Posted on February 28th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

We  read daily about doctors going on strike with no compassion and kindness towards ordinary people .When you watch TV you could see poor people travel far to get treatment lamenting on OPD waiting for doctors to see them.

Today I was listening to the radio, and heard about wildlife officers on strike .An elephant after being shot on the leg was lying in a irrigation water tank and suffering for days as Wild life Vets were not prepared to rescue the poor animal .

Yesterday we heard about few thugs attacking a bus and indiscriminatingly gunning down prisoners.

Today I was being driven almost hit a three wheeler because he changed the lane unexpectedly and I put down the glass of the door and told him that he should not have done it, resulting barrage of abuse and showing readiness to do bodily harm to me and my driver .It was his fault and he was behaving like a non -human  ( I do not call him and animal because animals may be better than humans).

My conclusion is that the behaviour of ruling class is so repugnant and inconsiderate and people may be thinking why  should we behave  differently ?



  1. Nimal Says:

    Just like all other third world countries people in SL too have the symptoms of unkindness jealousy and greed, the very basic teachings of the great teacher to avoid if one needs to attain Nirvana.
    We are born with it as he observed, though it is for our own survival he says that one must control it.
    People in the developed West seems to have less of these evils, the reason why they are so advanced. We are so cruel at the lower level of our societies that lead to our leaders being cruel, greedy and non caring.
    In the developed countries there’s much tolerance(See how they respectfully drive),generosity (where they allow us to live and work,where they spend millions on aid to poor countries).
    With likes of Trump emerging and the right-wingers emerging may push the world back to the old medieval days. Last Sunday a woman who was married to a British for last 20 or more years was deported to Singapore.
    As usual my comments are not published and that’s all right by me.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Because SL people are DIVIDED by party politics.

    UNPers see SLFPers as ENEMIES.
    SLFPers see UNPers as ENEMIES.

    They kill each other. This is called DEMO-CRAZY.

    Yesterday deputy minister GONJA and a JO MP went at each other in front of media. One of them threatened to kill the other.

    In 2011 a presidential advisor and the advisor to the ministry of construction killed each other on the road!!

  3. Christie Says:

    Sarath we Sinhalese are the victims of the Indian Empire. You are also one of them. The 3 wheeler is definitely an Indian made killing machine.

  4. Nimal Says:

    I am concerned that that you are paranoid about the Indians and I am too paranoid about the Colonial type of life and that’s why I am there and never would like to condemn them or If I am fed up or disagree them then I will pack up and get back to SL and cultivate the best of life I have seen in UK, stating with road etiquette.
    I may gift some high-tech pedestrian lights,using the influence of the Mahanayaka,get their few monks to man those points in Kandy during the school times. This I can do in Kandy only as each unit cost a few thousand pounds. This might put some discipline into our people. Of cause I will pay some for the monks that give their time.
    This is a start to put our people in the right direction. I can assure you it will be the politicians and the cops that will not respect the lights, then Sudarth might say that I may be a Colonial agent.

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