finally, there is a President who is unafraid to ACT!

    During my years in the United States, I have seen millions of illegal immigrants given amnesty and permanent residency leading to citizenship, without any action to close the border or deport future illegal immigrants. Since the last amnesty, 14 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States, and are now DEMANDING citizenship, welfare and educational benefits etc that are reserved for citizens only. Tover her with Hispanic citizens, they are now a majority in the South West. The patriotism of Hispanic Americans is suppressed by their kinship to the illegal immigrants and the majority of them knowingly support the illegals, employers who benefit from cheap labor don’t want any action to be taken against them, and politicians pander to this large and growing vote bank defying the laws of their country. This is the huge THREAT to the integrity of the United States that the fed-up citizens of the United States have elected Donald Trump to address, and by God, he is ACTING FAST to deliver what he pledged to do!

    IT IS EXACTLY THIS KIND OF PATRIOTISM & LEADERSHIP RESOLVE that we need in Sri Lanka to solve Sri Lanka’s problems.

    The massive DISASTER now being wrought by the Yamapalanaya, and the anger and fear they have created in the HEARTS & MINDS of Sri Lankan Patriots, is now creating a TSUNAMI of OPPOSITION to the TREACHEROUS plans of the Yamapslanaya that is attempting to DIVIDE and SELL-OFF our Motherland to its enemies. The Yamapalanaya in its para-gathi blindness has OVERREACHED ITSELF!

    This is the OPPORTUNITY the PATRIOTS of Sri Lanka have been waiting for!

    CARPE DIEM …. SEIZE THE DAY, and RESTORE a PATRITIC government to Sri Lanka, STOP it’s DISINTEGRATION in its TRACKS, and set our Resplendent Motherland on the path to becoming the New Wonder of Asia.

    President Donald Trump is making America GREAT AGAIN!

    Let us elect a PATRIOTIC PRESIDENT and a NEW GOVERNMENT to make Sri Lanka GREAT AGAIN!

  6. RohanJay Says:

    Trump. Don’t listen to Theresa May or any of the other European leaders. Trump’s initial ideas to develop a close mutually beneficial relationship with Putin and Russia are good. Also your initial ideas to pull out american forces out of NATO are also very good. America is 80 percent of NATO. Trump should pull out of NATO like he planned to do.
    THat will collapse NATO as Britain and other European countries lack military resources to make NATO viable. Trumps idea to pull out of NATO should be carried out. Also this will re-ignite the close US-Russia relationship reviving the days of
    Reagan-Gorbachev summit in the 1980s.
    Also Theresa May is no Margaret Thatcher. Unlike Theresa May. Margaret Thatcher and Reagan wanted a good relationship with Russia. Theresa May is really a closet EU leader. She supported the EU and NATO. She is pretending she is for Brexit but actually she is against it. She is unelected British PM too. It would be interesting to see if Theresa May actually carries out Brexit. Personally I doubt very much doubt it. May is a Trojan horse of the establishment. Trying to coral the good ideas of Trump for America leaving NATO and good relationships with Russia the other way. Good news is Trump is a smart guy. He will be cordial but he won’t take Theresa May seriously.
    Not like the very close relasionship Reagan and Thatcher had
    Britain and other European nations are militarily very weak compared to mighty USA.
    I think the leader most like Trump is Putin. US and Russia should develop a special relationship.
    Britain and European leaders want a war with Russia.
    Britain and European countries always willing to fight to the last drop of American blood. As they militarily too weak. They want to drag US into another European war. Just like they did in WW1 and WW2.
    Fortunately Trump is smart enough to know their game. NATO is finnished. Thank God.

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