An Ancient Island in Dire Peril
Posted on March 15th, 2017

IMRC Iriyagolle


We cannot allow India, any other country or any other force to dictate to us.  The country must develop a strategy to destroy the enemies within first,  the corrupt, destructive, selfish and sadistic politicians who have become ‘pawn brokers’ to remain in power by any means.   The nation should consider rejecting demagogues as well.

Our ancient rich Buddhist cultural heritage, an ancient superior civilisation cannot be, should not be destroyed by hostile forces from within or without.  The Sinhalese have portrayed self destructive  traits.  JVP launched an insurgency to kill the Sinhalese to combat this the United National Party(UNP) government unleashed forces to ‘kill the brutes’ as JR Jayawardena gave the orders to exterminate the JVP, all Sinhalese.   The Buddhist Cultural Heritage was ignored.

Torture of the victims became an industry during this period (1987-1990) of UNP initiated savagery,  Ranil Wickremasinghe one of the main perpetrators of this savagery has been rewarded, being appointed as the Prime Minister of this great island.   The UNP and Ranil Wickremasinghe has not been held accountable for the atrocities committed.   The UNP with the blessings of the Sinhalese majority is guilty of treason and continues to commit acts of treason without any hindrance from anybody in the practical sense.

The island is ‘pawned’, stripped of its Sovereignty, armed forces betrayed and the UNP carries on relentlessly to destroy the Sinhalese and the Buddhist Cultural Heritage.  In the past  there were punishers, snipers, armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and patriots to eliminate the enemy.  Many politicians perceived to be traitors were assassinated.  Today traitors thrive as the whole island is in their grip with the support and blessings of all communities.

The nation and  the island is gifted to traitors, mass murderes, rapists, fraudsters and drug traffickers.   The inertia, the inaction in the practical sense and the complacency of the Sinhalese is deplorable.

If there were strong, great, honourable, dynamic, visionary Sinhalese statesmen, political leaders as in the past no one, no country or the UN would dare to act against Sri Lanka.   Recent history has shown how some Sinhalese jealous and selfish in the different spheres themselves rise up against the good and the great Sinhalese to destroy them.   Whether in the political arena. social, religious or educational spheres society should punish and shun the destructors not reward them for there betrayal and treachery.  Then there would be a chance for the survival of the Sinhalese, the sacred Buddhist Cultural Heritage and our sacred island.

Theruwan Saranai

IMRC Iriyagolle

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    While appreciating Chandrika Iriyagolle’s standing up for Sinhalese, I very strongly disagree with some of her opinions here. It sounds less bad on paper and for ancient times, but it fails miserably in modern global order. Today even superpowers need alliances and external friends for survival. Sri Lanka too needs them. It is a no-brainer.

    The enemies of Sinhalese and Sri Lanka are two fold and these two groups feature prominently in US global list of terrorism since its inception in 1997! They are funded and protected by the world’s third and sixth largest defence spenders. It is unthinkable for Sri Lanka to go it alone.

    Following a Middle Path foreign policy is not about taking Middle Path steps. It means achieving (emphasized) a Middle Path foreign policy outcome. The skewed foreign policy since 1987 needs corrected by accommodating more of the counter India camp.

    There is another wrong assumption that says if we follow a moderated approach, India will follow suit. This is highly unwise. There is absolutely no reason for India to follow this approach. Indian approach since 2012 clearly proves this is not the case. Despite our balanced approach, India opted for confrontation. However, India followed a more balanced approach when Sri Lanka was very closely dealing with China and Pakistan militarily (2005 to 2009).

    Our history is dotted with external military alliances. Only one of them ended up as the proverb goes “inguru deela miris gaththa wage”. That was inviting the Dutch to displace the Portuguese. A bigger disaster. The British were anyway going to invade. Apart from that single incident, all other external alliances helped Sri Lanka retain its identity and interests. Of course, some compromises had to be made. It is a matter of choice and utopia is not a choice; it is only an unachievable dream.

    Ancient Lanka teamed up with Moghuls and the Caliphate against Hindus; Kerala, Kannuj, Karnataka and Kalinga kingdoms (separately) against Tamils, Malays against Tamils, Burmese against Tamils and Cambodians (separately), Mozambique mercenaries against Tamils and there is historical evidence to say our defence partnerships with China, Syria, the Roman empire and the Greeks. The Anglo Ceylon Defence Partnership Agreement (though imposed costs) saved the infantile nation from an expansionist India from 1947 to 1955. The war was won through defence partnerships with Israel, Pakistan, China and Ukraine. Even USA helped us destroy Tamil floating weapons warehouses and curtail terror funding.

    The other is the UN Security Council. It has power to invade Sri Lanka if need be using R2P and other nonsensical excuses. The only protection is China and Russia wielding veto power. However, they will not protect us for nothing. They must find Lanka useful for their interests to be worthy of protection.

  2. Christie Says:

    We live in the past. India is no longer subcontinent with different nation. It is a union with other colonies. And we are an Indian colony.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Agree with Dilrook. We need powerful friends like China and Russia. Then the india and the west get busy with
    destrutctive plans to further their long term ambitions elsewhere leaving us in complete peace. We saw that during
    MR’s era. Nobody hassled Sri Lanka!

    We have been a political football of the west and india who vehemently resent China’s dominance in the indian
    ocean. They want to stop China getting a foothold in Sri Lanka, so they use the cat’s paw UNHCR, ngo crows etc. etc
    destabilise and punish us. We all learned how the Chinese helped us to get rid of so called invincible catholic tigers of tamil drealam. Catholic run UNPatriotic party pretended they were unbeatable in order to get as many Sinhalese
    killed while destroying Buddhism in the north and the east. Surprise surprise, they succeeded for 30 long years until
    MR came. So called invincible catholic tigers were running for their lives. Or made them invisible within a few months.

    West and india tried every trick in the book. MR didn’t take any notice and the job was done. Remember Sinhala
    modayas? Who helped MR & co? The Chinese. Chinese were in Sri Lanka. Nobody dared upsetting them, so they
    helped destroying the terrorist outfit and developed the country at a phenominal rate we never seen in the history
    of Sri Lanka.

    Thanks to traitor maru sira the gamarala, one eyed bandit queen, traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Bay Gal Karaya Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller etc.etc. all that was stopped. Sri Lanka started
    going downhill. Sri Lanka is not uk, germany or us etc. etc. We don’t have oil. But we are in a very very strategic
    place in the indian ocean. That’s why the west and india trying to distance China from us.

    We need powerful friends stop these traitors meddling in our affairs. China is the best antibiotic to keep all these rashes away. Sri Lanka is a tiny country by China’s standards. They can easily look after us with
    money, power and everything we need. After all they will guarantee Sri Lanka going to stay in one piece. Not like the 2 faced indians and the west who want to break up the country to please the diasporats and traitor tamils and

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

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