Posted on March 6th, 2017

Muslim parents demanded the abolition of pork in all the school canteens of a Montreal suburb. The mayor of the Montreal suburb of Dorval has refused, and the town-clerk sent a note to all parents to explain why. Here’s that note:

Muslims must understand that they have to adapt to Canada and Quebec, its customs, its traditions, its way of life, because that’s where they chose to immigrate.

They must understand that they have to integrate and learn to live in Quebec.

They must understand that it is for them to change their lifestyle, not the Canadians who so generously welcomed them.

They must understand that Canadians are neither racist nor xenophobic, they accepted many immigrants before Muslims (whereas the reverse is not true, in that Muslim states do not accept non-Muslim immigrants).

That no more than other nations, Canadians are not willing to give up their identity, their culture.

And if Canada is a land of welcome, it’s not the Mayor of Dorval who welcomes foreigners, but the Canadian-Quebecois people as a whole.

Finally, they must understand that in Canada (Quebec) with its Judeo-Christian roots, Christmas trees, churches and religious festivals, religion must remain in the private domain.
The municipality of Dorval was right to refuse any concessions to Islam and Sharia.

For Muslims who disagree with secularism and do not feel comfortable in Canada, there are 57 beautiful Muslim countries in the world, most of them under-populated and ready to receive them with open halal arms in accordance with Sharia.

If you left your country for Canada, and not for other Muslim countries, it is because you have considered that life is better in Canada than elsewhere.

Ask yourself the question, just once, Why is it better here in Canada than where you come from?” ‘A canteen with pork’ is part of the answer.”

EXEMPLARY. Share this to PROMOTE TOLERANCE in the world. This is what should be adopted by all countries


  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Ask one question.
    Canada or xxxxlam?
    We all know the answer from the bloody hypocrites! But keep an eye on the mussies, their BABY MACHINE WIVES
    will work overtime and multiply and multiply. A few years later mps, mayors, ministers etc. etc galore. Keep a tab.
    That’s what the crafty mussies did in old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, maldives, malayasia
    and indonesia. Multiply multiply and multiply. Buddhism gone. Bingo you have mussie countries. Google Buddhist
    heritage in those countries and you can see for yourself. Don’t take my word for it.

    They are testing the waters. Give them an inch, they will demand a mile!
    Recently aussies and brits revoked the citizenships of mussies who had done terrorism, sex crimes etc and sent
    them to jail. After serving the term, off they go to their hell holes they came from. Now nobody stepping out of the line!

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    A good one!!!

    Same story goes here. SL is a Buddhist country with Buddhist heritage. Tamil Terrorists and Islam Terrorists are trying to destroy it and turn it into their own motherlands. Our opportunistic but foolish Yahaps are giving them to craft the constitution to do whatever they want and keeping on fooling Sinhela people…

    Comparing to these Canadian politicians, our politicians are worst than prostitutes.

    This is the biggest problem in Mother Lanka’s history… betrayal by her own children…

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo! Says it all in a nutshell!

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  5. helaya Says:

    Well done mayor. Stupid Sri Lankan leaders learn a lesson from this mayor. Ponil and Awamangal open your eyes, Stop selling Lanka to Mussies and bloody Tamil terrorist.

  6. Sooriarachi Says:

    Canadian political leaders have been opportunists and hypocrites who allowed LTTE separatists terrorists, in the guise of Tamil ‘refugees’, to settle down in Canada and carry on with their fund collection activities. Canadian Govt with no shame contributed heavily and even recognised as Tax exempt charities, the so called Tamil Cultural associations in Canada. Canadian Regimes have been so despicable they not only boycotted the Commonwealth conference, probably on the instigation of these wealthy terrorists, but also tried to convince other nations also to boycott. They also, campaigned for the release of LTTE terrorists, demanded the stopping of action against those terrorists and the removal of Security forces from Tamil dominated areas. What despicable politicians are they and what hypocrites are they, so much guilty of decimating the ethnic indigenous population in Canada, by making their women folk ‘disappear’. Are they using ‘white vans’ for these happenings.
    Today Muslims in Canada are making equally outrageous demands, like wanting to control the dietary habits of the Canadians in schools. Good that Canada wont give in to such unreasonable demands and it is also good that Sri Lanka did not give into even more unreasonable demands Canada made on Sri Lanka.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:


    Western human rights depend on WHOSE OX IS BEING GORED!

    As long as only Sri Lanka’s VITAL INTERESTS are at stake, they are CHAMPIONS of Human Rights and Democracy in shining armor!

    But, when the VITAL INTERESTS of Canada and other Western Powers is at stake, they are CAMPIONS of DEFENDING THEIR VITAL NATIONAL SECURITY and DAMNING HUMAN RIGHTS!

    We have always known that DOUBLE STANDARDS & HYPOCRISY have hand-in-hand among the Western Neocolonialists who have waged the most INHUMAN WARS in world history, and are now exploiting human rights to promote their NeoColonialist agendas.

    We all know that the bonfired that set ablaze the Middle East in the so-called Arab Spring countries was lit and fanned into a holocaust by the Western Powers using their pretext of human rights and democracy building to subjugate those nations to their own global agenda.

    They supported any and all rebellions claiming to be fighting for “human rights” and “democratic values” and fell into the trap of their own making. The world’s most intransigent and diabolical terrorists now became “democrats” but soon fell out any crystallised along their own original proclivities into murderous Islamic groups. The so-called “Internet democrats” supported by the West vanished without a trace.

    We recall that the Tamil EELAMISTS and the LTTE had blazed the trail and written the manual on how to be SIMULTANEOUSLY Wailing Victims to the exyernal world, and the World’s Most Vicious Terrorists in Sri Lanka. Any and all murderous acts they committed was lionized as proof of their military prowess and committment to cause. Their murderous rampage was confined to the tiny island of Sri Lanka and it did not affect the West. It became fashionable in the West to lionize the Tigers and promote their cause because the ADVERSE IMPACT of doing so was felt only in Sri Lanka, and largely by the Sinhala Buddhist community who could be defamed and ostracized at will, and not in the West!

    In contrast, the application of those very same “human rights” and “democracy building” pretextual policies in the Arab Spring countries that Westernets expexted would affect only those countries, BACKFIRED and had a massive impact on Europe, because of the PROXIMITY of those countries to Europe.

    Those policies had unintended consequences, including the rise of ISIS with the destruction of established governments that had maintained law and order, and the flooding into Europe and North America of waves of unwelcome Moslem refugees.

    Those unintended consequences now threaten to UNRAVEL the European Union itself, with BREXIT and many referenda on continued membership in the EU scheduled for 2017.

    Initially, Europe responded by saying “see … our policies were right … the peoples of these countries are FLEEING their undemocratic governments”. They hoped to accomodate them for a short tome and retain ggem to their homelands as captive brsinwashed surrogates. Yet, when the actual realization began to hit that the populations of those countries were exiting EN MASSE because the policies of the West had made those countries uninhabitable to all citizens of every political persuation, and that this mass migration would swamp Europe with unassimilable people inimical to Europe’s long yerm interests and culture, the attitude began to REVERSE!

    Now, Europe no longer wants to cope with this exodus, nor does it want to incur the cost in blood and treasure to cure the MESS it created in those countries that led to the exodus.

    Now, they just want to wash their hands of the whole ugly mess and turn a blind eye.

    For example, it was reported today that AUSTRIA …. one of the staunchest advocates for accepting Muslim refugees from the courier being dismantled by conflicts engineered by the West, have now CLOSED its borders and is DEPORTING all but a few of the arriving refugees.

    Yet, EU’s and the UN’s stand on Sri Lanka has STILL NOT CHANGED ONE IOTA in the light of the FIASCO of the policies they have pursued in the Middle East.

    Hopefully, Donald Trump will put an end to this HYPOCRITICAL Western madness.

    Hopefully, he will adopt a policy of DOING UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO UNTO YOU.

    That would be great start to ending the YAWNING DIVIDE in Western Policies as applied to developed Western countries and to developing nations elsewhere in the world.

  8. RohanJay Says:

    Well Done to the Canadian Mayor. I think he did it because non-muslim sections of canadian society. That means everyone else. Peoples of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists backgrounds etc must have bitterly complained to the mayor. Good to know Canada respects all groups equally. Muslims can’t demand laws be introduced and everyone else, Buddhist,Hindus, Christians and others etc be forced against their will to live under that. Muslims might have a problem with Pork but a lot of non-muslims don’t they can’t force their beliefs on others against the will of other peoples who are non-muslim.

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