Posted on February 19th, 2017


We welcome the decision of the JO for withdrawing from the participation of the drafting process of the new constitution in Sri Lanka.  In the first place, the JO should not have taken part at all from the inception as the Government is planning to stich a draft that is contrary to the wishes of the majority Sri Lankans.

The Government is working with ulterior motives with the backing of United Nations and Western Allies and Indians to appease them to destroy the prominence vested in the current constitution for Buddhism.  Destroying Buddhism has been the long term plan of the Westerners, as they feel no radical changes planned by them cannot be carried out due the power of Buddhist clergy.

The JO must now work harder than before to strengthen the wishes of the people at the grass root levels.  The formation of Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna was one of the long term steps taken in this regard.

Still JO has not been able to explain the dangers of the intended purpose of the draft constitution to the masses.  Wimal Weerawansa has done a great job in this regard to his credit, one of the main reasons for silencing him.  But we need more fire power within the JO, who can put forward analytical presentation, step by step, to the general public.

As has been predicted, we all hope that 2017 will be end of this miserable Government of Sri Lanka.



    “Destroying Buddhism has been the long term plan of the Westerners, as they feel no radical changes planned by them cannot be carried out due the power of Buddhist clergy.” should read as:

    “Destroying Buddhism has been the long term plan of the Westerners, as they feel no radical changes planned by them can be carried out due the power of Buddhist clergy”.

    Error regretted.

  2. Charles Says:

    We do not want a new Constitution. We should make do with the 1978 Constitution and it should be a documents that should last for a longer time.

    This foolish man Maithripala Sirisena is really dumb. Who is the President of Sri Lanka and the Commander of the Armed Forces ? CBK, nor Mangala nor Ranil has any right to issue statements against the Army. Sirisena should ask them to shut up, and put them in their place.

    If a Constitution has to be written it should be done by the Sinhala Buddhists. The Tamils and the Muslims have no voice in writing the Constitution of the Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka. This is the reason why the JO should not have joined the Committees set by Yayapalanaya Goons to write a new Constitution.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    The JO should disassociate itself completely with this Constitution making, and OPPOSE it TOOTH & NAIL.

    ALL those who participate in making a New Constitution, crafted by Sri Lanka’s enemies are TRAITORS to the nation.

    They will be held responsible by the patriotic Sinhala Buddhist majority of Sri Lanka, should be tarred and feathered for participating in the preparation of this Constitution!

    FINALLY the JO has taken a firm stand against it!

    What is AMAZING is that they took so long to arrive at that DECISION!

  4. Charles Says:

    Ananda JO has a problem. Yahapalanaya is all out to isolate them. They have limited time to express themselves in the Parliament and the Media is not too friendly with the JO. Specially the English Speaking Intelligentsia has a different point of view we see them in TV debates how different they are from the ordinary Sinhala Buddhists outside the townships. Mahinda Rajapakse and his followers are acclaimed by the Sinhala Buddhist Masses the villagers and the rest. They are not influenced by the Yahapalanaya accusations of corruption, which is for the English speaking lot, perhaps the Catholics, the Tamils and the Muslims.

  5. Christie Says:

    Time to change has come.

    The West is not our enemy. It is India.

    There was protection for Buddhism under 1815 agreement with the British.

    In Indian Buddhists are reconverted back to Hinduism with promise for money and jobs.

    All changes to the Constitution after 1948 has happened influenced by Indian Colonial Parasites and the Indian Empire.

  6. Charles Says:

    I am sad Dilrook, Everything seems to be going against our Buddhist Heritage-our Sinhala Buddhist Heritage. I am 85, I may not have long to live , but will there be a land like what we had for the future generation ?

  7. Kumari Says:

    I still have faith. I’m sure we will be saved, the country will be saved. We have to get rid of Ranil. I wish that happens sooner.

  8. Hiranthe Says:

    It is great to be around true sons and daughters of Mother Lanka who associate with LankaWeb.

    I do fully agree that we do not want any more constitutional changes. We should not fight over that provision or this provision in the new constitution… instead we should oppose fully the coming of new constitution, as voiced by most of the patriots here.

    JO should take this slogan to people.. work hard day and night to make the people aware and create a big uprising against the constitute, which will shake the Yamapalanaya goons and their pay masters….

    No compromises…. Totally oppose to the idea!!! that is our slogan.

    One more thing is we should abolish the PC’s… it’s killing and eating our tax payers money whole sale.. Charles.. is 1978 constitution you refer is the one before Indian imposed 13A?? Then we all should call for it in one voice…

  9. Randeniyage Says:

    We should have a completely new Sinhala-Buddhist constitution.
    We cannot live with this current one with 13A(=Palath Sabha) Bhootaya giving birth to cirminals to be sent to BHG (Batttaramull Hora Guhawa) , drinking our blood, runing our cultrue, talking about reconsillyaction.

    Whats happened now is the constitution making has been entrusted with LTTE, JO members , some withrawing, some participating with ZERO contribution or trying to be diplomatic. Now they have withdrawn is better than nothing, but we cannot be satisfied with “better than nothing” like Charles crying , our Sinhala Buddhist cultrue should be reinstated.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Charles Aiya,

    You may be 85, and you may pass away one day as all of us must, but you will live long and forever in the hearts of us patriotic Sri Lankans.

    You have been a rock anchoring the Patriots at LankaWeb, never wavering from the your duty to protect, preserve and foster our dear Motherland and our incomparable Buddhist faith.

    I am certain that you, like me, was reborn on a higher plane of contentment on that day of National Liberation and Reunification of May 18, 2009 when Sri Lanka demolished the gloom and indecision and finally delivered itself from the grip of murderous terror.

    Likewise, there is no doubt in my mind that the current disastrous political situation in Sri Lanka is the gloom in the stormy skies before the sunlight breaks through once again to usher in an entirely new strong, stable and patriotic government to Sri Lanka that will consolidate the gains of the War Victory in 2009 and usher in an era of unparalleled stability, progress and prosperity!

    May the Thrividaratnaya bless you and gift you a very long life that you have richly earned through your unwavering dedication and commitment to our Motherland and to our People, until that shining day when Sri Lanka achieves its vision as the New Wonder of Asia!

    May you live to see that day!

  11. Fran Diaz Says:


    Things to do :

    * What is needed are Amendments to remove the ILLEGAL 13-A. This is the great divider.
    * Activate the 6-A.
    * Tamil Leaders must Officially Revoke the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) in Parliament. The VR breeds hatred and mistrust between Tamil and Sinhala people. The UNHRC never addresses this aspect.
    * HOLD ELECTIONS AND GET NEW PATRIOTIC LEADERS – the likes of RW/CBK who are proven inept/damaged leaders must be removed.

  12. Dilrook Says:

    Dear Charles

    What I think does not matter. I still very reluctantly support the JO as the best available of useless options. But what matters is the popular view. People don’t take it kindly to hypocrisy. Some JO MPs and other supporters cry over losing unitary status while their colleagues support federalism. Without a firm position on federalism and unitary status, the JO is lost. I hear you say how about the UNP and the SLFP proper. If the JO is just a shade of them, why should anyone vote for the JO? For this reason, Sinhala votes are divided between federalist JO, federalist SLFP, federalist UNP and unitary JVP (which has other problems).

    A similar misunderstanding happened during the 2015 presidential election. I predicted the defeat of Rajapaksas since 2013 but didn’t support the challengers. I shared within a closed group of Lankans (you were part of it since 2010) the likely outcomes of elections. As you may recall I was correct to the percentage point in presidential elections and the number of seats to +/-3 seats. A few thought I supported Sirisena just for correctly predicting his victory. This is a problem Sri Lankans must overcome. Sadly, most Sri Lankans put their likes and the ground reality into the same basket making them unable to look at situations objectively. We have to realize that what we personally prefer is not always what most people want.

    Our politicians accept anyone that comes in their way. A great human quality, personally, but a disaster from a Sri Lankan point of view. I can understand desperate Sirisena or Ranil accepting anyone or Mahinda doing it before 2009. However, why did he do it when he had the luxury of picking and choosing? He is still unable to shed them. They bring him defeat. All of them have no electoral worth! They are useless for any party. Why keep them?

    I hear that some key federalists agreed to get on to the Nugegoda stage because the vociferous slayer of federalism – Weerawansa – was in prison and unable to attend the rally! You can see how quick they are to grab the opportunity. I thank Sirisena for striking out the name of one of them from the national list candidates and denying two others a national list MP post. Had they crept into parliament we would be in unthinkable federal danger by now. He did it out of vengeance but the outcome is great.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Charles & ALL Patriots,

    Live Long & Prosper !
    We MUST NEVER give up Hope for Justice for the People of Lanka !

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    Endia planted RAW agents in ALL major parties. They will NOT allow to SCRAP 13 amendment.

  15. Charles Says:

    Dear Ananda,

    I was moved by your words.

    I wish there would be a change soon otherwise Sri Lanka is doomed. At least I am happy to have seen our motherland secured , united under one flag and one National Anthem at least for a short time from 2005 to 2014, by a great Sinhala Buddhist leader.
    Mahinda Rajapakse is a name that will be ever remembered through out the history of Sri Lanka even if Sri Lanka would be divided and not be what it had been before- a Land of the Sinhala Buddhists. If Sri Lanka is to be saved we will have to have Mahinda Rajapakse back along with Gotabhaya. We should rebuild the Army, shelve the 13A for good, build army camps all over and settle down the Sinhala villages around the Military Camp sites in the North and East. We should have one National flag one National Anthem sung in Sinhala, and make Sinhala the National Language.

    We should get rid of PC’s too and reintroduce Gamsabha system.

    Is all that too much to expect for Sri Lanka for the future, when we are gone ?

  16. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    FRAN !!


    What I learnt in Economics ( By Late H.L.) is that The British Constitution never had new constitutions, and it is ONE MASS OF AMENDMENTS. If something need to be legislated, it is by an AMMENDMENT.

    It appears that the notion of a NEW CONSTITUTION is to appease the Tamils into incorporating their requests of TNA secret agendas, that would be very detrimental to the majority of Sinhala Buddhists.

    CHARLES AIYYA !! Blessing of The Noble Triple Gem in all your future endeavors. Iam two mile posts behind you. Are you in Wattegama now ?

  17. Ananda-USA Says:

    The problem with the proposed NEW Constitution is not that it is a “New” Constitution, but that it will be crafted by an UNPATRIOTIC Yamapalanaya government beholden to foreign powers and to Sri Lanka’s TREACHEROUS separatist minority communities.

    We simply CANNOT TRUST the PARA-GATHI YAMAPALANAYA to protect the Sinhala Buddhist majority community, and act to preserve an undivided sovereign nation.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:


    You are right about the British making only Amendments.

    The British are Masters at Administration. They learnt well through Colonisation of a quarter of the world.

    Time to imitate the Colonists in this aspect of Amendments.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:


    True – with the Yahap folk, it is their UNTRUSTWORTHINESS that is not acceptable.



    Strange world and stranger Lanka today : the Heroes of yesterday are being humiliated, whilst Lanka’s earlier ousted leaders have crept in through the back door because the ‘west wants it so’ (per Prez) …..

  20. Dilrook Says:

    Ethnic problem is nothing but a $42 billion a year (2015) industry.

    This is the difference in earnings of the Tamil diaspora as they are (in Canada, Norway, UK, etc. $55K average earning in the diaspora against $5K in Sri Lanka) and their earnings if they were in Sri Lanka (if there was no war they would be in the island).

    Since 1983, they have earned over $500 billion more than had they remained in the island. No wonder they worship the LTTE leader as “sun god”. They must. Who else would give them $500 billion more and keep giving them over $42 billion every year (and increasing with developed countries’ economic growth).

    They lose over $1.8 billion a year since 2009 without war.

    These numbers expand as years proceed.

    It is time we looked at this bogus “ethnic problem” objectively, not based on fake grievances and racist aspirations. It is foolish to think any political solution would give Tamils $42 billion a year more than they earn now. In other words, no political solution will work.

  21. Muhandiram Says:

    The merger of the North and East is considered important by the Eastern Tamils because it helps them face the Muslims who tend to dominate them economically and politically. If the East were to be merged with the North, the Tamils will be in an overwhelming majority and can run the province as per their wish, and also bargain with Colombo more effectively for more powers.

  22. Dilrook Says:

    The referendum must be passed in each province (separately) for it to succeed. A combined result means nothing. For instance the Quebec referendum was held only in Quebec and the Scottish referendum only in Scotland.

    Tamils are a minority in the east (less than 50%) so even if all Tamils in the east vote for merger, it will not work. However, a significant percentage of Eastern Tamils oppose joining the north due to caste and discrimination fears. In fact Batticaloa Tamils never trusted or elected northern Tamils.

    13A is discriminatory. It divides Sinhalese into 7 provinces without any option of amalgamation but it allows the northern and eastern provinces to merge. This is a fundamental rights violation. If the north and the east can merge, others must have the same right.

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