Posted on March 14th, 2017

Miss Diannah Paramour Huon Highway Dover  Tasmania Australia

Subject: Deakin complaint” CITIZENS COMPLAINT “

Vice Chancellor Deakin University
Professor Jane Hollander
Locked Bag 20001

Dear Professor Hollander,
No doubt by now you have been inundated with complaints and petition signatures in regards to your University awarding a doctorate to:
Ranil Wickremesinghe
(Temporary) Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.
It is about this ludicrous award that I also am adding my outrage to the many who have suffered over this event.

When I discovered that RW was setting foot on Australian soil, I was outraged beyond comprehension.
I at first needed to verify the facts as I was astounded that this was going to happen.
Merely the thought of this evil man sitting amongst our children frightened me.

I unfortunately found out too late to be able to alert every newspaper in Australia.
I would have wanted to be present at this presentation to protest about this atrocity at the highest level.

One can only draw the conclusion that your University was incontrovertibly totally ignorant of the historical facts surrounding this dubious man.

I did send you through a detailed email which was not responded to.
I suspect that you received thousands of complaints, this must have rendered your office clerks overworked behind expectation.
No need to apologise.

Awards are not found in cereal boxes, well until now I thought not.
Surely a committe sits to adjudicate over the giving of honorary doctorates?
If his award was not ‘paid for’ then I assume your committe met to ratify this award, before passing it to you for your signature of approval.
If not…

How many documents were gathered and presented to the selection committe for their information?

What security measures did you put into place to protect students at the University from a possible bomb threat or assassination?

Considering that the day before your award ceremony the Tamils who illegally boated to Australia, held a angry protest because your award recipient had stated that it was safe for them to now return to Sri Lanka.

These illegal Tamils are terrorists, they were absolutely in fear of returning to Sri Lanka to face trials and possible prison terms for their war crimes.
Assassinations are their forte’

During their protest they openly held their terrorist  flag in Melbourne, the same evil flag banned by resolution of the United Nations and upheld in 32 countries.
See how openly defiant and self motivated these terrorist worshippers are?
Raising a banned terrorist flag the day before your ceremony.
Students could have been killed.
What protection did your committee offer them?
How shocking and a gross lack of duty of care.

Regardless of your recipient being a known fraterniser and complicit with the terrorists, the Tamils do not want to return whilst our unions and greens party are fattening up their  purses.

How many committee members were assigned to research this mans political and personal  history?
Please don’t tell me some Tamils or greenies threw that filthy doctored channel 4 documentary your way, with your committee assuming that it was verified and true.

The man you have given this award to is well known to have been complicit in the mass murder of 6,000 boys.
6,000 innocent boys…
Think about that….
These numbers were not pulled from  Hollywood, we are talking about bona fide murders.
(Photos of the dead boys enclosed)
For this he is recognised for his work towards ‘peace’
Oh my goodness
How ignorant of academics who failed to do even the basic of reasearch.
How utterly shameful.

Concerned citizens worldwide request that your University immediately withdraw this ill thought out award.

The Deakin University should respectfully request the award be returned.

Please be aware that after 30 years of a shocking and brutal war inflicted by the terrorists, the ‘Liberation Tamil Tigers Eelam’ has left Sri Lanka in a quagmire of economic loss and personal lack of confidence in her citizens.
The war has taken its toll on the people who feel they can take no more global humiliation.
Their spirits are low indeed.

The dire consequences of this silly award will be that the innocent trusting citizens will be tricked by this prestigious award, it will be used as a visual enticement to present before the people, it sadly will give the impression that Australia supports the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and the (temporary) government.

In Australia we have been sheltered by our democracy from children being blown up on school buses, we have not had to live with our children being kidnapped and forced to be child soldiers.
We have not had our mothers screaming for mercy as the terrorists smash babies against walls to save money on bullets.
Then to watch unborn babies be sliced from their mothers bodies.
Planes, shops and people blown to smithereens…
All this happened in Sri Lanka.

Indeed how a safe life has made us ignorant as we breed a generation of young people who know very little about global history and mass deaths.
This of course does not surprise me as our students are not even taught about white invasion and the genocide of aboriginal traditions due to colonisation.
I am fifth generation white Australian born so I’m in a prime position to state that neither myself nor my children were taught anything above ‘superficial’ concerning atrocities committed on the aboriginal people.
Ignorance is not bliss Professor.
Ignorance is fuel for empty minds.

For your information I have included many photos and verified documents pertaining to your award recipients horrendous murders.
I have also included up to date photos of the human rights violations against the citizens of Sri Lanka happening right now.
Police brutality, corruption, disabled soldiers laying in the streets, waste of food money on irrelevant frivolous government indulgences.

They are a government out of control, certainly not serious or working towards peace.
They are a dictatorship in the making, leaving the gentle Sinhalese Buddhists teetering precariously on the edge of potential genocide and a resurgence of war.
Disarray and in pieces more like it.

Dear professor, I have no invested interest in lodging this complaint….
Nothing to gain either personal or financially…
I am merely a concerned Australian citizen who has a deep concern for the long term consequences of war on innocent people.
I consider that we are all global siblings and therefore we need to be extremely careful before putting Australia up to international ridicule, like your University has done.

I must make one point excruciatingly clear…
That in no way do I nor any of my friends think for one moment that your University gave this award as a deliberate act to support terrorism..
These people are extremely well experienced in deception and manipulation for both personal and political gain.
Your ignorance is forgiven in anticipation that you will find a way to rectify this very miserable incident.

After international condemnation met your desk, I did see where you put out a media release stating that this Doctorate could only be used in conjunction with events directly associated with Deakin University, so you think that struggling farmers in rural Sri Lanka, who toil from sun up to sun down to buy rice for their children…..
Will view this award as anything but Australian approval of the government that is restricting that very rice, while children and orphans are very hungry?
What a shocking inditement on Australia.

In closing I would like to voice that my complaint although is written with fever, I certainly bare you no insult as my outrage and disappointment is targeted directly towards this award and not at you personally.
The carelessness is the main thing that has brought discredit upon your institution, to which as Vice Chancellor you must take full responsibility.

Trusting that will be thoughtful enough to respond to this letter.
I’m closing I do wish health, peace and happiness for you and your family and students.
Signed without prejudice…
Yours Earnestly,

Miss Diannah Paramour
Huon Highway

2 Responses to “” CITIZENS COMPLAINT “”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    sent 3 Feb 2017 to Prof Jane den Hollander

    Dear Professor Jane den Hollander

    This is to bring to your kind notice that the person whom you have invited for the above oration is currently implicated in a major financial fraud in Sri Lanka – the Central Bank Bond Scam. During his unworthy political career (lost popular elections close to 30 times) he was implicated in many a human rights violations only to find clemency due to his political clout, wealth and nothing else!

    While there is a separate Finance Minister he took under his purview the Central Bank of Sri Lanka which is normally under the purview of the Finance Minister. (He was made the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka by the current President of Sri Lanka while not commanding a majority in the parliament) on the 12 Feb 2015 on the excuse that it was an ‘election promise’.

    The Central Bank Bond Scam took place on 27 Feb 2015 just two weeks into his administration. Ranil Wickramasinghe and his cohorts netted undue financial gains running into billions of rupees. This fraud which involved 30 year Rupee Bonds have resulted in the increase of the Central Bank lending rates, severe devaluation of the Rupee (from Rs 132 to a $ to now over Rs 150) as well as heavy taxes on the people of Sri Lanka.

    This fraud is currently under investigation while many attempts were made and are being made to sweep it under the proverbial carpet.

    Moreover major human rights abuses during his early years as a politician – most famous one being – Batalanda Torture Chambers – a place far worse than Guantanamo – where many hapless victims were tortured and killed during a major youth insurrection in Sri Lanka circa 1989!

    At present as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka he is engaged in a major witch hunt bringing Sri Lanka closer to a police state, where political opponents are arraigned by an unlawfully constituted investigative body called the Financial Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) for the flimsiest of misdemeanour while major frauds that have taken place under his watch remain un-investigated.

    I bring this information for your attention to determine whether Ranil Wickramasinghe is a person worthy of making such an oration. The closest I can think of is inviting Hitler or a Saddam Hussein to make such an oration!

    For your kind consideration and necessary action please. You should be better advised as to the credentials of the person whom you wish to invite to make such a prestigious oration.


    Sarath Bulathsinghala

  2. Wetta Says:

    What a shame Deakin University.

    I lost all my faith I had on your university after learning the stupidity and ignorance of your academia in awarding a honorary doctorate to a well known bank robber (ref: the infamous 2015 Sri Lanka Central Bank Bond scam), sick-minded human rights abuser (facilitator and controller of Batalanda torcher chambers – circa 1989) and a famous failed politician (lost elections at 29 occasions) Ranil Wickramasinghe who lastly came to power only by meticulously planned mass scale lying and cheating on the public.

    Shame on you Deakin University, shame on you professor Jane Hollander for your “learned stupidity” and ignorance.

    Now our world has Deakin University phd holders who are recognized by your university as serious academics and masters of stealing, lying, cheating, failing to achieve anything, abusing human rights, suppressing media freedom and ruining countries.

    Congratulations ! Your university has now become world famous for having and sowing hollow brained idiots.

    No other university in the world managed to achieve that status so far.

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