Posted on February 26th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I was just watching a TV program where Consultant Dr Padeniya eloquently explained  that SAITEM is an illegal organization which has violated every rule and laws in the country .Saitem was established in 2008 and after 9 years neither GMOA and SMC has not been able to take meaningful action   to terminate the functioning of this institution .

My honest opinion is that establishment  of private educational institutions should be encouraged and GMOA should sit together with SAITEM management and their Russian Counterparts and guide them to continue the functioning of the Institution .

To my dismay my wife being a graduate from a medical college in Moscow is also of the opinion that Dr Padeniya is right ,and they should not allow this institution to function .She being a medical officer with a degree from foreign country had to wait many years before they enforced  a rule that everyone  should pass exams under Act 16 to obtain registration  She got her registration  under Act 15 where SMC granted registration without passing act 16 because she has worked over 10 years in government service .

I was arguing with her and insisted that the Saitem students should be allowed to practice after passing the  exams under act 16 .

Many Sri Lankan doctors have  obtained free education in Sri Lanka and migrated abroad to work because ,there isn’t any  bond signed between Sri Lankan government and the doctors where  they have to at least serve  10 years in Sri Lanka to pay back the cost of education .They bolt away with no regard to the fact that tax payers have paid for their education

I have to suggest following by way of a compromise to settle this issue .

Government shall terminate the permission to run a private medical school to fill the short fall of doctors in Sri Lanka ,but impose a rule that none of the doctors who have obtained degree in Sri Lankan state medical schools with public money should be allowed to leave the country until they  serve at least 10 years in Sri Lanka .

They should also  sign a bond for 5 million rupees .If the doctor bolts away ,the bond value should be claimed from the person who has signed the bond  and cancel his local registration and place the information in SMC website .

Then we can wait and  see what GMOA is going to do ??Will they go on strike and take the patients at ransom ?


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