Get these mega dens of thieves called the Provincial Councils
Posted on January 29th, 2017

Sudath Gunasekara writes

Get these mega dens of thieves called the Provincial Councils which have already laid the foundation for  a Federal State and made this country an Augean mess of Governance and turn the country to a no return situation with the EELAM in sight, scrapped at least now

Six key Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Chief Ministers left for London on Thursday, informed sources said. –News item  2017-01-28 By P. Samarasekera

“Six Provincial Council Chief Ministers have left for London to participate in a training programme on provincial Council system”Those who left the country were Western Province CM Isura Devapriya, Central Province CM Sarath Ekanayake, Sabaragamuwa CM Maheepala Herath, Southern Province CM Shan Wijeyalal de Silva, Wayamba CM Dharmasiri Dasanayake and Uva CM Chamara Sampath Dasanayake. Sources said the CMs are in London to attend a workshop for Provincial Councilors sounding like as if it is a meeting of the ‘Provincial Councilors of the World’ These CMs are stated to return home on 2 February

I was thoroughly amused as I read this news as to why the people of this country don’t chase out these jokers at least now and get this Huniyama called Provincial Councils scrapped forthwith, which have tormented and robbed the nation for thirty long years making the whole country an Augean mess in the field of Governance and consolidating the map for the Future EELAM .

As far as I know there are no Provincial Councils in UK or any other country in this world. As such UK has no experience on that system to teach another, though British were the ancestors of these councils in this country since they were the people who first created Provinces in 1833 in order to divide the natives of Sinhale on ethnic grounds with the ulterior motive of dividing it in to Sinhala and Tamil areas. That way Britishes were the real fathers of present day EELAM. The Indians played only a secondary role of step father here by imposing Provincial Councils along with the so-called Traditional Homeland of Tamils concept in the North and Eastern Provinces. I am not surprised even if British send these six parasite betrayers back by return plane from the airport itself as the two EELAM CMs, the two main actors of this tragic drama are not in their team.

Even if the British know the subject, how and what can they teach these idiots who don’t know even the functioning of a village Committee in their own country. This must be a hosanna come from heaven for these parasites who so far enjoyed only the luxuries of five star hotels in Sri Lanka on their annual get together and numerous Con- ferences in Pasikuda and Bentota and other places .It is a pity that the poor PinGovernors were also not sent on this joy ride. Probably They can’t collect votes and funds for the party and that may be why they were not sent.

I only hope the former British Civil Servant like J.F.Dixon, who was GA CP in 1872 in then Ceylon who described the  Village Council system in Ceylon  prior to 1815 as a remarkable  system of self government strikingly developed in the Village Communities in the East” and another Civil Servant Elliot (1911) who observed that the  ‘Village Communities Ordinance enacted by them’ based on earlier Sri Lankan experience which they had once abolished as the ‘Magna Carta of the  paddy cultivator of Ceylon”   might ask these jokers to come back to Ceylon and ask a Goviya in amude/ a saruwale in a rustic village like Meemure, my own village,  who knows about it as to how villages in Sri Lanka should be developed rather than wasting their time and also wasting the poor man’s money on such training in London by British who have never cultivated a paddy plant.

British politicians might tell them that these CMM are the present day beneficiaries of the legacy the British have left behind where they play pandu now at the expense of the poor tax payers of this country.  They also might ask them to oppose any move by any government to scrap the Provincial Councils as political rejects like this will never have a chance to rob public money if they are gone as the Parliament at the centre is meant only for bigger sharks.

This is the latest entertainment provided to the country by the President who came to power by promising Yahapaalanaya.  He has to tell the country now as to why he sent these Six Chief Ministers who failed to hook,  Mahinda Rajapaksa on a reconciliatory mission to ask him not to contest Local Government elections separately. I can understand it if they had at least succeed their mission. When you read the conversations transpired at the meeting of ‘Cheap’ Ministers with MR one can see how dishonest, how unreliable these people are. What they wanted to do is once again trap MR for Sirisena’s nominees to win the local Government elections so that  they could continue in their posts with Sirisenas blessings. Almost all these CMM have no personal political following in their districts All what they got last time were votes for MR. The crabs now no water is boiling that is why they came to see MR. So you can see how selfish they are. Had Mahhinda scrapped the 13th A as most of us advised him just after the war in 2009 when he had the 2/3 in Parliament this problem would not have been there today. Unfortunately he could not understand our good counseling at that time.

I wonder whether this trip is a gift bestowed to these six fellows who obeyed his cunning request on the one hand and a punishment to the CM, NCP on the other who did not obey his order. The Uva CM and the SP CM both who expressed their allegiance to MR and played a hide and seek game are lucky in any case as they too have got the chance of the London trip at public expense.  It is surprising he has not included the two rubble rousers in the NP and EP at least to tame them

This is how the Yahapalanaya politicians plunder the public without impunity. It is not President Sirisena’s money that is wasted. It is citizen Perera and citizen Banda who has to pay for all the follies of our politicians. Of cause tomorrow the President might say this strip was funded by the British Government to train them in reconciliation his craving to pay the debt to his Tamil and Muslim friends. He might even say no! it is by the Buckingham palace or Queen Elizabeth who shook hands with him last time without gloves, when he visited them. Even then one should not get surprised, going by what he says off and on.

The country must ask those who authorized this joy trip, whether be it the president or an officer to pay back the money spent on this trip. Also the voters should ask all these six fellows to resign immediately on their return, to put an end this type of daylight robbery. Also people start a national campaign to get this Huniyama and death trap called Provincial councils scraped as they have already put the foundation for the Sri Lanka Federal State, before this Government gives land and police powers also to the PCC and complete the right royal betrayal of the 2500 years old Sinhala Country and the Sinhala Nation.

Get these mega dens of thieves called the Provincial Councils which have already laid the foundation for  a Federal State and made this country an Augean mess of Governance and turn the country to a no return situation with the EELAM in sight, scrapped at least now

2 Responses to “Get these mega dens of thieves called the Provincial Councils”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Sudath! Well Said!

    These Provincial Councils are the REAL WHITE ELEPHANTS in Sri Lanka!

    REPEAL the 13th Amendment!

    DISSOLVE the Provincial Councils NOW!

    DO NOT ALLOW or EMPOWER any elected SUB-NATIONAL local government with law-making and law-enforcing power to EXIST!

    Do not CREATE more bureaucratic barriers for citizens
    Do not EMBED & EMPOWER Separatists!

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Dr Sudath & Ananda !


    Remove the ILLEGAL 13-A imposed on the JRJ govt by INDIA during the Cold War times, and with that remove the illegal PCs !

    Sri Lanka being devoured by the Colonial wolves thorugh Ranil W’s ‘Crash & Sell’ program.

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