Help Nipun Ransika Economically to Build a Formidable Opening Bowling Pair
Posted on February 11th, 2017

Dilrook Kannangara

Two Sri Lankan cricket teams played South Africa. One is the national team while the other is the Under-19 team. One achieved remarkable success while the other didn’t. However, both teams unearthed good talent. Dickwella, Kumara and Asela hold enormous potential for future ODI performance from the national team. U-19 team saw superb performance by fast bowler Nipun Ransika. Their success was due to his consistent contribution.

However, Nipun is living under dire economic conditions and he needs help. Ministry of Sports and Sri Lanka cricket must help him economically to overcome poverty and gain access to better nutrition. At 17 years, he clocks 138 kmh which is very rare for Sri Lanka. He has a one year older bowling companion in Kumara who is also very fast. These two bowlers will provide a formidable opening bowling attack very soon. Helping them is imperative to rebuild the cricket team to achieve greatness once again.

Over to you Sri Lanka Cricket and the Minister of Sports. Invest in them for the sake of cricket of this country.


Thank you.

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