An Open letter to the President Maithripala Sirisena.
Posted on February 24th, 2017

By Charles.S.Perera

Mr. President,

Chandrika Kumaratunga had said that when the political parties opposed to President Mahinda Rajapakse were to present a Common  Candidate of the Opposition for the Presidential elections of Janury,2015, she was requested to find a person likely to turn  traitor to the SLFP and willing to break rank with President Mahinda Rajapakse to be the Opposition Presidential Candidate.

Chandrika Kumaratunga had several choices, but she had to choose someone  easily malleable, less conversant in English ,agreeable  to their conditions, and will not be intelligent as to pry into the political manoeuvres that will be set up  by the Western and Indian secret services to change the Rajapakse regime and take Sri Lanka under the control of the friendly countries of the West, which was in fact a foreign agenda to which Chandrika  and Ranil were working. CBK was looking for a fall guy –a sucker….

She says that her choice was you, Mr. President. She argues that, if you as the Secretary General of the SLFP, would be a  traitor to the SLFP that made you a respected politician, and to the  President of the Party Mahinda Rajapakse who had great trust in you, it would  cause a rift in  the SLFP dividing  the party loyalists some to vote against Mahinda Rajapakse.

Chandrika says that you have a great  esteem for her and that you would not refuse any favour she would ask you. She says that she assured you that the western countries and India was with them and you have nothing to fear, and they wanted only your consent and the rest you could safely leave in their hands.

It is sad to tell you that she was looking  for a puppet, whose strings she will hold to make you dance to her tune. You perhaps now know that you are still a puppet and it is Chandrika and Ranil who hold the strings. You gave into them from the beginning,   to Chandrika through your blind respect and servility, and to Ranil through your gratitude for making you a President.

You were foolish to consent at the very outset to willingly give up the executive powers and be a one term President. For Chandrika, Ranil and even Mangala you were a  country bumpkin(godaya)  behind whose back  they could plan their strategies to carry out the agenda set out by America, European Countries and India.

It was very foolish to have given into CBK and Ranil and politically unintelligent late Sobhita Thero. Incidentally Venerable Sobhitha thero paid the price for betraying Sri Lanka, dying under mysterious circumstances after he explained his disappointment with the Yahapalanaya government he helped to setup.

You knew very well what CBK and Ranil are capable of , as it was you it is said who . handled the Commission report on Batalanda Torture Camp. You were also aware of the mayhem caused by Ranil signing the CFA with the terrorists leader Prabhakaran, and how many deaths it caused until it was rescinded by the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

You are responsible Mr President for all the sins committed by Ranil Wickramasinghe as it was you who made him, 29 times rejected by the people, a Prime Minister.

Mr. President please look around you , what are you in this Yahapalanaya setup. You are only looking after local ma           tters , trying hard to win over the hearts of the people. This government has done nothing for the country and the people since you were elected President on the

8th January,2015. Lot of disastrous decisions have been made by Ranil, Chandrika and Mangala, but you get to know of them only when you read the papers, when things have gone out of control and people begin to talk about the damages done by the Yahapalanaya Government.

While you make high sounding  Sinhala speeches about poisonless agriculture,  Chandrika, Ranil, Mangala make important statements to foreign press and foreign governments  that affect Sri Lanka’s global image. 

The biggest daylight Robbery the Bond Scam was done after a well planned scheme set up by Ranil, Ravi Karunanayake and Arjuna Mahaendran. You never asked Ranil your Prime Minister why he took over the administration of the Central Bank, when it had always been under the Minister of Finance. You never asked why they appointed a foreigner imported from Singapore as the Governor of the Central Bank.

And when theft” was completed and the whole world came to know about it, what did you do ?

You meekly asked your Prime Minister to remove Arjun Mahendran from the office of Governor of the Central  Bank. Ranil instead of removing him, appointed him as his financial advisor to create 10000 employments.

Why did you leave the matter at rest at that ?

Were you afraid of Ranil Wickramasinghe ?

Arjun Mahendran  the non-Sri Lanka is now under the protection of  Ranil Wickramasinghe working with his inner group of  financial planners- Paskaralingam, and  Charitha Ratwatte.

Mr.President , a good President should firstly be a good man. But Mr.President , you were very self centred  and egoist  therefore in order to become the President  you became a traitor to your own political party SLFP  that made you a politician. You  betrayed the trust  the President of the SLFP Mahinda Rajapakse placed on you as the General Secretary of the SLFP.

You are so revengeful Mr. President, you allowed Ranil Wickramasinghe to have his own police  the FCID to accuse and take in to custody on flimsy charges Rajapakses and their supporters.  Mr. President one cannot understand  why you have so much of  hatred to Mahinda Rajapakse, when he did no wrong to you, but it was only  you who wronged him, and that everyone knows.

You are not a good man, therefore, you are not a good President.

Mr.President, Chandrika,  Ranil and Mangala are Agents of the West. It is the West with instructions from the Tamil Dispora that want to weaken the armed forces , until it becomes discouraged and demoralised to the extent that it would not be equal to what it had been before to fight another terrorist resurgence.

Mr.President You are the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, the Armed Forces are therefore directly under your charge. Then how is it that Officers of the Armed Forces;  specially those in the Intelligent section the backbone of the Armed Force are arrested by the FCID without your consent ? How is it that Chandrika makes criminal charges against the Armed Forces without your consent. ? How was it that Mangala Samaraweera sponsored the American Resolution against the Sri Lanka Armed Forces without having consulted you ?

Mr. President how was it that an Army Major and four soldiers were arrested over the abduction of the journalist Keith Noyahr by the FICD, just before the opening of  the Sessions of the Geneva UN Human rights Council. Was it to please the West and the Tamil Diaspora ?

Mr. President do you realise that you are being taken for a ride, and that the real political power in Sri Lanka is not centred around  you, but around  Chandrika, Ranil and Mangala who guide the mysterious hand that directs the destinies of Sri Lanka ?

Mr.President, while you are busy attending School prize givings and opening Museums in Temples. Chandrika and Mangala and even Wignesvaran are busy informing the Leaders of Western Governments or the foreign press on more important matters concerning the future of Sri Lanka.

Mr. President who really wanted a new Constitution ?

….Chandrika Kumaratunga  told a meeting with the Foreign Correspondents’ Association at her office in Colombo that the immediate priority, which the international community too agreed with, was to establish a National Policy on Reconciliation for which a new Constitution was necessary.”

Responding to a question she pointed out that there was ” no need for foreign judges, if our judiciary can do it properly. It is more important to enact a new constitution than get down judges from abroad.”

Chandrika Kumaratunga speaking to a Foreign Correspondent’s Association said, There is a lot of sexual abuse still going on by officials, even Tamil officials ……Even to sign a document, they abuse the women and of course some people in the (armed) forces” continue to commit sexual abuse. ”

Mr. President, it is not right that you allow this insults to your office by Chandrika Kumaratunga speaking to foreign correspondents to abuse our own Armed Forces of which you are the Commander in Chief.  She had  further said  that, …. some officers of the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) had complained of attempts  by agents  of the Rajapaksa family of having attempted to bribe them with big sums of money, but they had refused the offers.”

This is a silly accusation without any proof. It is your duty to stop her make these false accusations, it is not her duty to do so.

Isn’t this washing dirty linen in public ?

Mr. President,  Chandrika Kumaratunga speaks like a woman in a fish market, which is an insult to our country,  more so as she had been a former President of Sri Lanka. It is in your own interest to ask her to guard her mouth” at least when speaking to foreign correspondents.  You are the President of the SLFP, Chandrika speaks as she is the boss”. It was reported that,

President Kumaratunga said the Joint Opposition which is rallying behind Kurunegala district MP and former president Mahinda Rajapaksa was splitting the SLFP and should be stopped.
“I sacked many people for much less than this (supporting another party) when I was the president of the party,” Kumaratunga told the Foreign Correspondents’ Association this week.
She said the Rajapaksa faction of the SLFP included the “biggest murderers and crooks” and they should be removed from the SLFP.”

Mr. President you should be the arbitrator to decide what is correct and what is not correct in even what the Prime Minister’s FCID is doing arbitrarily by arresting persons of previous government to perhaps please  the Prime Minister.  Wimal Weerawansa had been arrested and imprisoned for misuse of 46 vehicles,  where as Azad Sally at a TV interview said Lakshman Kiriella has taken 146 vehicles to Kandy for the use of his campaign workers, and no body has questioned this irregular use of government vehicles by Kiriella. Can their be two laws one for  the members of the Previous government and another for the members of Yahapalanaya ?

It had been the same with Rajitha Senaratne one of the most disagreeable men in the Yahapalanaya Cabinet. He asks  the FCID to go for the  big fish, when he himself is accused for corruption. A case filed against him by the JVP has not been  taken up for investigation. You should ask Senaratne to allow himself  investigated by the FCID for the accusations made against him.

Mr. President are you aware of extensive deforestation that is going on. What action are you going to take to stop this:

Specific instances of forest destruction and proposed deforestation by the Mahaweli Authority were brought into the spotlight by the Director of the Environment Conservation Trust (ECT), Sajeewa Chamikara.

Here are the areas under threat due to the Mahaweli L zone, according to him:

* In Mullaitivu, 6,000 acres of jungle, bordering the Andankulam Forest Reserve and the Kokilai Sanctuary are being cleared and destroyed. A majority of those who have got land in this area are big businessmen and not small farmers.

*  Nearly 32,000 acres of land in the Padaviya Forest Reserve are being cleared for potential development. This Forest Reserve covering 48,451 acres was declared by Gazette No. 1793/21 on January 18, 2013, but soon after, 31,875 acres were de-gazetted by Gazette No. 1808/4 on April 29, 2013. * Around 22,500 acres of forest in the Medirigiriya-Bisopura area have been handed over for development.

A few other areas where forest destruction is taking place:

* Around 20,000 acres of forests in Welikanda have been handed over to big businessmen for massive commercial cultivations.* Around 5,000 acres from the Karunkalipuram Forest Reserve have been released for the settlement of people.* There are major intrusions into the Proposed Elephant Management Reserve in Hambantota, in the form of large-scale soil excavation, metal-quarrying, setting up of solar power plants and commercial crop cultivations.

Mr.President , you are not informed of what is going on  in the country. You are not consulted  on major issues concerning Sri Lanka.

It is time you wake up and take action to reverse the situation in which Ranil-Chandrika-Mangala Samaraweera are progressively destroying and selling Sri Lanka to foreign countries.

Mr.President, now even the UN Special Rapporteur wants more land held by the armed forces released to Tamils, please speak and ask them to mind their own business without interfering into internal affairs of the Country. That is what President Mahinda Rajapakse told these interferers.

Mr. President please do not remain imprisoned in your inferiority complex, showing your gratitude to Ranil Wickramasinghe and your high esteem to Chandrika Kumaratunga. You should take over the reigns of government  now or you will never be able to save what remains of Sri Lanka, or else you too may perish with it.

Mr.President you should change your Prime Minister and form a new Government. You should bury your false pride and your hatred towards  Mahinda Rajapakse and his supporters. You can be the saviour of Sri Lanka which faces today the greatest danger in its history, a danger of  division both territorially and communally. It would be yours and Mahinda Rajapakse’s joint efforts that would help to regain Sri Lanka and bring back peace and security.

98 Responses to “An Open letter to the President Maithripala Sirisena.”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo),

    Charles is writing to backstabber Sirisena because whether we like it or not a bunch of TREACHEROUS backstabbing GOONS like you hoisted him into the President’s chair.

    Since he is giving speeches and cutting ribbons at opening ceremonies as if there are NO URGENT PROBLEMS facing the nation … like recovering the Bond Scam Money and PUNISHING the great central bank looters …. for him to solve, SOMEONE like Charles has to remind him AGAIN & AGAIN what he should be doing, and what will happen to him in the near future if he does not do his DUTY!

    I know these kinds of things are beyond your wit and comprehension, but we will keep trying to EDUCATE you on these matters with a MALLET applied not too gently to the top of your head!

  2. Charles Says:

    I did not name any back stabbers. This is what I said about back stabbing, “To hell with the 6.2 million voters. I have nothing to explain to those who do not say franckly where they stand. Dishonesty, hipocrasy, backstabbing are the ways of the enemies we have arround us repeating like manthra army and the Sangha….. that is enough and we are not swayed by this lunacy.”
    You twist and turn things with motives behind your mind. You are not what you show yourself to be.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:


    I can grant all that is said in praise of the Armed Forces of Lanka is correct. In fact, we can add more words of praise.

    That is not the point. In some developed countries, those who have retired from the Armed Forces are allowed a ‘rest period from war’ of some 7 yrs or more before they can AS INDIVIDUALS come to contest in the Elections process in Democratic countries. This is how it is. I believe that the long time elapse is allowed due to allowances being made for ill effects of war to wear off. Example : Gen Dwight D. Eisenhower became the President of the US (1953-1961), under such circumstances, after WW II.

    Re Lanka Parliament having unsuitable people – true. Most are alright except that they tend to stuff pockets and not well informed enough on world politics. True, Lanka ought to have more educated, ethical, PATRIOTIC people. We can blame the Colonists for that !! Fear & Greed racheted up AFTER Colonisation of Lanka started nearly 500 yrs ago.

    There are truly fine leaders coming from the Armed Forces of Lanka. They ought to contest Elections after a certain time lapse from active war services, which time period should be decided by the Parliament. Some are already in politics.

    Re Buddhist clergy entering Politics in Lanka : I have huge reservations. Politics & Religion (Buddhism – Philosophy in this case), do not mix – it’s like oil and water. Politicians can consult the Clergy on various topics – that is alright.

    Time for Lanka to let go COLONIAL rule and start HOME RULE.
    Education for PATRIOTISM and some world politics ought to start at school level, and go onto Higher Education.

    We suggest an Entrance Exam for aspiring Politicians who do not have a past proven able record of PUBLIC Service to the Nation.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo),

    You think that by reciting the virtues of the Military to us, you can circumvent the basic issue that they are not represent ices ELECTED by the SOVEREIGN PEOPLE of Sri Lanka to govern their country.

    The people will get what they DESERVE if they don’t act with WISDOM. Nevertheless, the SOVEREIGNTY of the PEOPLE must remain supreme, however imperfect the process and however corrupt their elected representatimes turn out to be. That will correct itself in due course, as it did when the people elected MR/UPFA to defeat the terrorists and reunify the country after 30 years of BUNGLING by the likes of Ranil and CBK now PREACHING to the citizens they let down when they had the power to protect them.

    Stop trying to sugar-coat USURPATION of the PEOPLE’S SOVEREIGNTY by extolling the VIRTUES of the Military and the Sangha.

    We ALREADY KNOW THOSE VIRTUES; we don’t need a Tamil EELAMIST AGITATOR to explain that to us!

    But, we EMPHATICALLY REJECT the military coup-de-etat approach you are cunningly ADVOCATING!

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    I am with Charles & Ananda –
    THERE ARE FAR MORE IMPORTANT MATTERS FOR PRES MS TO ATTEND TO such as resolution of the Central Bank Scam and bringing the culprits to justice; stop the harrassment of past Heroes & Patriots of Lanka ; REMOVE THE ILLEGAL 13-A : stop the escalation of the Cost of Living ; get the Jobs for the People ; stop the SALE State Land, etc. etc.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Fran,

    I would add the following to your LIST:

    STOPPING the New Constitution, crafted by Six Committees dominated by ethnic and religious minorities,

    Reigning in Avamangala Samaraweera from Selling Out Sri Lanka to foreign powers in Geneva,

    STOPPING the “Crash & Sale” program gutting Sri Lanka’s National Resources such as Hambantota Port and Sri Lanka Airlines,

    STOPPING the ETCA agreement that would in time flood Sri Lanka with Indians (mostly Indian Tamils) and the transformation of Sri Lanka into an economic Colony of India, in addition to

    REPEALING the 13-A and DISSOLVING the Provincial Councils included in your LIST.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Ananda,

    Yes, of course, all those items plus the planned Sea tunnel to T’Nadu !
    Tx for adding to list.
    We have to put etc. etc. to all our lists, because the Things to Do for MS is indeed a long list.

    Thanks again for your vigilence.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Charles and USA,

    USA says Sirisena is a backstabber but Charles says no. Who is correct? Can you two please clarify if Sirisena is a backstabber or not?

    The MILITARY governs 250,000 heavily armed young men within a BUDGET of $1.5 billion. The SANGHA governs 20,000 monks within a small BUDGET. VERY FEW murders, robberies, corruption within. VERY FEW murders, robberies, corruption within. They run ENTIRE VILLAGES perfectly! Go to Panagoda, Palali, Trinco camp and see. Isn’t that impressive? Politicians cannot even run a PRATHESEEYA SABAI!!

    Army, navy, airforce and police SEVA VANITHA UNITS are the PERFECT example of how to run a CHARITY. We all know how politicians run charities!! Ask Sarath Silva.

    RELATIVES of military people and clergy are PROUD of them. Relatives of POLITICIANS hide in shame or rob the country with them.

    Can SL continue like this? What will be LEFTOVER if politicians drain the country from election to election?

    This has to change. The MILITARY and SANGHA are needed for the TRANSITION. Create a GOOD CONSTITUTION by getting PATRIOTIC PROFESSIONALS WITHOUT ANY INTERFERENCE without excesses and hand back power to PEOPLE and elections.

    You place TOO MUCH on MR. He is now 72 and he will die soon (as average life expectancy of SL men is 70). Then what? Do you think ENDIA, etc. will allow GR to come to power? Others are totally useless.

    The MILITARY are NOT strangers to people. They are our relatives and friends. With their families we are talking of 2 million connected people. A MILITARY-SANGHA takeover is a TAKEOVER by the PEOPLE.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    If you AGREE, then what is the problem?

    Politicians will never do any of the WISH LIST you have given! NEVER!

    MR FAILED to scrap 13 amendment. Sirisena will NEVER scrap it.

    MR appointed VIGGIE Sirisena will NEVER remove him.

    Sira is investigating BOND FRAUDS but not only the late January 2015 fraud. He is also investigating other CB frauds including the GREEK bond fraud, the 2022 buyback fraud, etc. So don’t have high hopes.

  10. Charles Says:

    Lorenzo You are a dangerous man – you carry tales from side to the other. It is people like you that has created dissension in the country. You had better stick to your opinion. We have no lessons to learn from you. You have nothing positive to give.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo),

    My own extended family abounds with Buddhist priests, and some were/are famous in Sri Lanka. Among my relatives, each family is expected to give one son to the Sasana. I myself was groomed to
    be the Buddhist priest in my family, but to the great disappointment of my parents, from my young days I became interested in science and engineering instead.

    I have said this because those Buddhist affiliations do not change my considered opinion that politics is best left to lay civilians in normal times, under normal circumstances.

    Historically, the Buddhist clergy has entered the field of politics to defend, protect and preserve the Buddha Sasana, the Sinhala Buddhist laymen, and the Motherland as a whole whenever they were threatened by enemies.

    As a powerful patriotic force, I fully support that role of the Buddhist clergy in Sri Lanka when the nation and the Buddha Sasana are threaded. Without the Buddhist clergy, both Buddhism and the Sinhala Nation would have become extinct in Sri Lanka long ago.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    The relationship between the Sinhala people and their Buddhist faith is SYMBIOTIC; ONE cannot survive without the OTHER!

  13. Ananda-USA Says:



    Carrying tales from one person to the other to pit them against each other, twisting words and the context in the process, to sow maximum dissension among patriots, is the MODUS OPERANDI of Katussa (Lorenzo)!

  14. Fran Diaz Says:


    What have I agreed to ?

    I have agreed that the total Armed Forces of Lanka are praiseworthy in the position of Armed Forces.

    Armed Forces work and Political work are two different things.
    You are suggesting that the Armed Forces take over the political work.
    Rule by the Armed Forces is NOT Democracy – it would be Armed Forces Rule and NOT Democratic.
    Usuallly, the Armed Forces come in through Coups, and not through a Democratic process as an entire Armed Force cannot contest a Democratic election.
    Coups will be challenged by the rest of the Democratic worlds Big Powers and eliminated, sooner or later.
    Do you want the Armed Forces of Lanka in that position ?
    If you do, you are not supporting the SL Armed Forces.

    People of the Armed Forces who have a talent for political work can contest Elections in Lanka as INDIVIDUALS only. That too after some years (to be decided by Parliament) have elapsed after active service in war/s.

    I hope I have made myself clear.

    I am totally closing this exchange. It is rather dangerous to have exchanges with you as you quote me out of context.

    Lorenzo, kindly on’t quote me out of context ! That is not a good or trustworthy trait. I do not know who has put you up to this type of mischief, but it does not do any good for you. I suspect there is mischief afoot here.

    Don’t create trouble for yourself by quoting others out of context.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    USA and Fran accepted that the MILITARY is PRAISEWORTHY and POLITICIANS are not.
    USA accepted that SANGHA are relatives of people MORE than politicians.

    They BOTH accept the MILITARY and the SANGHA are the MOST patriotic.

    The wiser of the 2 has accepted BBS is the only party standing up for SINGHALA BUDDHISTS.

    I AGREE with all these.

    The DISAGREEMENT is the TAKEOVER. We have to AGREE to DISAGREE on this for now.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Only the MILITARY and the SANGHA can save DESA, BASA, RESA.

    Politicians DESTROY DESA, BASA, RESA.

    End of story.

  17. Randeniyage Says:

    Dialogue going on is hillarious to those who are new to Lankaweb !

    Looking at the whole thing, to the outsider, Lorenzo’s arguments make sense and I don’t know why he is called “Katussa”.
    To me Lorenzo is the clear victor by far !

  18. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo),

    I know you want to put words in my mouth, but

    I DID NOT SAY the MILITARY is praiseworthy and politicians are NOT. I made no such GENETALIZED COMPARISON; that generalization is yours not mine.

    I DID NOT SAY the SANGHA are RELATIVES of people MORE than politicians. I made no such GENERALIZED COMPARISON; that genetalization also is yours not mine.

    What I did say is that both the Military and the Sangha of Sri Lanka, in general, are strong patriotic forces. I made no generalized comparison of the Military and the Sangha against politicians.

    There are politicians who are patriotic, while others are unpatriotic. Treforest, we have to pick and choose who is patritic and worthy of our trust, and who is unpatriotic and unworthy of our trust.

    My stand remains as before, to wit: Although the Military is Patriotic, it is not their ROLE in a DEMOCRATIC Parliamentary of government to engage in politics. They serve the people at the command of the election yes government of the nation.

    Militaries are necessary defenders of the nation, but are bad masters. Active members of the Armed Forces should strictly stay out of politics. Retired members of the Armed Forces are full citizens of the country and are entitled to become involved in politics all other citizens are.

    The Sangha has an important role to play in politics to organize and motivate the people to defend their faith and their country, in extraordinary circumstances where the survival of both are threatened, but under normal circumstances should stay out of politics.

    It is the role of lay civilian citizens to engage in politics and fashion the governance of the nation to serve their best collective interest.

    Nothing I have said should be construed as an ENDORSEMENT of your MACHIAVELLISN UNDERHAND DEVIOUS and DESTRUCTIVE advocacy of inciting the Military and the Sangha to execute a Military coup-de-etat.

    That will undermine the very concept of governance e of the people, by the people, for the people that we wish to preserve in a nation where the ALL of PEOPLE are SOVEREIGN collectively.

    You are STILL trying to misinterpret what others write here to suit your own devious and destructive EELAMIST agenda.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    USA this is what you said.

    1. March 2nd, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    “Bodu Bala Sena is growing because no other party is defending and protecting the interests of the Sinhala Buddhist community.”

    So far BBS is NOT politicians. You said NO POLITICIAN (all politicians are from political parties!!!) defends or protects Sinhala Buddhist community.

    2. March 1st, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    “The Armed Forces are our sons and daughters, our fathers and mothers, our family and friends.”

    Did you say the same about politicians? NO.

    3. March 3rd, 2017 at 2:36 am

    “My own extended family abounds with Buddhist priests, and some were/are famous in Sri Lanka. Among my relatives, each family is expected to give one son to the Sasana. I myself was groomed to
    be the Buddhist priest in my family, but to the great disappointment of my parents, from my young days I became interested in science and engineering instead.

    Historically, the Buddhist clergy has entered the field of politics to defend, protect and preserve the Buddha Sasana, the Sinhala Buddhist laymen, and the Motherland as a whole whenever they were threatened by enemies.

    Historically, the Buddhist clergy has entered the field of politics to defend, protect and preserve the Buddha Sasana, the Sinhala Buddhist laymen, and the Motherland as a whole whenever they were threatened by enemies.

    Historically, the Buddhist clergy has entered the field of politics to defend, protect and preserve the Buddha Sasana, the Sinhala Buddhist laymen, and the Motherland as a whole whenever they were threatened by enemies.

    As a powerful patriotic force, I fully support that role of the Buddhist clergy in Sri Lanka when the nation and the Buddha Sasana are threaded. Without the Buddhist clergy, both Buddhism and the Sinhala Nation would have become extinct in Sri Lanka long ago.

    Then what are you saying 1 + 2 + 3 ?

    This is that damnn historic moment to save DESA, BASA, RESA! In your own damnned words “to defend, protect and preserve the Buddha Sasana, the Sinhala Buddhist laymen, and the Motherland as a whole”.

    Do you think these are NOT under threat today? Wake up USA. It is now or never.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    Talking of taking over………

    The SL GOVT EVERYTHING HELPLINE 1919 was hijacked by Sirisena crowd a MONTH BEFORE the January 8 election. It was NOT done by CHAT-URA. He is lying. No one told this to MR family. MOST of his ministers knew it but no one said it. Do you still trust them?

    Then the UPFA FACEBOOK page was hacked and taken to support Sirisena. MR contested from the UPFA!!
    No one told this to MR family. They KNEW he is going to lose. MOST of his ministers knew it but no one said it. Do you still trust them?

    Some of them put cutouts of him to HUMILIATE him.

    This is the character of people around MR. He CANNOT trust those backstabbers who are still with him!!

    But MR doesn’t believe they are backstabbers or he has NO CHOICE. Even if he comes to power these backstabbers WITH HIM will do it again. MOST of them tell everything in the JO to Sirisena. This is why Sira knows EXACTLY what goes on.

    This is the REALITY.

    WHO can save SL?

  21. Charles Says:

    Ananda, We get no where arguing with him. He has the same argument and none other. It is best we just stop further engagement with him on the subject.

  22. Ananda-USA Says:


    I agree with you.

    Katussa ( Lorenzo) is DESPERATE to create as much CHAOS as possible in Sri Lanka pitting ALL of the Patriotic Forces against each other so his EELAMIST Masters can achieve their elusive fleeting dream!

  23. Christie Says:

    Thanks Lorenzo for your comments.

    It is the Indian Empire who are looking after the Indian Colonial Parasites whether they are in Ceylon or Fiji or any other Indian colony.

  24. Charles Says:

    Christie, Some one in a comment to an article in Lankaweb said that Christie is an Indian RAW Agent. Are you in league with Lorenzo ?

  25. Randeniyage Says:

    Is this the “Military Sangha” Lorenzo ( Katussa ? ) is talking about ?

    Starting from Anuradhapura ?

  26. Lorenzo Says:

    Come one Randeniyage!

    That person is NOT part of the MILITARY. He left the army a LONG TIME ago and since engaged in VIOLENCE.

    This is the GOOD about the MILITARY. It PURGES unruly elements unlike POLITICS which ACCUMULATES all vile elements.

    I don’t know how he got out of prison. YAAPA(LA)NAYA!

  27. Lorenzo Says:


    If I have ELAM masters I will support ELAMISTS and LTTE, not fight against them.

    SL is sliding to ELAM peacefully. Politicians HELP it. IF this is disrupted the ELAM dream will once again is BUSTED.

  28. Lorenzo Says:


    Christie is a STRONG SL PATRIOT who has served the SL community abroad for a LONG TIME especially during the war. You know it was not easy. TE terrorists threatened SL activists. They too contributed to war VICTORY – it was not a one family win.

    We must appreciate his GOOD WORK.

    We really have to STOP abusing, killing, shutting out and silencing people with DIFFERENT views. It does NOT work. Plenty of examples from SL. MR must DISASSOCIATE with people who want to SILENCE dissenting views. This is one BIG blame against MR during the election and even now.

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