Unmarked police cars to watch traffic violations …….News item
Posted on March 19th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Action proposed by police as per above news item appeared on Sunday Paper is a good move by the police .

It is better to place few cars with dummy camera and one or two with real cameras along the busy routes like the ones shown above ( in UK)   so that drivers feel creepy when they drive .

Three wheeler drivers .motor cyclists and private bus drivers will learn to drive correctly when they know that they are being watched.

All the policemen standing along the roads can discharge their routine duties of catching criminals as they will be relieved from duties as the car will do their duty .

Paint a name on the car with Gestapo” will give even better results !


2 Responses to “Unmarked police cars to watch traffic violations …….News item”

  1. Nimal Says:

    To start with the police must set an example by not violating the road traffic laws of the country and this goes to the cars driven by the politicians and other ‘privileged’ persons. Last spt I had to reprimand a high ranking officer for violating the traffic law and showing no regard or tolerance to other road users. In another occasion near Kaddugannawa a politician’s car ripped a private car’s door.They think that they are above the law.
    On Spt or October 19th a police VIP escort motorbike went over the payment and this kind of behavior is not acceptable and enforcing law on the streets in a draconian manner on the public is also bad and discriminatory.
    Few years ago our car coming from the Chilaw to Kandy was stopped 7 times wasting out valuable time. What ever the methods they are using is ill thought of which had no result.At a Chilaw roundabout our journey to Kandy started badly where there was road repair at the roundabout with one lane closed where a cop at one end of the roundabout directed us to go on the wrong lane and the cop at the other end of the roundabout stopped us for going on the wrong lane and he wanted our drives driving papers etc.It was unbelievable and I told the that cop to come near the window and asked him his personal details and his Inspectors phone number. He got scared and let us proceed.
    I working with the enforcement people and my son a police officer find it shocking.
    Here is another stupid act that started by the CBK regime where during the perahara,innocent pedestrians are searched after 3.00 PM or so while passing vehicles are not.This is absurd and to use a police force to guard the devales and Maligawa is also absurd wasting taxpayers money and stupid barricades causing congestion in town adding to the toxic air.We should be ashamed of our selves and the way the country is administered by the Ambuda brigade.Toolate in the night to check, sorry(3.25AM).

  2. Nimal Says:

    I am sad to say that my cousin living at Jubilee junction in Mirihana died yesterday. I have written about this elsewhere in this web. He was ‘killed’ by a reckless drunk three wheeler a week ago.His name is Ranil Walpitage.He is my cousin, eldest son and his brother too died in a similar accident close to warkapola along with foreigner who came to help the country. His car landed in a stream by the road site after a collision with a heavy vehicle, on a supposed to be a safe straight road.
    Ranil died yesterday at Kalubowila hospital after a severe brain haemorrhage, broken limbs etc.
    But the driver is free to live another day but not my dear cousin.Ranil only went out to the nearby shop to buy a lunch packet and this lunch packet was scattered all over his injured legs, I was told.
    He had been of some help to the party and I hope MR or someone close to him will read this and send a representative to his funeral which will be this Wednesday(22nd March).We hardly have any relations in Mirihana and many will come from Kandy.
    Government must come to grip with this national disaster, urgently.
    Government must bring some order to our roads which reflect our horrible culture. So sad that I can’t get to SL at present.

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