Four hour doc strike cripples hospitals
Posted on February 4th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I despise strikes by anyone let alone doctors  .There may be various allegations against some ministers for allowing SAITM to commence teaching ,but we all have to understand that some parents have the right to give education to their children in the medical field .If the state  cannot do that they tend to go abroad and get then educated where our hard earned foreign reserves depletes.

JVP instigated terror in 70 s and 80 s and the doctors stayed home  due to fear, That time GMOA was hand in hand with JVP and helped them.My story below show that they were supporting strike action for no apparent reason .

My wife started working in Sri Lanka after returning from Russia.  During the height of JVP terror, all the doctors were asked to stay home by gun trotting  members of the party ,who were sending Chit” to every house hold,I advised my wife not to give in .She was the only doctors who was working and hospital sent an  ambulance daily for her to go to work ,

GMOA top leaders came to know about it and came to my house in Gampaha to instigate her not to work My wife was at work and I was luckily at home .They had the audacity to come in to our house and to force  me to tell her not work .I asked for justification ,but their answer is that members should abide by the Central Committee decision .I told he that my wife is not educated to be a doctor with public money, but in Communist Russia ,and they have  educated her to treat medical profession as  noble one, and the duty of doctors should come first .I also told GMOA that they do not even recognize my wife’s Medical State University and they have no rights what so ever to press her and asked them not very politely asked them  to walk out of my house .

GMOA can fight their battle in a different ways ,but  making  poor patients suffer is not acceptable .

If you  walk into few private hospitals you will see this doctors doing private practice when  strike is on .

We are supposed to be a Buddhist Country and we should have better compassion and kindness to mankind

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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